Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sidge is Seven

I'll use the phrase every parent uses on every birthday. "I can't believe he's seven already." I definitely feel this way. No doubt about it. I cannot even fathom that the biological child I never thought I would have and then thought I would lose on the day of his birth, is now a healthy, thriving seven year old!

Yes we named him Elijah, but he has now taken Sidge as, what we believe will be his permanent nickname. "I'm Elijah, but I go by Sidge," is his favorite phrase. (This stems from Isaac calling him "Sidge-uh" when they were little and he couldn't pronounce Elijah correctly.)

He is passionate. Strong. Eats a ton. He has a heart so soft it melts your own. He will tear up from happiness or sadness so easily, but then quickly move on to the next thing. He is incredibly intelligent, a lover of animals, and the bearer of questions deeper than anything I've ever contemplated. He is passionate about the farm. Passionate about Lego. Passionate about Star Wars. He has made us so happy with his incredibly sweet disposition, snuggly exterior, and beautiful heart. 

This also begins the five months of having two boys the same age in our house. Two seven years old until May 7!

Butterfly World

Tuesday morning, I was losing my mind. I'm definitely not used to raising my kids in the city. We needed to get outside and SOON!

My parents had left for work, and I was so grateful Joni was coming over to help me get through the day.

Joni arrived at my parents' house around 8:30am, took one look at my face, and said, "Let's find something to do. How about Butterfly World?"

And off we went.

Believe it or not, this amazing place is less than two miles from my parents house. And yet this was only the second time I had ever been there. It was actually started by parents of kids I went to school with and is the first and largest butterfly house in the U.S. There are also hummingbird and lorikeet varieties as well.

While it is a little pricey, it is a fantastic and incredible unique place to visit. There is also a park right outside the doors. It was a perfect outing for us!

Here are some pictures of our morning. Man I needed this!

Let the games begin

***** Update *****

As suggested by a reader in a comment, I was VERY leery about potty-training my strong-willed child. I had decided to do a two-day trial run and see how things went. If it went badly, I would scrap the idea and try again in three months.

Well, so far, fingers crossed, the little lady has it nearly completely figured out. In fact, we went to church, I put her in a pull-up, asked her not to go in it, and she didn't. She waited until we got home and went promptly to the potty.

We will see how well this continues but for now, this little chik-a-dee is proving that, in fact, I was right all along. She was ready for this a long time ago.

I just wasn't.

Potty Training Time
I am not ready for this.
I do not want to do this.
My desire is low.
Her desire seems lower.
I've never potty trained a strong-willed child.
I have doubts.
But it is time.
Potty chair. 
Lots of juice. 
New mermaid panties. 
No rugs. 
Watching movies.
It's time.
I think.