Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IVF appointment Update

Well we had out IVF appointment today. I don't want to bore you all with the details but here is a quick summary.

Our new doctor, Dr. Coddington, is wonderful. I instantly loved him and so did Jb, much more so than our other doctor. The resident who was there has worked with Jb before. That was a little weird but it went fine.

First of all, both doctors believe I am a very good candidate for IVF. Because we have no other issues and are both at prime reproductive age, they said that that while they can't assure us success, they feel very confident in our prognosis. Many of you have asked me for stats. We asked for them too. The best they can tell me is that my chances of achieving a full-term child is about 40% each time we try and the chances are best with the first time because these embryos are fresh instead of frozen. The rates of pregnancy is higher than 40% but actually going all the way to term is 40%. Twins is very high as well, but I didn't ask for numbers on that.

They are thinking that we will actually get to do the procedure sometime in early March. That seems like a long time but there are a lot of stinkin' things we both have to do between now and then which was what my friends in Hearts like Hannah had told me. We both have to get a series of tests run to rule out a variety of STD's and other disorders, I have to have another ultrasound, some other test that I don't have a clue about, and go back on birth control pills for a few months to help get things inside of me in prime-shape. We also have to meet with a psychiatrist to determine if we are mentally able to handle this stress (we think we can fake them out :) and also meet with a financial planner, someone about my advanced directives, and also make some big decisions in regards to the embryos.

One of the things we can use the most prayer for is that it appears that I will probably produce a large number of eggs being as this was our problem before (too high a chance of multiples so they would cancel the cycle). Please pray that the Lord gives us wisdom for how many eggs we want to fertilize. If too few survive, we won't have enough for as many children (or chances) as we would like to have. If too many survive, we have already made the decision that we will donate these to a couple that cannot conceive with their own embryos. However, we would like to avoid this possibility. Anyways, this is the area that we need the most prayer in.

Right now, the schedule is to return to the doctor on January 17th to go over my test results and set up the schedule for IVF. The nurse told me she forsees a chance at conception in March. The shots will be twice a day, double the dose I did with artificial insemination.

So that's all I got. If I didn't answer your questions, feel free to post a comment or email me. We are very open about this, and I have no problems with any questions. We both feel pretty good right now, and will now just get all these other appointments done before our January 17th return.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Memories

Here are some long-promised pictures from our trip to Chicago for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Wendi and Grama Huisman

Josh and Tyler complete with bear hat.

Wendi with Tyler (Josh and Sarah's son) minus the bear hat.

Brothers Josh, Jason, and Justin along with John. I really have no comment.

A little more normal take on the 4 J's.

Sarah and Wendi

Josh doing who knows what

Uncle Bob (Jason, Josh, and Justin's dad and my dad's bvrother) with Grama Huisman

Wendi and John in the children's wing.

Kathleen with their son Cullen and Grama (Mary)

Jason, Ryan, JB, and Justin. I laughed so hard at Jason in this picture.

John hanging out with Grampa and Uncle Ed on Saturday

Grampa and Grama playing scrabble (I joined them and whooped them!)

Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet and Aunt Karen in the kitchen

Jb showing Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet how to cook Indian (Uncle Ed is taking notes)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rub a Dub Dub

I love this title, don't you? What a great title for a blog like mine that has nothing to do with taking a bath. Don't you think? Jason, I seriously do love you a lot! :)

In other news, yesterday, (Friday), Sarah and I hit the Christian bookstore while Justin, John, and Josh (way too many "J's" here right now) headed to Harry Potter. We also did Fazzoli's for lunch. Last night we had dinner at Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary's with Jason, Josh, Justin and families as well as Steve and his wife Karen and their two boys. Unfortunately my camera went dead so I won't have any pictures from last night. However, I am sure Jason will. You can catch them at www.huisofamily.blogspot.com ... not that it's a good blog, but you could probably see some new pics soon.

Heading to breakfast with Grama and then heading to see Janet and Ed! I will put pictures up as soon as we return to Rochester.

Friday, November 25, 2005

This Blog has a Cool Title

Jason, this title is for you. Also, I just wanted to let people know that when I get back to Minnesota, I will have some fantastic pictures for you and they will include Jason, for sure.

We arrived at Chicago on Wednesday evening after a NINE hour drive. (It usually takes six). We met Josh, Sarah and Tyler, Bob and Mary, and Justin at Culvers for custard and then stayed up way too late talking to Josh and Sarah at home.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday at Kings' Community Church. There was plenty of space to eat, play games, watch movies on the big screen TV, and just have a great time together. I'll let the pictures tell the story later.

