Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keep it up Mom!

Well my Mom said I could post about her hard work when she reached the 25 pound mark, and yesterday, she did just that! So here is my opportunity to tell my Mom how proud I am of how hard she has been working. For quite some time, she has been working to lose weight. She hasn't been broadcasting it, but each Monday she calls me after her weigh-in to tell me how she is doing.

She has lost a significant bit of weight in the past and is successful each time she tries. This time, however, my Mom is not on a diet. She is on a "change of lifestyle." She has changed the way she is eating and plans to stick with this new formula for the rest of her life! As a result, she has lost 25 pounds and is looking great! And, even better, I know that this time she is going to stick with it.

Here is one of the last pictures I took with just me and my Mom. This was at JB's graduation in 2007. I think I need some new photos! Please excuse my paleness. It was May in Minnesota. We had just had a snowstorm a few weeks earlier.

***Don't forget to post your prayer requests and answers to prayer so we can continue holding you up in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Di!!!! Hard work.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Di! What an inspiration you are to stick with it-great results, you should be really proud!

Anonymous said...

Way to GO!!!!!!! I am impressed!!!I like that you have banished the word "diet" ! N