Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Sermon

I grew up on the church and am always blown away when I hear a truth that I feel like I should have always thought about but just never picked up on.

Noah's Ark is not a feel good story. Children's Bibles often ignore the reality that sin condemns us to death. It doesn't teach us about the seriousness of sin.

This video clip was shown in church this morning. This is so true! How can I be 38 and have never thought of this!

The truth is that the human heart is wicked. Even Noah's heart was wicked. Noah didn't deserve God's grace. It was that God's grace was God's natural response to his relationship with Noah.

Our sin is fundamentally worthy of God's judgment against it. We always see ourselves as Noah. Not as the people who drown in the flood.

Baptism is a picture of transition from death to life. It doesn't do any good to pretend you were never bad.

We were all bad and by God's grace the Lord forgives our sins.

Great sermon!

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