Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ultrasound update

My ultrasound went very well today. At least from what I could tell. Which actually wasn't much.

So let me start again. The ultrasound actually just went today.

This is one of the higher-end ultrasounds. They do a lot of measurements and stuff without telling you anything while you are doing it. Apparently you have to wait for the doctor to give you any feedback whatsoever.

Add to that the fact that I had a guy technician who didn't seem to care at all that I couldn't see A SINGLE THING the whole time. He kept the screen pointing away from me, and when I tried to move to see it better, he quickly said, "Lie still." Well I know that! I was trying to give him a hint that I couldn't see!

At the very end he said, "Do you want to see any images of the baby?" Well, duh! YEAH! He then showed me a few quick things before ending the session. What fun is that? I had to drink all that water and had to pee like crazy for no major reason at all. Okay, so he got some necessary measurements but I wanted to get some necessary baby viewing in!

Some of the details that I did manage to secure? Ultrasound guy thinks my due date is a week earlier. Who knows. I'm done trying to figure that out. Ultrasound guy is also positive it is a boy. He got another great view. He also told me that baby is measuring in the 57th percentile which indicates it will probably be a "pretty average baby" at birth (in his words.) This is good news as I've worried that my 10 pound birth weight and my brother's 11 pound birth weight would deem bad things for this little guy. (Or is that bad for me? Probably.) So far, so good.

Keep on growing little man! Your big brother is anxious to meet you.


No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep Isaac from tipping over in his swing!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lots of Kiddos

Today was a day filled with kiddos in the Kit. house.

In the morning, Jocelyn came over to spend some time with us. Brittney is volunteering at her older daughter Madison's school one day a week. We have formed a good partnership. I watch Jocelyn on Monday mornings, and she takes Isaac another time for me. I don't have a firm "need" so we've left it flexible. This can include an evening or weekend as well for some "couple" time so I think it's a great deal! Tomorrow, for instance, I have my ultrasound appointment and some errands to run, so I'll use my swap day then. Perfect!

Scrubs was fantastic with Jocelyn. She loves to boss him around, hug him, lay on him, everything you can imagine, and Scrubs really takes it in stride. At one point she laid her whole body on him and he rolled onto his back and just let her hug him! Wow! My doggie is really growing up. (Jocelyn loves Isaac equally. He gets his own share of hugs and kisses as well.)

I even had the opportunity to try out my double stroller. I took both kids and Scrubs for a walk followed by a play date at the bay with Deuce. It really went well and gives me great encouragement that I can handle this two kid thing. The only difference is that Jocelyn can walk. She followed me out to the stroller while I carried Isaac. I strapped them both in, and then opened the door to leash Scrubs who was waiting (not so) patiently inside. I'll have to figure out a new strategy to get both kids in the stroller and then go back in for the dog when neither of them can stand up yet! But . . . the stroller i spretty easy to push and both kids seemed to enjoy the ride.

Here are a few pics of Jocelyn and her buddy Scrubby.

Giving him one of her "every ten minute" hugs. Scrubs allows these for about 15 seconds and then starts getting a little anxious to have some space.

Playing with the dump truck together. I am most impressed that Scrubs has learned what toys are his and what toys are not. There can be toys everywhere and he leaves them alone and only plays with his! Hallelujiah!

Jocelyn headed home just after lunch. I had put Isaac down for a nap around 11am so I decided to try and get some rest. I figured I wouldn't get much time but I got over an hour. I woke up at 1:30pm to find my little boy still asleep. He stayed that way until about 2:15pm! Usually he takes a lot of naps during the day but keeps them short. This was a whopper.

Around 2pm. Joia came over with Keenan. It was her turn for exercise class and my turn to watch her sweet little boy. What a sweet spirit Keenan has. Here's a quick photo I managed to get of the two boys.

Isaac telling Keenan: "I want to be like you when I grow up!"

JB came home at a great time. Man I am loving this month on ambulatory! What a great rotation. JB spends his day doing vasectomies, colonoscopies, and colposcopies among other things. (If you don't know what these are, I'll let you look them up so I can spare you from the details on this family-oriented blog.) He enjoys doing procedures which is good and procedures take place between 8-5 which is equally good. It always feels good when my husband is home at a decent hour. It makes me feel like we have a real family life instead of the hectic life that can sometimes accompany doctor's families.

Second year of residency is, I must say, MUCH better than intern year. I am enjoying it immensely in comparison. I know there will still be some bad times, but so far, so good!

Oh, and speaking of my husband, I must brag for a moment. I think he looked great in our family photos. He doesn't spread this around, but he has lost nearly fifteen pounds since returning from Fort Lauderdale. He's training for a half marathon which will be in March and eating great! I am really proud of him. The only thing I am not happy about is that he is choosing to do this at a time when I am rapidly gaining weight. Believe it or not, at one point, early in our marriage, JB and I were separated by nearly 80 pounds. Today, that separation is down to a little over 10 pounds! And if he continues on his current track . . . (and we all know I will be continuing on mine) . . . I am actually going to weigh more than my husband in a few short weeks/months. This is a wee bit bothersome. Why not lose weight when I am not pregnant? What about that? I'm joking of course. I hear most husbands gain weight during their wives pregnancies so I think the fact that he is losing is a great thing. Good job JB!

Lil' Noisemaker

Another one of those long videos designed for the Gramas!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Fotos

Today JB planned a fun post-church activity day for our family. We went to the new shopping area across the street from McGuires, had lunch on the water, and took some family photos! When we got to church today, we realized the church was planning a big "fun day" of their own. Had we planned ahead, I am sure we would have gone, but since we've been out of town, we weren't up-to-speed on this event, and already excited about our family plans for the afternoon. So we kept things the way we had them planned.

Anyways, it was a wonderful day as a family. Here's some of the photos from our first attempt at a real family portrait. I have included a picture of me as well at the end. Many of you have encouraged me to go ahead and document on the blog this part of our journey as well. This seems to be a very tasteful photo -- and so I have included it. Thanks to my wonderful online friend for the "loan" of a great maternity skirt!


Back from Atlanta

I am back from Atlanta. The trip went very well. I left my house at about 4:45am and thanks for catching and earlier flight home, was eating a grilled cheese sandwich on my own couch by about 8:00pm.

It was a bit strange actually. I arrived at the airport before any of the shops or restaurants were opened under a pitch black sky, and returned nearly sixteen hours later to find things just the same. I actually watched the sun rise and set from an airplane window on the same day!

