Saturday, May 14, 2022

Tante Jan

I am loving that my Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan now live here. This is my mother's sister (and my cousin Eddie's parents.) My parents also have bought a house here and are spending more time. We are hopeful we can get everyone we love livin' in TN near us. 

The other day we finally got an opportunity to go to Johnson City together and have Thai food at a restaurant that they found that is SUPER yummy. (We had been planning to do this for ever a year!) I let her plan things and we went to Home Goods and Barnes and Nobles and I made a stop at an Asian Market for some ingredients John needs for cooking. 

As I write this post tonight, both daughters are over my shoulder asking me: "Where did you go? What food is that? What store is that?" I used to be able to Blog in relative peace in my own home. Now, they have something to say about what I post and who is on it and what I'm doing. 

I'm exhausted from parenting. I LOVE my kids ... and I absolutely know someday I will miss it. I also think my perspective will be less warped once I am done with school for the year. We are finishing on May 27!!! We have tried to squeeze the last 4 weeks worth of work into 3 so we can done in May right before we take Isaac out for his roller coaster birthday (more to come on that!)

Hanging on!!!

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