Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A friendly stop

Casey's baby shower in Turkey: Me, Casey, Logan, and "Stebbs"
So I have to admit, it is really fun to "run into" friends all over the USA (and the world.) While I have grown weary of moving and saying good bye and hello so much, it is really nice to fly into a city and realize "Oh, I have a friend here!"
In the case of our trip into Norfolk this past Friday, Logan living only 30 minutes was a complete and amazing Godsend. After a very long travel day, she was able to pick us up from the airport, let us spend the night at her house, and then deliver us to the commercial airport across town the next airport.
Logan and her husband Brandon willingly put up with our family. She also took me to a grocery store to buy a few things. Strawberries! Red, beautiful strawberries! I climbed back into the car announcing my find and Logan remarked that after only a year out of Turkey, she forgot how different it used to be in Turkey. "You'll forget someday too," she told me. "You'll forget that you lived on two tiny Bases and how much you miss America right now."
I know she is right. It's good to know that someday I will be home for good.
I think anyone can see how wonderful Logan's help would be but add three tiny children and my big belly, and the blessing was even more immense. They have a beautiful quintessential American home in a dreamy American neighborhood. Back porch. Carpets. 110 volt outlets. Ohhhh America how I have missed you!
Logan's little Jackson with my "big kids". Someone mentioned this will look a lot like my family in a few months. Woah!

Jackson with the big boys.
So, two days of travelling solo with three children five and under while very pregnant. It was not as long as the Turkey trip I took back in 2012, but it was still a lofty undertaking. What did I learn this time?

Here were the things I took away from this adventure.
  1. Choose your children (and the strangers they sit by) wisely. Sidge is not able to sit by strangers. He is so sweet and good-natured, but he talks so much. The right people can handle it, but an eighteen year old girl flirting with the older boy next to her? She didn't find his intense discussion of superheroes and places we have lived too exciting. However, I have to have one child sit across the aisle from me. Isaac will have to be the child of choice for awhile.
  2. Poop needs will occur at the most inopportune times. It's just a fact. While standing in line. While preparing to board the flight. I actually had to pull a crying Sidge off the potty telling him, "I'm sorry. You'll have to finish on the plane. We have to board now!"
  3. If they like to eat it, it is good food. Throw the diet out the window. Skittles (which are much better than M&Ms due to their non-melting capabilities) are a food group. Lollipops are too. Just feed them food that makes them happy.
  4. Expect people to be very nice and patient. A lot of people will offer help. They will compliment you and encourage you. (I had a nun tell me, "Thank you for what you do.") Allow people to be nice and to help you.
  5. Expect people to be not very nice and not very patient. On the Southwest flight (which has "open" seating) a family in front of me decided to get up and move when I sat down behind them. I made a joke and tried to lighten the mood, but the fact is, I have three little kids and someone will probably be crying. I'm sorry if this offends you. I can't make it any better. To the guy who said, "Oh good God," when we sat down next to him, my only hope is that I can prove to him that (a) yes, God is good and (b) it won't be as bad as you think.
  6. Minimal is a must. You have to be able to easily carry what you need to carry. This means you cannot bring everything you would like to have. Choose wisely.
  7. Take the advice of people "in the know." Wonder markers were a huge hit for Abigail! (Thanks Lajes moms). I covet ideas from people who have had good success on their own trips. 
  8. Benadryl. When all three children (and myself) awoke at 3am at Logan's house (7am our time), I used it. There I said it. Don't judge. We all went back to sleep until 7.
  9. Expect delays. Most likely, something will not go according to plan. Our three car seats did not arrive on the luggage belt. This stunk. It took about 90 minutes to get cleared up. It was not ideal. But it happened. You'll get through it. Try to remain calm.
  10. You have a real family. You can't pretend your children are perfect. They aren't. Compliments from strangers on their good behavior feel good. But accept them cautiously. Five minutes later your four-year-old will start sobbing because you are requiring him to wake up and then find yourself in a customs line with no bathroom and an urgent request to find a bathroom. You are humans. Your kids will cry, drop food, and kick the back of seats. Just do your best.

What did we do before Facebook?

Two months ago, as instructed, I found a family medicine doctor in South Florida who could see me and give me a referral to an OB doctor in South Florida.

(Why do I need a family medicine doctor to look at me and say that I am 34 weeks pregnant and have to go to an OB? No idea. But I did it.)

Yesterday, as instructed, I called my military insurance to tell them I had come to the USA and needed to switch my insurance to match my location. Move out of Europe and into the South.


The man on the phone then gave me a website to check my providers acceptance into their system.

I checked.

They were not in the system. Not the family medicine doctor or the OB.

(Why did they gave me the website now instead of earlier? No idea.)

At this point, the man on the phone said he could give me the number for a doctor in our area, and I could call them and try to get an appointment, and if they couldn't get me in, I could call back and go through the 100 number punching system on my phone to speak to someone and get another number of another doctor I could try.

I must admit that at this point I was crying a little.

But I called the doctor. He actually had a cancellation for yesterday afternoon. So at 330p yesterday I went and saw him. He gave me a referral to an OB.

Which OB you ask?

Well, that's where Facebook comes in. Man, what did we do before Facebook?

I posted my dilemma on the page and within minutes, referrals from friends started pouring in. One doctor was recommended by three different women I knew.

So I called him.

He agreed to take me at 34 weeks pregnant!

Appointment with him: tomorrow at 10:30am.

It all ended up working out, but I am really praying that that is the last of my drama surrounding my delivery. I would just like life to go super smoothly the next few weeks. For baby to arrive and us to go home and life to return to normal.

In the meantime, thank you Facebook friends!

Look who's 4.5!