It was a quick 40 minute flight in both directions, and I avoided having to take a cab, which even though my work was paying for it, I knew would be very pricey, by taking the public train! It actually has a stop right in the airport and just two blocks from the building on the GSU campus where we were holding the meeting. Thanks to some good details in my "meeting packet" (thanks to my coworker Gina!) and a very helpful train worker, I was able to maneuver my way through public transportation quite successfully.

The meeting itself went off flawlessly. The only bad thing was our estimated attendance was nearly cut in half by a gas shortage currently going on in Atlanta. Despite the fact that they had prepaid, I think many people opted not to attend due to how difficult it was to obtain gas and how expensive it was to pay for it. Other than that though, it was a fantastic meeting with no glitches at all. The speakers were excellent, the refreshments tasted great, the AV equipment worked perfectly, and people seemed extremely grateful, satisfied, and educated upon leaving.

I did learn a good lesson on this trip, however. I am pregnant. I really don't feel that pregnant and I really feel very good most of the time. Most of the time, that is, until I push it. I did a good job yesterday eating and drinking plenty despite the hectic environment, but the amount of time on my feet and the lack of rest left me feeling pretty stinky by the time I paid my extra $50 to take an earlier flight. (Did you know you have to do this now?) It didn't matter to me by that point. I just could not see myself trying to get comfortable for three hours in the Atlanta airport, and I quickly opted to pay the fee to go home early.

My earlier flight ended up sitting an hour on the tarmac due to a mechanical issue, and I was forced to ask the attendant for some water and get up a few times to try to get comfortable. My back, my feet, my stomach -- everything hurt. I have learned that even though I don't feel like much has changed with me, much has, and I just have to learn to take it easy and slow down a bit.

Live and learn!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The results are in!

Well folks. It's official. We are going to have two little boys! On the way to dinner tonight, we made a quick stop at the hospital; JB thought he'd take another look to see if our little lima bean had moved. He had! In perfect position for a perfect shot! I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that we are definitely having a boy! Yipeeee!!!

Off to Atlanta

Tomorrow morning, I fly to Atlanta.

Tomorrow evening, I fly home.

Tomorrow I will leave Isaac and Scrubs and JB on base all by themselves. I will take myself and my nineteen recently gained pounds one hour east. It's the longest I have ever been away from Isaac. Good practice I say for mandatory couples' weekends that we plan to take in the future! Not sure when. But someday!

Anyways, one hour east I go. Or is it two hours since I gain an hour in the process? Anyways, that doesn't matter. I'm taking a day trip is all I know. I don't even need a suitcase. Just a carry-on bag. I need my jump drive, a camera, some papers, and enough snacks to make sure I stay properly hydrated and fed for the course of an entire day. Or at least fed. These "no liquid rules" mean I'll probably have to spend $3.50 on water when I cross the threshold of the security line.

Hey! Maybe I'll take an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain on the other side. My cheap friends would appreciate the ingenuity of that frugality.

(Cheap friends, you know who you are. You are cheaper than me which is hard to be. You are doctors. One of you lives in Minnesota. The other one lives in California. You'd eat anything in your fridge no matter how moldly before you dared throw it down the sink. You are frugality queens.)

The trip is for work. The RLS Foundation is hosting regional meetings across the country. A staff person is always in attendance. Atlanta is close for me. I can fly in and out on the same day. So I was the lucky person picked to make the trip.

I have realized that even though I have flown hundreds of times, I have never flown in and out on the same day. Something new.

I also realized that even though I have taken a cab many times in my life, I have never taken one by myself. Another first for me.

I'm sure I'll have some pictures of my trip. They'll be for work, but I can share them with you. I'm sure you'll find the conference room and speakers exhilarating! I'm sure you'll check the blog early on Sunday morning to get filled in on this exciting day.

Okay, maybe not. But I'll post them just the same.

See you on Sunday everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brief moment of politics

Okay. Just for a moment. A discussion of politics.

Actually, no discussion. Just a link to a cool test that you can take to help you determine who you should vote for. I took it, and sure enough, I aligned with my candidate on all but two questions.

I'm interested to know if anyone takes this test and is told to vote for someone different than they originally planned on?

Okay, so maybe a bit of discussion. But just a bit. If you have been following my blog from the beginning, you know that politics is one thing I choose not to discuss on my pages. I live in a military family. I try to keep that on the down-low too. People just get soooo fired up about politics.

They get fired up about religion too, but unfortunately, my moral code doesn't allow me to be silenced on that one.

But I don't think there is anything in the Bible about sharing your political viewpoint as part of your faith. Therefore, I think God respects my decision not to argue p0litics. No one ever changes anyone's mind.

Truly, I hate politics. Despise them actually. I am barely watching any news right now because I just can't bear it any longer. Everyone thinks the other party is crazy. But the fact is, our country is split right down the middle. Half the country can't be crazy!

I also would love to see more details of this on my friend Tara (in Cali's blog). According to her blog, she and her significant other have opposite viewpoints! Now that's a true test of a relationship.

Okay, so take the test and let me know if your results were as clear as mine. It is actually a series of quotes and you have to pick which quote you agree with . . . the question is, who said it?!

What a Wednesday!

Yesterday was a very productive, busy, and exhausting day.

To begin with, it has really cooled off here in the panhandle. I think it dropped to 57 last night, and yesterday morning, it was in the high 60's when we got up. I decided to feed Isaac outside in the backyard and let Scrubs run around.

What a frisky dog he has been in the mornings lately! I am assuming it is the cold weather? Normally, Scrubs is a lug when he gets up. The alarm goes off, and he stays in his bed, sauntering out whenever he feels he has the energy. He usually then goes to the bathroom and considers eating before heading back to his chair in the kitchen for another snooze.

But ever since we got back from Ft. Lauderdale, he's been a mad man in the morning. He'll often get up before the alarm clock, race to go outside, and stand and pace while I make his food. I think part of it is that he is still on eastern time, and I am just not sure how to get him to shift back!

Yesterday, after playing in the yard, his friskiness was still at an all-time peak, so we decided to head over to the bay a bit earlier than usual. Deuce was, as always, excited to see Scrubs. In fact, his owner Bobbie told me that he was quite depressed during the three weeks we were gone, just waiting at the window for his buddy to come over and play. They played for over an hour together, just fighting over Scrubs' Frisbee and running and wrestling through the trees. Isaac loves to be outside as well. He sits in his stroller just watching the dogs go crazy. It was such beautiful weather I could have sat outside all day.

