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Review: SchoolhouseTeachers.com

All righty homeschool Mamas! Get ready to have your socks blown off. I was given the chance to review the Yearly Membership for SchoolhouseTeachers.com. 

As I mentioned previously on my Blog, I was awarded a spot on the Schoolhouse Review Crew! This is an awesome opportunity which allows me to receive various homeschool products for free and then review them. I cannot even explain how excited I am about this opportunity! It is a PERFECT fit for me.
  • I love to Blog. 
  • I love to receive things for free. (I'm cheap!)
  • I love to write and share about what I like.
You get the idea.

(And I have all of YOU -- my Blog readers to thank as I had to fill out a length application process and without a good number of readers, I probably wouldn't have gotten this opportunity.)

So my first job was to receive a year long subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers.com and spend about a month perusing and visiting the site.

Folks, I am BLOWN WAY by how much this website has to offer. If I wasn't receiving it for free, I would buying a membership, without question. It is $12.95 a month or you can buy a one year membership for $139. This is about the cost of purchasing a single subject curriculum. An amazing deal.

And what does this site have to offer?

Well ... nearly everything!

I started going to Courses by Grade Level and spent a majority of my time looking at the "Elementary" and "Preschool" options since that is the age of children I have right now. (My children are currently 2, 4, 6, and 7.)

There were so many things to choose from, and it quickly became obvious that I could homeschool strictly off this website and not have to spend another dime on anything. My only additional cost might be toner purchases to print off worksheets or materials.

For example, just in the Elementary section, I can choose from curriculums in subjects like:
  • Art
  • Bible
  • Computer and Technology
  • Drama and Speech
  • Electives
  • Foreign Languages
  • History, Geography, and Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Music
  • Science
For a moment, let me highlight some of the options within the History, Geography, and Social Studies tab. Just in that one tab, I can choose from the following choices:
  • American History for Beginners
  • Asia: It's People and History
  • Asia: Trade Route Safari
  • Classical History
  • Everyday Explorers: Australia & New Zealand
  • Everyday Explorers: Canada
  • Everyday Explorers: USA
  • Figures in History
  • Geography
  • Lighting the Way
  • Middle Ages History
  • People and Places of World War II
  • Renaissance History
  • This Day in History
I decided to look further into the Lighting the Way curriculum. Lighting the Way is a video-based elementary history series that studies the lives of heroes of the Christian faith through animated stories, downloadable workbooks, and printable worksheets. Men and women from the time of the early Church through the modern day are discussed.

We took the time to watch the 30 minute video on the story of Perpetua. It was incredibly well-done and very intense -- moving both JB and I to tears as we watched it with the kiddos. There was also a worksheet that we could follow-up on after watching the video.

But it was what I found when I wandered into the video section that really blown me away about the SchoolhouseTeachers.com website. Included with my membership is a secondary membership to a place called
RightNow Media. This is actually a site that has over 10,000 videos on demand -- both for kids and adults!

Honestly the list of things you can watch on this site is so incredible, I am not sure I could possibly paint it for you. It is a gateway to more than 10,000 video resources for you and your family. The media library includes resources for all ages -- from VeggieTales, Adventures in Odyssey, 3-2-1 Penguins, and What's in the Bible to Bible studies by Francis Chan, John MacArthur, Dave Ramsey, and John Maxwell. It is absolutely incredible and worth the cost of membership in and of itself.

The boys and I also decided to do a science unit. I decided to try out Daily Discoveries.  We picked a unit on Pond life. It's a four week unit, but we decided to just print out the first week and begin working through it. The boys have learned how to look words up in the dictionary and find words in a paragraph of importance. We've been so enjoying working through the unit together. And I love that it's completely free -- all it requires is a computer and a printer!

I tried the site both on my desktop computer and on my iPad and had the same results -- no issues moving between different platforms as far as I could tell.

This site is truly the single best find I have met in my homeschooling journey. While I can't speak for the upper levels, if you have children between the ages of 4-8, I really believe you can homeschool for just $139 a year. Seriously. There is so much to offer. I can guarantee you that you will not regret your decision to join this site. I tried to think of something I didn't like, and I really couldn't. Of course I'd love to see even more content than there is -- the more the better. But there just wasn't anything negative to write about.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment. I'd be glad to take the time to answer them. For now, why don't you jump over to their page yourself and take a look. You can click on the Yearly Membership for SchoolhouseTeachers.com and head over yourself.

And as always, you can visit my Q&A page for more information on homeschooling in general and why we have chosen it for our family. I am not here to convert people to homeschooling. It is a personal decision for you and your family. But for people who are considering it, I want to share why I am passionate about it. As always, I will keep it real here on my Blog!

Even better? I have a coupon for you!!!!!


SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review 2016

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