Sunday, March 29, 2020

Facing a Pandemic Together


Nearly no one alive today remembers ever facing anything like we are facing now. 

A pandemic.

There are so many things I could say. But they are all things everyone else is saying too. Unlike so many events in the four decades of my life, this event is shared by everyone

I have faced moved and hurricanes and infertility and things that I wanted to explain to people. 

But this one? 

This thing I do not need to explain.

Because we are all living it ... together.

So together, we go on, and we face the unknown. Our Isaac has a fever and a cough right now and it has us concerned. John's job, has us concerned. 

For others: the lack of a job has them concerned. The loneliness of life has them concerned. The inability to completely quarantine because you have to go to work. How to school your kids.

We all have concerns centering on the same theme.

One of the things interesting me the most right now is that this life we have chosen to live: homesteading and homeschooling ... suddenly it makes more sense to people. I've also felt we were on the fringe. I think the fridge may be shifting to the mainstream.

Either way, we will travel it as a country and a world and a community and a city and a family ...


Friday, March 27, 2020

The Glorious Table: Are You Living by the Peter Principle?

Are You Living by the Peter Principle?

The Peter Principle is a concept which asserts that people will rise to their greatest level of incompetence.
My husband, who was in the military for seven years, has seen this demonstrated often. It is a common occurrence within hierarchical organizations. An employee continues to be promoted because of their success at past jobs. Promotion keeps occurring until, ultimately, they find themselves at a level they just aren’t good at. Once they reach incompetence, the promotions stop, but they are allowed to remain incompetent one level beyond where they would be successful.
An example: I was a high school basketball coach. I coached freshmen. Then I coached junior varsity. Then the head coach left, and I was expected to take the job.
Only I didn’t want it.
Actually, I refused to take it.
To read the rest of this article, click here.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

What he looks like

JB has a day off yesterday. He’s worked 10 of 12 days (12-hour shifts). We tried to jam in as many things as we could during that day. John moved from one kid to another doing something they’d enjoy. The girls wanted to go for a drive so they rolled down the car windows and just drove around our country town. 

During dinner we ate outside. How nice to finally get good weather. A quarantine with stinky weather ... has stunk. While eating dinner together, the kids started asking question about COVID19. John did a lot of explaining. He also told the kids he would take a picture the next day to show them what he wears to keep him and us safe. 

This is the picture he sent me today. This is my husband. I pray for him continually. Praying he can continue to take care of the people of this community and that things don’t get out of control. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


My eleven-year-old son Elijah (also known as "Sidge") has fallen in LOVE with photography and birding! It is SO fun to see. What is even more fun is that JB says this is something he WISHES he could have done when he was a kid but living in the city, he couldn't do it. Here, he can go out ANYTIME.

We had a conversation about whether he could go out BEFORE I woke up. He decided to prepare a note the night before about whether he was out birding when I woke up. Here is the note and the Facebook post that goes with it.

I love that during such a trying time, we are blessed with over 100 acres to just BE!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We Bought a Farm: Eggs During Corona

My husband is bringing eggs each day to work. We put them in a cooler and people come by and pick them up! I am selling my eggs even MORE consistently now then I did before this quarantine. That is SO cool to me.

I love that people are looking to support us during this time. People are trying to take care of each other. They don't want to buy their eggs from the store. They want to support our farm. 

There is so much goodness right now despite the absolute INSANITY of what is going on in our country and our world. 

Wee-Wind Wednesday

Six years ago, my husband was driving across Tennessee. I was back in the Azores with the children. He was making a 1300 mile trip around TN to see where we might want to live. 

He's been planning this farm in his mind for twenty years. Six years ago we were preparing to move back to the USA to begin this journey.

Today we are on our farm during this quarantine. Exactly where JB always hoped we would be during a crisis.

I love my home. 

Just some pics

A few fun pics of our life:
Arabelle on a car ride with me!

Arabelle is NOT happy with this quarantine!
Cousin Grace painting with my girls!

This is me with a very special young girl in my life. I am sad because during the quarantine I won't be able to see them. Honestly not having them with us every Sunday might be the hardest part of this whole thing for me. 

Because I have four children, I really don't have a "need" to love on other kids. But for some reason, this little girl  just LOVES me!
A picture of JB on a conference call earlier this week, trying to prepare for what is coming to his hospital. 
We are SO blessed to have surrogate family member Jacob here with us during this time. With JB working a ton, he is helping keep the farm running. What a blessing he is. We have another wwoofer, Jake, here right now too who is also a great blessing.

A closing picture of our Ritter who is the same-old goofy big bear despite being quarantined!