After getting back from the bay, I did an hour's work while both Isaac and Scrubs took naps. Then, it was on to our wifia lunch which I was hosting. Everyone was there which doesn't happen often, and JB gave me detailed instructions how to make chicken for chicken fajitas which I think turned out not-half-bad. It was wonderful to get back with all my friends here, and since Joia didn't have Keenan yesterday, she did a lot of Isaac snuggling.

I was planning on taking Isaac over to Brittney's house around 2:30pm so I could go to my "Mom's in Motion" class. Normally, Joia and I take turns babysitting for each other while the other goes to class. It's a great class, geared for pregnant or post-partum ladies with a ton of toning and strength work. One of us goes on Monday and the other goes on Wednesdays. But occasionally, we can work it out that we can both go to the same class. Since Philip was home with Keenan yesterday, I asked Brittney to babysit. Jodi was heading over to Brittney's straight from the wifia lunch, however, and she volunteered to take Isaac over there a bit earlier: 1:00pm. Brittney had no arguments (she loves the babies!) so off her went with Jodi.

I then spent the next two hours in the house by myself (well, with Scrubs, but you get the idea). I realized that this is the first time I have been in my house without Isaac since he has been born. It was very strange! At first, I didn't know what to do with myself, but then quickly made strong work of the baby-free time, doing some organization in Isaac's room (he's moved into 6 month clothes now) and writing of thank-you cards.

Our "Mom's in Motion" class is fantastic. Susie, the trainer, does a great job and there are usually only about 2 or 3 of us so there is plenty of individualized attention. (I'm not sure that is a good thing!) After our work-out class (which was a killer by the way), I headed back home. Once again, I was there without Isaac. Since JB was finishing at 4:30pm yesterday, he volunteered to pick-up Isaac and take him with him grocery shopping. More time with just me and the dog! It's hard to believe married life was like this for so many years. I instantly remembered the quiet house I had complained about. Now, the quiet seemed sweet instead of frustrating. But I did miss my boy!

JB returned home with Isaac, groceries, and the craft, pictured at the start of this blog. Leave it to Brittney to bless us with an awesome gift like our little guy's handprint. I plan to put the date on it and add it to our Christmas tree!

The evening consisted of some fun conversations with our neighbors and then leftovers, followed by some hanging out on the porch while Scrubs ran laps in the yard. Such great weather has to be taken advantage of! JB watched another episode of Heroes which he got on Netflix, and I turned in early -- around 9pm.

Well, I think that was all the details of my day. Quite packed and exhausting but quite productive. Today the only thing on my schedule, besides normal mom and work things, is a trip to Fed Ex. We have the last of our paperwork to return to our lawyer as our hearing has been confirmed for Monday, October 5th!!! Back to Fort Lauderdale we go!

P.S. Big Happy Birthday to Rachel S.! Twenty-seven! Yikes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look at our Scrubby!

Yesterday at MOPS, one of the Moms told me she remembered meeting me at our Vet when we first came in with Scrubs ... she remembered his little heart nose (which is now a very big heart nose).

I started looking back through old pictures of Scrubs and found quite a few of him during the first few weeks he spent in our family. Since coming back from Fort Lauderdale, my dog has been so good and well-behaved. He's becoming just a normal member of the family instead of a franticly crazy and exhausting member of the family. (I think the fact that he is training for JB's half marathon with him is helping his energy level.) Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I am so blessed that God decided to make this dog just to keep me company during our first year of life here on base -- when my heart was so weary from years of infertility.

So, without further ado, here are some Scrubs pictures!

Our first picture of Scrubs! That's him with his Dad! He kind of looks like him now don't you think?
First week at home -- weighing 15 pounds!

Scrubs in his usual position sleeping in his kennel.

This was before we knew of Isaac's impending arrival so getting on the furniture was acceptable. Not anymore. I wonder if Scrubs remembers when we used t let him hang out with JB on the sofa?

This was the very first day we brought him home. He needed a bath after taking such a long kennel ride from Delaware.

My first weekend with my new puppy.

JB hanging with his pup after a 100+ hour work week!

Praise the Lord

If you haven't been to Philip and Joia's blog, check it out! Wow! What a miracle and amazing answer to prayer. Keep Tiny in your prayers everyone -- that he/she makes a great debut about 3 weeks before our lima bean! Thanks for your prayers and comments to this great couple. I know they appreciated it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today, I, Wendi Kit., went to MOPS.

MOPS, stands for "Mothers of Preschoolers." Now, obviously, I don't have a preschooler, yet. But, in general, it's simply a place for mothers of young kids. It's a national organization and individual churches pick it up. It is designed to offer spiritual, personal, and community hope to moms. You eat, hear a speaker, do a craft, and get support for motherhood.

I start this post by writing that "Today, I, Wendi Kit., went to MOPS" because I find it quite humorous. Not only have I spent the last ten years not being a mom, I also spent the last ten years staying as far away from mom-activities as possible. Some of this, especially during our early years of marriage, was simply because they didn't interest me. And some of this was because, especially during the major part of our infertility journey, these types of places were painful places to be.

In addition, those of you who know me personally know that I have never been one of those people who does girly things. I always joke that the things in the church bulletin designed for the men are the activities I'd rather be participating in. Watching the game, playing basketball, doing "guy" things always looks more intriguing than women's things. Women's things always include: crafts, tea, or something of the like. This isn't me! Heck, on Thanksgiving in our house, my husband is cooking the turkey. I'm in the living room watching the game!

However, my friend Tiffany is one of the leaders of this group of MOPS which meets at the very large Methodist church she attends. A few months before Isaac arrived she encouraged me to join her at MOPS. Actually she said something like, "I'm signing you up!" :) And she did!

As the day got closer, I got more nervous about my decision to go. Would I really fit in with all these moms? Even now, with Isaac, I don't consider myself a die-hard mom. I'm a laid back, go-with-the-flow gal, who has a lot of other interests besides being a mom. Would I really have anything in common with these ladies?

If it wasn't for Tiffany, I probably would have backed out. Even though I am a social person, I get very nervous doing new things. But Tiffany had helped me sign up. There was a waiting list which means I had taken a spot someone else could have. I needed to go. I needed to follow through on my decision.

