Thursday, May 05, 2022

Stretchin' Time

JB was gone this week. He went to Orlando for an Emergency Medicine Director's Meeting. He really dislikes being away from the family, and usually, when he attends conferences, he takes someone from the family with him. But there was a lot going on at the farm, and the Conference didn't have much downtime. 

We missed him, but as you can see from the video above, the kids found ways to keep themselves entertained.

When your kids are getting along and playing together, it is so wonderful.

And when they are not? It's not wonderful.

Being a parent is NOT easy. I honestly thought parenting little kids was hard. It was physically exhausting, but holy cow, having three teenagers (and YES, Abigail has entered being a teenager), it is TOUGH STUFF.

I really think kids take turns working you up and down. One says: "I'll drive her crazy for a few hours in the afternoon. Then I'll be super nice, and you can take a turn big brother."

And homeschooling? Just take away any break I would have and make me be in charge and deal with complaining for another eight hours.

Needing me a break!

Oh, did I mention I have a spa weekend coming up?!?

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