Friday, May 20, 2022

I did a thing :)

I have like, never bought a dress ... randomly.

But this past weekend I went to the GROVE PARK INN Spa (in Nashville) with my friend Natalie.

We go there early on Tuesday morning, spent the entire day at the SPA, had a nice dinner, went to bed, had an amazing breakfast, and then Natalie decided to take me shopping in downtown Asheville. 

(I also had a delicious smoothie at a big bus downtown that was fantastic!)

I told Natalie I'd go shopping with her, but I never bought anything. And then I bought this dress. And I decided to buy it. It had pockets. It had a built-in bra. It was SO soft and comfortable. I just had to do it.

Here's the only picture I talk of Natalie and I on the way home from the SPA. 

I put that random big red dot over the middle because Natalie said the picture made her not-even-slightly-large-arms look big. LOL. So, I wanted to make sure we could have a picture of us and I put that big red dot on so I wouldn't forget her.

Natalie has just "retired" from her surgeon work in Greeneville and will know be doing breast cancer surgery in Johnson City. I am happy that they are going to continue to live in Greeneville. At least for now.

I love going places with Natalie. She schedules it and calls and books everything, and I just show up and fall asleep on lawn chairs the entire day. It's wonderful. It was a great birthday present to me.

Tomorrow, I turn 45!

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