Sunday, May 01, 2022

The Passions of our children

I don't have big dreams for her.

Whether she dances her whole life.

Or just today.

But to watch her grow in something she loves is 




I always thought it would be with a ball and a hoop (or a net) that my children found something they loved.

But she finds it in a studio with expensive shoes and leotards that are very hard to find a "perfect fit" on.

It doesn't fit the SLOW life we wanted to live out here.

We wanted to avoid daily trips to town and "be home" more. 

But there is nothing like being a Mama and watching your child thrive in something that brings them such joy.

For Isaac it is piano and collecting.

For Sidge it is all things nature.

For Abigail it is ballet.

Hannah too, is doing ballet, but sewing and cooking seem to interest her most.

I don't want them to grow up and yet seeing everything Abigail has focused on and learned and put her heart toward in the last seven years of ballet is a highlight of my life.

I see all the parents posting pictures of their kids in their uniforms and costumes or with instruments or animals.

I pray we all remember what it is really about. 

  • It is about loving Jesus and the people they meet on their adventures.
  • It is about finding something that you are passionate about.
  • It is about learning that when you put your mind to something you improve -- even if you never are a superstar. 
  • It is about having fun.
  • It is about growing as a person and a performer/athlete/farmer/student.
  • It is about trying ... and failing and succeeding.
  • It is about winning and losing. 
  • It is about finding community.
  • It is about teamwork.
Someday your child will hang up whatever it is they are doing. Even if they stick with it to the day they die, they will find other things that are important. They may want to be a parent. Or a spouse. They may want to couple their activity with a mission. Or they may choose (like me) to not shoot a ball for ... decades.

But who they become on the journey ... this is what it IS all about. 

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