Saturday, May 07, 2022

Isaac turns 14

He's 14. Honestly, to say that has flown by is such an incredible understatement. We wanted to be parents SO badly. How can that child that made us parents be just a few years away from being a grown-up?

We don't do big birthday parties at our house as a rule. But we did decide to give each kid a special "13." Only problem was, Isaac's 13 fell right in the middle of COVID. So we changed it. To 14.

We are going to take cousin Gabe and go Cedar Pointe in Ohio (coupled with a Bird Festival that Isaac found out about in order to sweeten the Ohio request) in a few weeks. 

There's no way to choose a picture of Isaac. Just one? But here are a couple that I really like. A good one of him, and a good one of him as a little baby with his birthmom Bri -- who shares a birthday with him. 

(And also, two photos of John and I with Bri when she was little. Our lives are forever intertwined!) 


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