Saturday, January 02, 2010

Trip to Destin Commons

Okay, first of all back to New Years Eve. We spent the early part of the evening with our great friend Philip and Joia. They had our family and Rob and Sarah's over for the evening. You can check out Joia's blog for tons of pictures of the event. However, I wanted to include this one picture of Joanie and me that Joia took since I thought we both looked pretty okay in it. JB was able to join us for part of the evening once he got off work. And we then left around 8pm to get the boys to bed while the rest of the crew partied the rest of the night away.

Now that that is complete . . . onto New Years Day. (Isn't this blogging thing great? You can jump around from day to day in just a matter of sentences. Shoot I could jump back to when I was 17 again. Hmmm . . . not sure I would want to do that. Twenty-five maybe? That's probably the era that my stomach was firmest.)

Anyways. Excuse the digression.

I was talking about New Years Day. JB was blessed yesterday with a few extra hours off for the New Year Holiday. His team allowed two people to have a bit of time off on Thursday and two people to have a bit of time off on Friday. This was especially nice since he is on call today (left at 7am) and won't get home until sometime around lunchtime tomorrow (Sunday). The extra hours were a really nice treat!

Here are a few photos of our afternoon out which included a day at Destin Commons (outdoor shopping area). On the menu was lunch at Sushi Siam (Pad Thai for Joanie and me thank you very much), a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop (just to browse), some shopping at William & Sonoma for JB (to spend his gift certificate from Christmas), and, the big event, a choo-choo ride for Isaac.

Here are some photos of our day. I am leaving out the pictures from lunch. The boys both met with a lemon for the first time at lunch and, well, the pictures are so funny and priceless, they deserve their own blog at another time.

And here are the choo-choo (or as Isaac likes to say "shoo-shoo") pictures. I have wanted to take him to the Commons to ride on the choo-choo for many months now but between vacations and company and weather and illness, we just hand't been able to work it out. However, we finally had an opportunity. We weren't sure Isaac would want to do this. He is often more observant and hesitant than excited and giddy. But excited and giddy was the name of the game when he saw the choo. He LOVED it and was very sad when the ride came to an end.

Here is a video of the shoo-shoo adventure:


Rachel and Hans said...

Looks like you guys are having a GREAT new years! I remember going to Destin Commons with you guys. Loved that mall!

Gabbs said...

Grace is going to be so jealous. She wants to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop again. Love the lemon pics.