Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Memories

Here are some long-promised pictures from our trip to Chicago for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Wendi and Grama Huisman

Josh and Tyler complete with bear hat.

Wendi with Tyler (Josh and Sarah's son) minus the bear hat.

Brothers Josh, Jason, and Justin along with John. I really have no comment.

A little more normal take on the 4 J's.

Sarah and Wendi

Josh doing who knows what

Uncle Bob (Jason, Josh, and Justin's dad and my dad's bvrother) with Grama Huisman

Wendi and John in the children's wing.

Kathleen with their son Cullen and Grama (Mary)

Jason, Ryan, JB, and Justin. I laughed so hard at Jason in this picture.

John hanging out with Grampa and Uncle Ed on Saturday

Grampa and Grama playing scrabble (I joined them and whooped them!)

Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet and Aunt Karen in the kitchen

Jb showing Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet how to cook Indian (Uncle Ed is taking notes)

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