I say all that to admit to all of you that I enjoyed MOPS. Tiffany called me afterwards to make sure that I liked it. She said she felt like my big sister peeking at me all the time to see if I was doing okay. Yes, I was. While I still feel a bit like a fraud walking the halls of the children's rooms, I felt like I had things in common with these people and could really benefit from this group. In addition, I actually had to admit to Tiffany, who is in charge of crafts, that I actually enjoyed working on the craft -- a cute picture frame for Isaac's room. And, it didn't look half-bad when I was done either.

Wendi. Doing crafts! Wow!

I also found out that there were a few other moms there who had adopted from China! One of them, I had actually met online through an online listserv many months ago. She has two daughters from China and has been following my blog for awhile. The other gal also found me through the listserv and has followed my blog as well. She also told me that she actually met me at my vet when Scrubs was just a little puppy with his big heart nose! In addition, my neighbor and fellow medical-wife, Brittany, also attends. Her daughter Sophie is in Isaac's class.

Isaac's class. What a sweet place that was. There were quite a few "grandmas" who had obviously volunteered to come in and hold the babies. I think he was well loved. Although they did tell me that when he got tired, he just wanted his swing! That's my Isaac.

Okay, so there it is. My summary of my first MOPS. It was fun. The food was great! The craft was easy. The speaker was very good. I had a great time.

There, I admitted it. Am I girly-girl now or what?!

Can you pray?

If you think of it this morning, will you stop and pray for Philip, Joia, Keenan, and "tiny"? You can read Joia's post here. They are having a "higher level" ultrasound this morning in Pensacola to look into low fluid levels. It would be especially awesome if you could pop over to Joia's blog and let her know where you are located and where you are praying. I know that when I was going through all of our stuff, knowing there were people praying all over the country (and the world!) brought me amazing comfort. I also know how powerful prayer is. They have been on my heart for the last two days, and I just want everyone to be praying!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a . . .

Boy. Or is it a girl?

Sorry to make you all wait all day only to find out that we don't know anything! My Internet was down most of the day so this is the first chance I've had to let all you anxious people out there know that the little lima bean wasn't cooperating whatsoever. Not only was it in a bad position, it decided to prop its foot up in the perfect spot to prevent viewing capabilities.

So, we will don't know. Our next, more formal ultrasound is on Tuesday of next week. Hopefully the little one will decide to not be so modest at that viewing. Unfortunately, JB has his own patients to see that morning so I'll probaby be getting the information solo.

Everything else with me and the pregnancy looks great. I have gained about 50% of my allotted weight and am feeling great. All looks good.

Isaac had his four month appointment today as well. This is what I love about family doctors! Get it all done at once. He is doing great! He is now nearly 18 pounds and 25" long. This puts him in the 80th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. He is very healthy and doing wonderfully.

In celebration of his four month appointment, I am proud to make my mother very happy and share a video of Isaac's first experience eating! Mom made me promise to film it so keep in mind this was intended for grandparents and is a little bit on the overkill side. You won't hurt my feelings if you choose not to watch it, but to those that care about all the details . . . ummmm, Gabbi for instance . . . here you go.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So good to be home!

We had a wonderful three weeks in South Florida staying with my parents. It went amazingly smooth and was a great blessing. Having my Dad and Mom there to help with the dog and Isaac and just keep me company was great!

But man, is it good to be home.

I didn't realize how much change of environment effected dogs until I saw Scrubs back at home here on base. He seems so at peace and just comfortable again. I don't know how to explain it, but his behavior has been super since returning. I would have thought dogs just adapted to anything. And he did adapt. But he is obviously more comfortable here that's for sure.

Isaac has been spending nearly every free minute with his Daddy. Today I took a two hour nap. When I got up JB informed me that Isaac now likes books and his exersaucer -- both new activities. So that's exciting! He still can't sit up that well in his exersaucer and books are still something he wishes he could put in his mouth, but he's getting the hang of both things. I love seeing Isaac getting to spend time with his Daddy. They are going to be the best of buddies.

John is happy to have his family back as well. We have made the decision that we need to "hunker" down for the next few months -- actually even more than a few. I'm sure some other little things will come up, but other than our trip out west next month, we don't plan on doing any major travelling for quite some time. I've also made the decision that during his next rounds of nights (in mid- March), I'm going to try to have someone be here with me instead of me going somewhere else. We just want to be at home for awhile and think we need to get into our own doggie, Isaac, new baby routine.

Gabbi left this morning bright and early. We had a wonderful Saturday with her. We ran some errands (Target, Destin Commons, and the Pet Store) and went out to that quaint little Italian place: Tradewinds for dinner -- Gabbi's request! JB also managed a run and a nap, and I squeezed in a long walk around my neighborhood! Man I missed this place. I did notice one of my acquaintances had moved out, and in total, two familiar houses were now vacant, a common site on a military base. But Scrubs got to see some of his favorite kids and adults, and we got to enjoy the cool weather that fall is bringing with it. Today we finally made it back to our church. I've missed that place too.

So life is returning to normal here in northern Florida. Tomorrow, Isaac and I both have doctors' appointments -- one thing I love about family medicine. I'll do my OB appointment, and he'll do his four month appointment all with the same doctor. How cool is that?! I will let Dr. G. see if she can spot the sex of the baby as well. We debated but think we do want to find out. We decided that after ten years of marriage, the delivery room will be a pretty exciting place without the extra bit of suspense and so we've decided to proceed with our finding-out-ahead-of-time plan. If Dr. G. can't spot it tomorrow, I have a more formal ultrasound the following week that should give us the answer for sure. So make your guess and hang on for the next bit of big news.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We are home!

Home sweet home!

Gabbi and I had a wonderful drive yesterday. We actually did it in 9.5 hours. We still arne't sure how since we stopped 4 times -- 3 of which were for about 20 minutes each. Gabbi would feed Isaac, I would walk Scrubs, then I'd come and finish with Isaac while she went to the bathroom, and then she'd hold him while I went to the bathroom. What a team!

Last night JB made fajitas and since Isaac went to bed really early (it was an hour later in Ft. Lauderdale) we watched a very sweet, romantic movie: The Lake House. I definitely think it's worth renting if you want something clean and sweet.

It's amazing too, how good Scrubs is back at our own house. He looked relieved to see JB and his own house. We went over and had a quick play session with his buddy Deuce before settling into our routine again here in the cooler weather of base!

