Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Vermont: Wednesday, August 12

    I listened to a hummingbird today as it hovered above my head eating nectar from a feeder. 

    The lake was so quiet that I could hear his wings as they vibrated much like a bee might buzz. 

    I went for a jog and heard not one single voice. Instead just the sounds of nature and the occasional car surrounded by my own moans and groans. 

    My children jumped in the lake so many times that I lost count. They'd come out, change out of their clothes, drape the wet ones over the railing and within an hour, be wanting to get in the water again. What's the point of bathing suits? Instead they'd just go back in with whatever they were wearing. Stumble out later and hang those clothes to dry too. Again and again and again.

    Abigail took photos. And more photos. And a lot more photos. Pictures of birds. Lots of pictures of birds. 

    John sat on a log in the woods for much of the middle part of the day -- unpacking a lunch he put together himself -- resting with the birds. 

    I helped Hannah put together some sort of craft with beads. 

    I played ping-pong with Isaac.

    I braided the girls' hair to keep it from getting too tangled on their repeat jaunts into the lake.

    I attempted the paddle board. A standing board. And I fell. Hit my hand on a rock. Thought: "Crap. Is John really going to have to do stitches on me on his vacation?" But he said he could just skin glue it. And he did.

    I rested. 

    My farm is a peaceful place too. A place that I can hear the hummingbirds and don't hear noises when I run and Abigail can take pictures. 

    But there are chores to do and a house too clean. 

    Here … I rest. 

    My soul. My body. My spirit. 

    Click here for more photos.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2020

    Tuesday Truth

    Vermont: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

    We are here. Vermont. My excitement is truly BEYOND WORDS. We have been here just over twenty-four hours and so far I have:

    • Taken 3 naps
    • Read 1 book
    • Played 3 games of Ping Pong
    • Had a delicious lasagna dinner (cooked by Joni) on the back deck
    • Went on a boat ride
    • Colored
    • Played a game
    • Went for a jog
    John and Abigail went birding near the Canadian border). The kids and Joni have been in the water a half dozen times already. Kayaking. Paddle board. Paddle boat.

    I am giddy here. It is my happy place. Truly. Our family needed this SOOOOO much. 

    If you asked any of us … would you rather go to an amusement park or to Roy & Joni's -- the answer would be easy. We are so able to reconnect as a family and get rejuvenated. 

    While we are here, I will be updating an album on Facebook so ya'll can see what we are up to. 

    Monday, August 10, 2020

    We Bought a Farm: When your farm is doing things you know nothing about

    Person stopping by my house to pick up whole chickens: "What is that hanging on your porch?"

    Wendi: "I have NO idea."

    I'm not kidding. I don't even have a guess. No clue.

    So for all you curious people, for the sake of this Blog, these are fennel and dill and chamomile "stalks" drying so that the seed will fall into the bag and be saved for future use. 

    There you have it.

    Sunday, August 09, 2020

    Hannah's Attention to Detail

    My Abigail can do ballet for hours. Literally ... hours. She can go birding for hours. Again. Literally. Hours.

    But put her in front of something like sewing or schoolwork, and she will SHUT DOWN. 

    And then there is Hannah. Hannah is continually shocking us with her attention-span for things like sewing. 

    Honestly, I am not sure what's more impressive about this picture. Her sewing attention or her eye lashes! :) 

    Saturday, August 08, 2020

    An infertility frustration

    Articles like this one: Kristen Wiig Calls IVF the 'Most Difficult Time in My Life' really frustrate me. 

    Like ... really

    Here's why. 

    You have a 46-year-old woman expressing all this frustration regarding getting pregnant. 

    In the end: she succeeds. In this case, she succeeded with a surrogate. 

    The question is: did she even use her own eggs? Was this an egg donor?

    Society and the media continue to tell women that they can "achieve" pregnancy whenever they are ready. That they can wait until the "time is right."

    But it just isn't true.

    In fact: it's a BIG FAT LIE.

    Here's just one example of this from the following source: 

    Women are the most fertile WAY before they are 40. If celebrities continue to have babies in their late 40's and even their 50's and don't get real about how much it COSTS and how unlikely they are to succeed. It is teaching our daughters that they can wait until they are WAY too old to have babies. 

    Our infertility rates are sky-rocketing and when celebrities scream SUCCESS and don't say BUT THESE WEREN'T MY EGGS they are lying to our young girls.

    You can't have it all. You can try. But something has to give. No matter what our world does, we aren't able to make a woman's eggs last longer than they do. 


    Headed to Vermont

    I love my farm.

    But I have a happy place. A peaceful place. The place my soul truly lays down and rests. And it is Roy and Joan's (Isaac's birth grandparents) home on a lake in Vermont.

    And not just me. Our entire family finds this place one of the happiest places on earth. 

    We had no idea if we'd get to go this year or not. Everything else we've planned has been cancelled. But we kept this on the calendar. In fact, we made the time we would be there longer. 

    It has been our beacon during all this virus "stuff." Each time JB came back from the hospital completely wrung out or each time the farm bit off more than we could chew, we'd look at each other and just say: "Push toward Vermont."

    We had no idea if we'd actually get to go. If one doc got sick, it could mean John being unable to leave the hospital. If this virus got anymore out of hand, maybe we'd have to cancel.

    So we prayed. And we asked others to pray. That our family could have this time together ... a time to recover and be together after a season of virus-mania.

    We processed our three hundred chickens and now .... we pack for Vermont!!!

    We are going to drive straight-thru and pack our own food so as to keep our quarantine tight. 

    We are giddy. All of us.

    Our farm is well-cared for by the grandparents and Jacob and Gabe and our two lovable doggies. 

    Vermont ... here we come!