John is going to see Harry Potter this afternoon with Justin and Sarah and I are about to go hit the sales at the Christian Bookstore.

I took some fantastic pictures (if I do say so myself) and plan to put them on as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Heading to Chicago

Well we are leaving for Chicago this afternoon. I didn't think we would be able to leave until after work today but the weather is suppsed to be kinda rainey and snowy and so my boss actually offered to let me leave earlier, maybe around lunchtime! So we are praying he doesn't get a sudden need for me to do a lot of work. I plan to take a lot of pictures this weekend as I realize I don't have many Huisman family pics up except some of Jason and Kathleen so I will try to do a good job on that this weekend. We will be also seeing my Kotynski aunt and uncle and my grandparents on my mom's side as well so it will be a great few days for family.

I will update when we get back, possibly sooner depending on my access to the internet.

Please be praying for us if you think of it outside of travels. We have our appointment on Tuesday -- I can't get into it all right now, but we, well mostly I, could you the prayer. Thanks!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick updates

Well here are a few bullet points of what is currently going on in our lives:
  • John is still on research. On Monday and Tuesday this week he has to take some sort of life support class with a few other classmates who are currently on research.
  • Right now Jb is on the phone with our friend Ajit. He is currently on surgery in his home state of Arizona.
  • We are leaving for Chicago for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. We will actually be staying with Josh and Sarah but seeing the entire Huisman family for Thanksgiving at Kings' Community Church. We will also see my uncle Ed and aunt Janet as well as their kids and spouses and my Medema grandparents who I haven't seen since we moved to Minnesota.
  • Our first IVF appointment is on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29th. Please be praying for me and for Jb having to live with me as we begin this process. As always, we continue to pray that we will be pregnant on our own before we start IVF! I don't know all the details of the IVF appointment but will definitely update you on the 29th with complete details.
  • We are excited to be heading home to Florida for the Christmas holiday and really excited about our cruise. We were supposed to go Cozumel but are now going to Cancun due to the hurricane which went through and then hit our parents' in Florida. We are excited to go and also excited to finally meet my brother's new girl, Adrian "AD" ...
  • As far as the hurricane in Florida, both our families are doing well. We are a little leery of seeing the devastation when we go home. Our families have repeatedly told us things will look a lot different. In addition, my dad is still waiting for his satellite dish to be fixed -- this could take another month before their turn comes up.
  • We want EVERYONE to mark their calendars for May of 2007!!!! John will have his MD in just one and a half years and I am planning a BIG OL' PARTY! If you can come, we will find you somewhere to stay for sure :) We are also trying to come up with a great 3 week trip to take afterwards and are inviting anyone who wants to come to attend that as well. Our top three choices are Europe, Australia, or an Alaskan cruise.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Washington D.C.

I am so sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog. We were in D.C. for a week. We left for D.C. on Thursday, November 10th and returned on Thursday, November 17th. We got back at 10:00 a.m. and I was back at work by 1:00 and then worked a full day yesterday (Friday) as well.

We had a very nice in Washington D.C. I did have internet access, but I was so busy I really couldn't update anything. I worked in a booth "advertising" the RLS Foundation from early in the morning until dinner time every day. However, we were able to take a nice break each day for lunch and dinner and ate at some great restaurants: Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Costa Rican, Lebanese, and others. We had some fabulous food and worked it all off by all the walking we did. John especially walked a lot as he often went and toured while I was busy in the booth.

I am including a bunch of pictures from our trip here as well! I will try to be updating this more often from now on.

The botanical gardens that John spent one half day touring without me.

The first day we were there, we had some time to tour together. We spent a week in D.C. in 2001 so we did the quick things, like the white house. It looks so much smaller than you would imagine it.

During a lunch break we went and saw the new World War II Memorial which hadn't been built yet when we visited in 2001.

John went and saw the first Civilian-built space ship "Space Ship One" and since I wasn't there, took a picture himself.

This is the booth that we ran the entire week. Well, I ran it but Jb did volunteer to help relieve me on occasion. The days got very long.

John in China town. There is some great food there.

John got to see the new Panda exhibit at the National Zoo. He took pictures and a video for me and showed them to me later :)

St. John's church where all of the presidents since James Madison have attended services.