I'll write more later, but for now, here's a video I took Scrubs and Isaac in Fort Lauderdale. I couldn't get it off my camera while I was there.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tagged . . .

Gabbi tagged me. Okay. I often ignore these, but since I'll be on the road tomorrow, I'll do this now (Thursday afternoon) and set it to post sometime on Friday. (Did all you blogger people know you can do that?!) So, here we go.

Attached or Single? Attached to JB. We celebrated 10 years of marriage in June.

Best Friend? My husband is definitely my best friend but my closest gal pal would be Kristi despite the fact that I haven't seen in her three years.

Cake or Pie? Neither really. I'll eat both and they are helped if they are chocolate, but I am actually not a huge fan of either of these. Oh, if it is an ice cream cake I am a fan. So I guess I'll have to say cake.

Day of Choice? Probably Saturday. I'm sure that's what everyone says.

Essential Item? It's fairly embarrassing, but when I was in Nigeria, and our luggage didn't arrive, the one thing I wished I had was my mascara. I have blonde eyelashes and look like Casper without it. I remember that I went to coach my volleyball team on a Saturday and forgot to put on my mascara. One of my players told me she never wanted to see me do that again! Okay. Enough said.

Flavor of Ice Cream? Anything chocolate without nuts.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither. I actually do not care for candy. I like chocolate but not sugary, sweet, or chewy candies. I can say no to candy anyday.

Hometown? I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. That is the city I still claim as home. But right now I am in Eglin AFB, FL. I still think it is weird that my city is a base. It seems weird to say, "I live in Eglin AFB, FL." Shouldn't it be on? But you don't say I live on Fort Lauderdale. So confusing!

Indulgences? Chocolate of course.

January or July? Whatever month is warmer wherever I am. June then I guess.

Kids? Currently, just Isaac John (5-7-08). On order? One lima bean and one China baby.

Last Movie I saw in a Theater? Journey to the Center of the Earth. A fun movie for kids.

Middle Name? Marie

Number of Siblings? A brother named Keith. He's two years younger than me.

Oranges or Apples? Either. I like most fruit.

Phobia or Fear? I am with Gabbi. I HATE cockroaches. Despise them actually. Would rather kiss a snake then touch one I think. I can't think of anything else I am really afraid of except spending another winter in the Polar North maybe.

Quote? I'd probably pick the Bible verse that I currently have on the top of my blog. It was an extreme reminder to me during my long years of infertility to keep smiling and following the Lord. Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, although there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. Hab. 3:17-18

Reason to Smile? Tomorrow (Friday) which will actually be today when this is posted I get to see my husband again. I really missed him.

Season? Whatever is warmer.

Tag five more: I think I can tag more than 5. So I am tagging: Joia, California Tara , Kristen, Ebby, Rachel and Lesley. Unfortunately, two of these gals are doctors, and I am doubting their success with their hectic schedules. Here's hoping!

Unknown Fact About Me? Geesh. I am really trying to think of something I haven't previously bore to the world on this blog. Well, my favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts and I don't like corn or watermelon. That's a bit strange and not previously shared, right?

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? I am neither. I think I could be a vegetarian without too much difficulty.

Worst Habit? Eating chocolate. I'm really trying to cut back folks! Really I am. Gosh I love that stuff.

Xrays or Ultrasounds? This is a dumb question. What do I prefer? Whatever I need to have and will save my life. Xrays I guess. They are cleaner.

Your favorite Food? This is getting repetitive. Hint: it begins with a c.

Zodiac? I actually have no idea. I think signs are dumb. I think Gemini. Is that right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few more "snaps"

In Nigeria, all the kids would run around us saying "Snap me! Snap me!" They called photos "Snaps." So today, my last full day in Fort Lauderdale, I share some snaps from our last week here in the bottom of the Sunshine State.

Isaac and Pup chilling together before bed.

My Mom trying to give some equal attention.

My Mom's friend Pat stopped by with her granddaughter Madeline yesterday. How cute is that? I think Isaac likes the ladies!

Isaac doing some more lady and/or Scrubby watching.

The closest I could come to a picture of my Mom and Isaac.

Well, as I mentioned, the van is rolling out tomorrow morning bright and early with Isaac, Scrubs, and Aunt Gabbi in tow. I am so excited to get back and see JB but at the same time, know how much we will miss having my parents around and getting to visit with them and the Kits. We will be returning in two weeks for Isaac's court hearing (we hope) so it isn't really good bye. But it will still be weird not to have Grama there every evening!

Oh and this may be one of your last weekends to post a guess on our baby game. I have an appointment on Monday, and while I have debated whether we should find out the sex or not, am currently thinking that we will most likely find out on Monday. So you have to hurry and make your guesses before the lima bean becomes a male or female.

Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I MISS JB!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's it. I can't stand it anymore. I'm leaving today.

Okay, so maybe not. Just got off the phone with my awesome husband and he had zero hours of sleep last night. He'll be sleeping the day away and then leaving at 6pm for his second-to-last night of call. So being home would be rather pointless.

But man, we miss him.

This is the second time we have spent a night rotation with my family in Ft. Lauderdale. It is so wonderful to have the company and help with baby and dog. But it is always a mixed blessing. While so happy to not be alone, I just miss JB so much. And while Isaac may not technically miss his Daddy, Daddy has told me on more than one occasion to "bring his butterball home!" LOL. (I hope he was referring to Isaac!)

Oh . . . I forget to tell you all . . .

To the relief of many of my friends and family, I will not be driving the nine (or ten or eleven or twelve) hours back to base with baby and dog by myself. It's a very long story but due to JB's grandmother's very strong feelings about the lunacy of this behavior, my sister-in-law Gabbi has been chosen to accompany me back to base and then fly back to Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday. While I do believe I can do the drive by myself as I have done it two times in the past, it is true I have never done it with Isaac and Scrubs. And, truth be told, it will be absolutely wonderful and of course, much easier, to do the drive with someone else. No lugging Isaac into restroom stalls with me or try to walk dog at rest stops with baby slung over shoulder. Gabbi to the rescue!

We are leaving early on Friday morning and will get to see John by Friday late afternoon. He does not have call on Friday night -- they do something called a "Friday flip." Another resident takes his last Friday of call in exchange for the favor in the future. So hopefully by the time we get home, he'll be good and rested from his Thursday night.

I can't wait to get home!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I kid you not . . .

As I had mentioned previously , I needed to reserve an entire post for my experiences at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton.

