Sunday, May 15, 2022

We Bought a Farm: Goumi Berries


Goumi berries harvested this morning from our farm forest garden!
This is a small to medium-sized, multi-stemmed shrub native to eastern Asia that produces red, sweet-tart, small-blueberry-sized fruits.
They can grow in a very wide range of soil conditions, tolerates some shade, and puts nitrogen back into the soil.
Goumi has long been grown in China, Korea, and Japan as a food and medicinal plant. It has only been recently that it has has become available in Europe and North America.
Goumi fruit have a single seed which is edible but not tasty... it's fibrous
Because it adds nitrogen to the soil, Goumi has been grown in orchards where it has been reported to increase orchard production by 10%
It is considered an established, exotic species in parts of the eastern U.S., but they are incredibly useful. Our sheep (as well as cattle and deer) eat the plant, so it’s unlikely to truly become an invasive.
I’m a big fan of this plant.

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