Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just us gals

*** This is a baby shower post -- feel free to skip if this is a painful reminder for you. ***

It is still so strange for me to attend a baby shower as a mother. I attended so many as someone who just wanted to be a mother. How different the conversations were to me on the other side. How quickly things have changed for me. How much my heart still grieves for those on the other side. I couldn't help but look around the room and wonder if anyone there felt like I used to feel.

That aside, it was a wonderful day. A great time out with the girls. I was so blessed my husband was up for chillin' with the boys!

Saturday I had the chance to attend a baby shower for my friend Kara -- the wife of a second year resident. (She is the one that took our fantastic maternity pictures way back when.) What a nice early evening out with some other friends. Way fun! Here are some pictures of the festivities courtesy of Joia via my camera!

April and Joia (April's husband Dave was the one who went to Colorado with us)

Jodi, Robyn and me. Robyn's husband was the junior on with JB during his horrible two weeks. He was working even more than John! Yikes!

The woman of the hour! Kara!

Andrea with Kacey (one of the lone female residents putting up with our husbands all day)

How cute!

I won the word unscrambling contest. The prize was this pen.

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