Here lies this promised post.

First let me share a passage from one of my favorite books of all time: Marley and Me. I think this passage, will generally suffice for sharing what I witnessed at the Boca mall.

After writing farce material about the people of Boca for many years in his south Florida column, author John Grogan went over to the dark side . . .

Life is full of little ironies, and one of them was the fact, that after months of searching, we settled on a house in the one South Florida city I took the greatest glee in publicly ridiculing. That place was Boca Raton, which, translated from the Spanish, means literally “Mouth of the Rat.” And what a mouth it was.

Boca Raton was a wealthy Republican bastion largely populated with recent arrivals from New Jersey and New York. Most of the money in town was new money, and most of those who had it didn’t know how to enjoy it without making fools of themselves . . .

Fast forward to the inspiration for this post . . . dogs. More specifically, Marley, their huge golden Labrador vs. the dogs of Boca.

With his recently digested obedience certificate under his belt, Marley was fairly manageable on walks, but if he saw something he liked, he still wouldn’t hesitate to lunge for it, threat of strangulation be damned. When we took strolls around town, the high-rent pooches were always worth getting all choked up over. Each time he spotted one, he would break into a gallop, barreling up to it, dragging Jenny or me behind him at the end of the leash, the noose tightening around his throat, making him gasp and cough. Each time Marley would be roundly snubbed, not only be the Boca minidog but the Boca minidog’s owner, who would snatch up young Fifi or Suzie or Cheri as if rescuing her from the jaws of an alligator. Marley didn’t seem to mind. The next minidog to come into sight, he would do it all over again, undeterred by his previous jilting. As a guy who never very good at the rejection part of dating, I admired his perseverance.

Outside dining was a big part of the Boca experience, and many restaurants in town offered alfresco seating beneath palm trees whose trunks and fronds were studded with strings of tiny white lights. These were places to see and be seen, to sip caffe’ lattes and jabber into cell phones as your compassion stared vacantly at the sky. The Boca minidog was an important part of the alfresco ambience. Couples brought their dogs with them and hooked their leashes to the wrought-iron tables where the dog would contentedly curl up at their feet or sometimes even sit up at the table beside their maters, holding their heads high in an imperious manner as if miffed by the waiters’ inattentiveness.

This passage goes on (but I'll let you read the book to see for yourself) about an unfortunate experience with Marley and the wrought iron table. Needless to say, he didn't quite fit in with the mini-dog society.

. . . now onto our own experience in Boca on Saturday with AD and my Mom.

I don't remember having ever been to the Town Center mall. I am sure I hvae been, at some point. But I don't remember ever witnessing what I witnessed that day. As soon as we got to the door, I realized something was strange. Was that Paris Hilton, bag swung over her shoulder, pooch peeking his head out of her designer handbag? No. But from the way she was dressed you never would have been able to tell the difference had you not looked closely.

Five steps inside and here are two papillions on leashes sniffing each other next to the Men's Department. I kid you not.

Inside the main part of the mall, it got worse. I turned to AD. Are those people walking their dogs in strollers? Yep. You got it. is that a blanket in one of the strollers?! People everywhere with dogs in their purses. Dogs passing each other, barking, in their strollers.

I mean, I love my dog. I do. But this is ridiculous. Coral Springs doesn't let dogs in their public parks! And now they are in the mall?!

But it wasn't just the dogs that left me amazed. Picture designer jean shorts and platform shoes. Sunglasses and rhinestones. These people were DECKED OUT. Decked out for a trip to the mall!!!!! I felt underdressed in jeans and a black dress shirt.

If you want to read a complete description of the people of Boca, read Marley and Me. And believe EVERY SINGLE WORD!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A bit of sadness . . . with some happiness sprinkled on top

Well, there's been quite a few bits of news that has tumbled my way since arriving in Fort Lauderdale that has made me feel a little blue today.

First, of course, was the passing of JB's grandfather. While this was expected, it wasn't expected so soon, and we all feel for his wife of 61 years. She's a strong lady, but I can't imagine losing JB after 10 years -- nevertheless six times that much. She could use your prayers if you think of it.

Last week we got word that my Grama Huisman is dealing with some pretty severe health issues right now as well. Grama is a trooper and a fighter and a prayer warrior and I know she will fight this like she has everything else. But I still hate to see her not feeling well. Pray hard for her too!

After that, I found out that one of the leading researchers at our Foundation passed away early this morning after a sudden illness. He was due to be surprised by a very special award from our organization in the coming weeks, and a photo book with notes had been compiled for him that he will never get to see. I didn't know him well, but had worked with him online for many years. Just another bit of disappointing news.

Then, the final straw was learning that early this morning, Dad and Mom Kit. had to put their fourteen-year-old lab Bronte' down. Dad had warned me at Grace's party on Saturday that this might be the case, but I honestly thought that something would change before they really needed to do it. Bronte' actually started out as JB's dog back in 1994. But when he moved to follow me to Kentucky in 1996, Bronte' stayed back with the family. She was very old and was fighting a losing battle . But hearing about Bronte' was the final straw for me. I can still remember Bronte coming into the school gym as a tiny pup on a leash -- just bounding away. I like to think that dogs go to heaven, and if so, I'm sure she's bounding up there too -- just like she did when she was a pup.

So I sat down and had a good cry and am now feeling better. My own pup has been a perfect angel today after his 5:30am walk with my Mom. (Sorry Gammy. I know you think this is a sin, but it had to be done!) After his mischievous Sunday which included frequent "kennalization" by his frustrated person (aka ... me), I'm relieved to see some better behavior today. His bad behavior was my own fault. Because we went to the early service, I couldn't exercise him before we left. By the time we came home, it was like 100 degrees so forget that. Therefore any outdoor fun had to wait until 6pm. A little long for a hyper Dalmatian to be cooped up in the house.

Isaac has been, as usual, happy and giggly today. He wakes up giggling, goes to sleep giggling, and then giggles and smiles inbetween. He and Scrubs have been playing together more lately as Isaac can now reach out for him and touch him. I have some pictures of that, and I'll post them later.

