Monday, May 20, 2024

Piano/voice Recital

My kids have been taking piano from  Leslie Vaughan since 2015! Two years ago, Isaac started taking voice lessons as well. 

Yesterday was their annual recital. Isaac surprised my parents who are in town by singing “their song.” My emotional dad of course started crying 🙂 

Thank you to Kristin Girton for helping me capture some snaps of the day!

P.S. Broken arm Sidge couldn’t perform. But he is still taking piano!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Happy Birthday Joni

Happy Birthday dear Joni. Roy and Joan were neighbors and friends of my parents before I was born. She was with me from my first days on earth! She has been a second mother to me for my entire life. I so appreciate my own mother's willingness to "share" me with Joni. That couldn't have been easy, but my mom knew that Joni was "good" for me too! 

Joni has been to every house I have ever lived in: South Florida, college in Kentucky, two other homes in Bowling Green and Franklin, Kentucky. I then went to Rochester and Turkey and Portugal. She visited me in all those locations, and even came and saw me while I was "stork nesting" in Germany awaiting Abigail's birth. 

Not only is Joni a mother-figure to me, but she is the Grama to all four of my children -- not just the one she really "is" the Grama too (Bri's biological son, Isaac). 

I love you Joni! Happy Birthday!!!