Outside of the capital buildling on the "Mall"

John in front of the capital buildling.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Leaving for DC tomorrow

So here is a picture. I got Justin and Tara's permission to include them on the blog today.

So I am sorry (Jason, Mom K. etc.) that my blog has been a little pathetic the last few days. We got back from Chicago late on Sunday night and now we are leaving again tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon for D.C. so things are quite hectic. I'm doing laundry now to prepare for another trip. We'll be only home a few days before we go back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Overall, there isn't really much to report. I am sorry that my life is so boring currently. My cousin Justin is in town visiting for awhile and we are having a nice time with him. Last night we babysat for Karuna. We had dinner with Tara, Justin, Jb, and I, and then Dave & Lesley brought over dessert. John and I were going to watch a movie but were just too tired from our traveling.

Okay, well, that's really all I have right now. Sorry Jason! Jason said if you want to read a REAL blog visit: www.huisofamily.blogspot.com!

I will probably not write until I get back from D.C. unless I have internet access there.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back from Chicago -- Leaving for D.C.

Well Jason said I needed to update my blog, so here it is. Chicago was FANTASTIC! Now we are back. We are having some people over tonite and in a bit, I will take some pictures and include those. But for now, Jason, here is your update.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Heading to Chicago

Well, I probably won't post at all the rest of this weekend. John, Tara (Tar-uh), and I are heading to Chicago for the weekend! Tara is a friend of ours; she is in Jb's class at Mayo. Over the last year she has lived with Ron & Ebby and we have therefore become good friends. We are leaving right after Tara's test is over today, probably around 5:00 or so. We can't wait to get to Chicago and see Josh and Sarah and Tyler and Jason and Cullen (Kathleen is out of town) and Justin who is in his off-season from baseball, my grama etc. Should be fun.

Other good news: Josh won a singing contest last night. This gives him a free trip to Nashville to compete with other winners for a record contract. I will try to find out more details this weekend and let you all know.

In other news, I just wanted to let you know that if the weather was like this every year, I could live in Rochester for the rest of my life. It is currently November and I have currently only had to wear my coat in the mornings when it is a little cool out. By the afternoon it is in the 60's and next week they are even saying Tuesday will bring 70's. Are you kidding me? It is wonderful. I keep thinking when it gets cold that it is all down-hill from here but then it ends up warming up slightly again.

I will post pictures and details on Monday from our trip. We return late Sunday night. Then we will leave the following Thursday for D.C.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More storm pictures

You can see pictures of my old school by clicking: www.flcs.org.

Here's an email my brother sent out about the storm.

Well hello,
I'm not one for mass e-mails, but I thought the time was appropriate given the circumstances. This is the first time I've had access to the internet in over a week.

What a week. Let me start off by saying that all is well down here. There is a lot of damage and a lot of clean up to do, but no one I know was hurt in any major way. Trees are down everywhere. Probably 75% of the traffic lights are gone and every street has had some sort of debris that needs to be avoided.

As far as me personally. I got power back in my condo some time Friday. My parents got power back Thursday morning. I boarded up my condo for the first time this storm. The weathermen were saying that the storm would weaken as it approached the penninsula, but that definitely did not happen. Many people did not board up because they were told the storm would not be too big. I had dodged bullets last year when Frances and Charley went by. For some reason, I felt my luck had run out. I am so glad I boarded up. One of my buddies spent the last hour of the storm holding his sliding glass door because it was buckling and was almost sucked right out of the house.

I stayed with my girlfriend and her parents during the storm. It turned out to be a real fun time. We played games and slept mostly. I will say that I have never eaten better than I did this past week. Everyone was having people over to cook off their food before it spoiled. I've had turkey, lobster, crablegs, shrimp, steak 2 or 3 times, burgers, dogs, blueberry cornbread, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken wings. I'll stop as I'm sure many of you are a little hungry at this point.

Today (Tuesday) is the first day back to work. Our school (Fort Lauderdale Christian)sustained some pretty substantial damage. There is a 130X15 foot hole in the gym roof. All but one of the athletic field lights snapped in half. The softball dugouts peels open like tin foil and every major branch on every tree was snapped off. We had a clean up day last Thursday. about 50 people showed up and worked for 4 hours to get the place functional.

I will stop writing for now. You can see some of the pictures of FLCS and the surrounding neighborhood at www.flcs.org

Love you all,
Keith Huisman
Fort Lauderdale Christian School
Crusader Athletic Director
Phone: (954)972-3444
Fax: (954) 977-2681