Right now I thought I would post two pictures of me and Isaac before leaving for church on Sunday morning. My boy makes me smile so what better way would there be to end this post then with some smiles? I received many, many emails from friends asking to see some pictures of me pregnant. Many of you encouraged me to be okay with putting them on the blog. One email that touched me in particular was from an online friend who herself has been able to rejoice in pregnancy after infertility. She said this blog has alaways been "our story" and now "our story" has taken a new turn. I need to document that turn as well. I'm still not sure how I feel about sharing photos, but I do feel that this second picture is a step forward ... as I definitely look pregnant in it. :) Thank you to Aunt Janet and my Cousin Cara whose gift purchased the shirt I am wearing (and a great pair of shorts too!)

Okay, so without further ado . . .

Scroll down for some photos. And don't worry. This time, I'll really post them!

Very funny Matt!

The morning after Gracie's birthday party, I went out to pee the pup and found this on the front of our van.

JB being Air Force and his little brother Matt being Army has resulted in a bit of jabbing back and forth between the two of them over the years. Only thing is, I seem to know this handwriting, and I don't think it's Matt. Could Ray have gotten involved?

I have already sent this picture to JB. He mumbled some things and told me he would "take care of it." Something tells me this is only the beginning . . .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gracie's Birthday party

Saturday was a very busy day! In the morning, Mom, Isaac, Scrubs, and I headed to the big dog park by Sawgrass. Scrubs played like crazy, and I was even able to give him a bath in one of the doggy pools they had there. He was terribly wiped out by the time we left and so when my Mom, Isaac, and I left to meet AD at Cheesecake factory, he was already up in his bed sleeping, and my Dad said he slept most of the time we were gone.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Factory (including splitting one piece of cheesecake amongst the three of us -- good thing they like chocolate otherwise I wouldn't have been able to participate in this activity). We also spent some time at the Towncenter Mall in Boca. I'm not going to say much more about that for right now because I plan to devote a blog to this experience in the very near future -- it was that awe-inspiring. Stay tuned.

After my trip to the mall, Isaac and I headed over to the Kits. to celebrate Grace's sixth birthday. I'll end this post with some pictures from the evening:

Grace and Nathan are both really in love with Isaac. I finally thought Isaac was "stable" enough for Grace to feed him. She did a GREAT job and did over half the bottle.

Yes folks! That's an ice cream cake (with chocolate ice cream!)

Party attendees: Elizabeth and husband Grant, and Uncle Matt

Isaac spent nearly the entire night hanging out with Aunt Danielle. He was wide awake, drooling (as usual), but completely happy chilling with Aunt D.

(JB and) I got Grace "Build-a-bear Bucks" to spend. This was quite an exciting gift for her although I can't take credit for this idea -- Mom told me this would go over well!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Halfway through

Today, I am officially halfway through this pregnancy. I can't believe I am pregnant nonetheless that I am halfway through it. I continue to spend each day pinching myself that this has actually happened to me. I can only feel the baby late at night when lying in bed but apparently this isn't unusual with a first pregnancy.

I am feeling pretty good as of recent. The over-the-counter medicine JB has me taking two times a day has seemed to cut down on my heartburn considerably. No weepy nights trying to fall asleep in bed recently. This helps me to appreciate pregnancy even more. I promised myself I wouldn't spend ten months complaining about being pregnant, but the heartburn had made it difficult. I'm still dealing with some interesting indigestion issues, but they are quite manageable in comparison.

Some people have complained that they haven't seen enough pregnancy pictures of me on the blog. That is true. I'm not opposed to putting up pictures of myself, but I guess it's those long years of infertility and seeing all the pregnancy bellies that have made me a bit shy about actually posting a picture and labeling it. I've had some friends email me for a photo. If you are really interested, drop me an email, and I'd be glad to shoot you a few shots of something many of us thought we'd never see: Wendi pregnant.

But today is a special day! So, in celebration of being 20 weeks, I have decided to include two photos for your enjoyment:

Scroll down for the big reveal.

Okay, so those have nothing to do with my pregnancy. Did I fool you? But they are cute aren't they?

The first picture is of Scrubs after our hot walk this morning. He fell asleep wrapped in the mini-blinds -- too tired to move. In fact he was so tired that he did not follow me upstairs to put Isaac down for his nap and didn't check on me when I took a nap upstairs, by myself, all alone. Both rarities.

The second picture is Isaac with his Aunt AD last night -- just chilling together in his play gym. Aren't they sweet?! Isaac was so wiped out from his big day with Aunt AD that he fell asleep from 5:30-10:00pm, when I finally managed to sort of wake him up for a feeding. He promptly fell to sleep but woke up a tad early this morning due to his late nap. Leave it to my Mom to snag him at 6:15am when he started talking. She brought him to me at 7:00am when she left for work, and Isaac slept with me by my head while Scrubs snuggled up next to my feet. It was one big, happy family in Fort Lauderdale.

Today is also a special day for two great kids. My goddaughter Logan has a birthday today and so does my niece Grace. Happy birthday to two very special young ladies! I get to go to Grace's birthday party on Saturday and get to see Logan in a few weeks!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Florida drivers stink!!!

Is there really anything else to say? Seriously, driving around here is beyond dangerous! You are completely on the defensive at all times. I can barely stand to get on I-95 without my blood pressure going up about three notches. Have people ever heard of working together to accomplish a task?! Everyone is out for themselves.

Okay, I could go on and on about that, but I will just leave it at that. My blood pressure is going up just writing about it.

In other news, I continue to work 4-5 hours a day for RLSF, take Scrubs (and sometimes Isaac) to the dog park once a day, go on a walk with Scrubs (and sometimes Isaac) once a day, and visit with family and friends. Yesterday, Isaac and I went and visited my mom and her co-workers at work. Then last night we went over to Mom and Dad Kit's house for a delicious dinner. Today, my sister-in-law AD took a half day so she and I could hang out together. We had Chinese food at the mall and just walked around browsing. Isaac seemed to enjoy his first trip to the mall -- especially looking at all the things hanging from the ceiling.

One thing that is difficult here is that the window for going outside is so small. It is really only reasonable temperature-wise to go outside before 8am or after 6pm. So if I am going to plan something, I have to plan it for these times of day. I am looking forward to returning to base where the temperature will be cooling off soon, if it hasn't already.

Okay, off to make some grilled cheese for AD and I for dinner. My mom has a meeting, and Keith and my Dad are at a volleyball game.

I also want to make sure we continue to think of the people who are mourning today those they lost seven years ago. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since that day. I watched the News this morning, and they flashed back to video footage they shot on that day. My how our world has changed in seven years.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adoption is awesome!

Isaac was worth it.

He really was.

In conversation yesterday, I was reminded how much I believe this. How much I believe that our Isaac was worth ten years of waiting and five years of infertility treatments and disappointments. If someone told me right now that I'd have to go through all of that again -- every shot and blood draw and appointment and dilation and procedure and devastating phone call, to have Isaac at the end, not biologically related to me, I would do it again. He is that awesome. Isaac I mean. But God too. I would do it even if someone told me that Isaac would be it. That I'd never be pregnant. That we'd never have a biological child. I'd do it all to be Isaac's Mom.

Isaac is living proof to me that adoption is part of God's perfect plan. Adoption is not God's plan B. It is His plan A. It is not reserved for the infertile. It is reserved for all of us.

I remember the day that JB told me his perspective on adoption had changed. While I was ready for it, he wasn't. He knew he wanted to adopt, but his heart was not ready to give up on the dream of biological children. That's when he read Brian Luwis' article on adoption "Spirit of Adoption: God's Plan A". Brian Luwis is the founder of the adoption agency we are working through: AWAA and the father of three adopted and one biological child.

I had given JB this article many months earlier, and he had told me he wasn't ready to read it. But then, one day I came home, and he told me he had read it, and his heart had been changed completely. While JB's heart was redirected that day, my heart, while already prepared for adoption, was softened as well. While I had been a proponent of adoption, I had to admit that I saw it as Plan B. Not the best, but as good as we could get with my body just not working the way other people's did. This passage from Brian's article changed my heart as well.

When we think something is plan B, what we are actually saying is that we really do not want the pain, anguish, and yearnings that we are feeling. We have come up against something that we wish would go away; in essence what we really want is to be back in the Garden of Eden, before sin and suffering came into our reality. If we are honest, we yearn for things to work this way more often than not. Not just the problems with having children, but in many areas of our lives, we yearn for things to work the way we suppose they were designed to work from the beginning. But, if we look at the world through the lens of perfection, everything is plan B. Sin, suffering, and hardship are present in every aspect of life on this earth. Think about it for a minute. Is your marriage perfect? How about your job? What about your family relationships?

The other passage that really directed me was the understanding that we were adopted into God's family, and yet he loves us completely unconditionally. And we can do the same for children of this world. We can adopt them into our homes and not see them as anything but our own children -- equal in all ways to any flesh and blood children we may possibly bear.

There is no greater point about the permanence of adoption and the relationship it forms than this verse which speaks about our own adoption into God's family. In fact, the Biblical definition of adoption means a permanent placement as a son or daughter, with all the rights and privileges of the same. In the same way that God makes a place for us in his family through adoption—a place of security and love, where there is no fear—in that same way God wants orphans to experience the permanence of being placed into a family, of having their deepest longings fulfilled, knowing that they are finally home.

Deciding to adopt Isaac was wrought with many debates, questions, concerns, worries, and fears. I have vivid memories of exactly where I was when we got the phone call. Where I was when I told JB. Where I was when we sat for hours and debated our decision.

But in the end, we knew God had called us to be the parents of this little boy.

While I know he is not biologically related to me, I do not see that when I look at him. When I look at him, I see an unbelievably content little boy who smiles at everyone and everything and loves to take in the world and grunt and kick his legs and watch his puppy race around the house in fits of craziness. I see a little boy who laughs uncontrollably whenever his Daddy blows on his neck. I see contentment. I see our son. I see a little helpless child that God has allowed us to parent. What an amazing blessing both from God and from Chris and Bri.

As I look back, here is what I know. I know that had we conceived during the months and years prior to Isaac's conception, Isaac would not be in our home. Bri would not have asked us. And even if she had, most likely, I would have directed her to another family whose home had no children. Bri told me when she came to visit of all the other people that she heard from when she announced she planned to choose adoption. Everyone knew someone wanting a baby. It is only through the Grace of God that Chris and Bri deemed us worthy to be the parents of Isaac. I cannot imagine not being Isaac's Mom.

I have been careful when I talk to other couples, infertile or not, to refrain from pushing adoption on people. I have often said that no infertile couple should ever hear the words, "Well you can just adopt." It doesn't work that way. Adoption, while amazing, is not something anyone should do by prefacing it with "Well . . ." When it is time . . . if it is ever time . . . they will know that it is time. It is God's job to show them that, not ours.

I say the same thing to all you non-infertiles out there. Maybe you are new parents. Maybe your children have been raised and your home is now empty. Maybe adoption is on your heart even though infertility is not a phrase that has entered your home. Just follow peace. God will show you how to live out his mandate to care for the orphans and the widows (James 1:27). He will call you in His time. In His way. When He is ready. Goodness knows we did not seek our Isaac. God placed him in our arms.

What I want everyone to see when they think of us and when they think of Isaac is that the fear that you will not love this child as your own is not a fear you need worry about. There is no child I will ever have, from my body or not, that will ever do anything but equal the love I have for Isaac. He is our son. Adopted or not.

And he was worth it. I would, without a second's hesitation, go through everything we went through over and over and over again, if it means we can be Isaac's Mom and Dad. No doubt about it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Isaac is currently very into . . .

  1. Looking at his toes
  2. Reaching for his toes
  3. Reaching for things -- especially the dog and his burp cloths
  4. Spitting up (still one of his best skills)
  5. Rolling halfway over (from back to side)
  6. Sucking on his hand and arms
  7. Playing/holding toys and pulling them to his mouth
  8. Sleeping through the night (11-12 hours without fail!)
  9. Napping (still takes a nap between every feeding bringing grand total of daily sleep to about 16 hours a day -- no complaints in that department!)

We are getting ready to try rice cereal as soon as we get back from Ft. Lauderdale. Daddy wanted to be there when we got that activity started. Speaking of Daddy, there are major advantages to no longer being an intern and getting more sleep on nights is one of them. Because there is someone below him (a new intern -- he is now the senior on call nights), it is the intern who takes all the calls first, meaning that JB is only alerted when the item has left their control or there are too many items to handle at once. I spoke with JB briefly this morning, and he had managed 5 hours of sleep! That means much more time during the day to hang out with -- well not us. :( His plants and fish I guess!

Also, many have asked about Ike's effect on us. It has been a very windy and sort of "spitting wet" morning, but otherwise, we are doing just fine. It swung well south of us and will majorly avoid JB as well. Awesome answer to prayers, but we need to keep those in Texas in prayer as Ike makes its way in that direction.