Our little Elijah Luke is 4 1/2 years old today. Here are some highlights of his life currently:
  • Continues to insist that he be called "Sidge." He even told the security guard at the airport that he was not Elijah when it was read off at the airport. He says that only Abigail may call him Elijah. "Li-jah."
  • He talks all the time and about anything and everything. His language has gotten very clear, but he is still has some issues with the letter "l" and other "lisp" sounding sounds.
  • Is still incredibly passionate. Used words like, "It's my favorite. That's the best ever. I hate that." As I wrote this bullet he actually just got sent to his room for hurling a superhero figurine at his brother. He does everything with great gusto.
  • Is incredibly tall for his age. Usually taller than 5 and even 6 year olds that he meets.
  • Wears size 13 shoe.
  • Wears size 5T or 6T clothing.
  • Loves to eat.
  • Loves to watch TV.
  • Currently "into" Superheroes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and outer space. (Definitely a nature lover like his Daddy.)
  • While he loves the superheroes immensely (his current favorite is "Flash" -- he truly believes when he runs that we can barely see him), I think that he would be less into them without the influence of his big brother.
  • Is usually very sweet with Abigail and will stop and play with her frequently.
  • Loves to imagine.
  • Loves other people.
He is squeezable and loveable and huggable and just plain sweet. His heart always seems pure ... I am still so amazed that I had the privilege to bear and be the mommy for this little boy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Sidge "The Flash" who believes that when he runs in this costume, people can only see him "a wittle bit."
Isaac "Robin". He's been wanting this costume for quite some time!
Thanks Aunt Danielle for taking these photos! Daddy had Amazon send these costumes -- a thank you to his boys for being so good for their Mommy on the flight from the Azores to South Florida. I couldn't have asked for them to do any better than they did. (Especially Isaac -- he was stellar!) They were sooo excited to see these costumes in the mail today.
If you think of it, say an extra prayer for their Daddy. (He is really missing having his family around. It's going to be a long month for him!)

Monday, July 29, 2013

New normal

Today begins my "new" normal. We are now settled into my parents' home. It's a nice three bedroom townhouse is a peaceful Coconut Creek neighborhood -- a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. While adding four people to my parents' quiet life is a lot for them, and the space in their home does not run in abundance, we have plenty of room to make this work for seven more weeks. Abigail is sleeping in a pack-n-play in the guest room with me, and the boys are sleeping on a mattress on the floor in my parents' office. When the baby gets here, she and I will occupy the downstairs living room for the two weeks before we return to the Azores. JB will take over my spot with Abigail upstairs, and the boys will continue to share their full size bed. (By the way, we always put them on beds sideways so as to maximize their space -- something we can keep doing until they get too tall.)
Today looked a little like this:
  • Boys awake about 5:30am (hang out with grandparents -- thank goodness!)
  • Me awake about 6:30am
  • Abigail awake about 7:30am
  • Parents leave for work about 8:00am
  • Go to park two blocks from my parents' house 9:00am
  • Go to pool in my parents' neighborhood 10:00am
  • Sidge shuts sliding glass door and locks me out of my parents house at 11:00am (Thank goodness I could talk them through opening the front door for me!)
  • Eat lunch
  • At noon, Abigail naps and boys and I relax with some cartoons in the living room
  • Hardest time of the day, no surprise, is 2-5pm while we wait for Grama and Grampa to get home.
Both of my parents work full-time. I thought my dad would be going into work later while I am here, but alas, that is not the case. So basically, I am running this show solo just like I do back at home.
JB's parents live about twenty minutes from my parents. They are down a vehicle right now so Mom K.will get over here to hang out with me as much as she can. I'll also head to her house now and then.
Joni (Isaac's birth grandmother) is out of town. This is sad for me in the sense that I'd love her to be her. But it's good for me in the fact that we are borrowing her vehicle. She returns mid-August. She'll be here to hang out with us for a week before she heads to Vermont with Isaac! I'll write more about this later, but basically, Isaac's birth great-grandfather (who is 94) really wants to meet Isaac, and we feel like this is something he needs to have the opportunity to do.
We have other family here too. My brother and his wife AD and their two girls came by to see us last night. They live about an hour from here.
JB's brother Ray and his wife Gabbi along with their two children live right around the corner.
In addition, John's brother Matt lives about an hour from here with his wife Danielle.
So there are a lot of people to hang out with and see while we are here. We are still a little off jet-lag-wise (boys are getting up close to five a.m.) but generally speaking, we are doing very well. I am feeling as good as can be expected for 34 weeks pregnant, and excited to meet this little girl.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Choices, choices everywhere (with some thunder!)

It's the little things that stand out.

Radio. In the Azores, we have one channel to listen to in the car. (One English station I mean.). Today, I put the radio on "scan" and just listened as station after station rolled by playing songs after song. Country. Elevator. Rap. Metal. You name it. I heard it. In English.

We went for a swim in my parents' neighborhood pool. It's literally right out their door and will be a great "beat-the-heat" activity while we are here. And ... being weightless is really good when your body feels like it weighs a million pounds. While we were swimming, a storm rolled in. Thunder. Sidge asked what that noise was. Our island doesn't get thunder or lightning (minus ONE evening we witnessed a majestic lightning storm last summer.) Thunder. Lightning. Just the sound of thunder made me instantly realize that I was back home

My mom watched the kids, and I went to Target. For an hour. By myself. The choices ... incredible! I thought to myself, "I want to just go and look at coloring books." And there was a whole selection of coloring books. (I'm pretty sure there isn't even one place on the island that I can buy a coloring book.) Entire rows of snacks. Entire rows of cereal. It's incredible.

The choices can overwhelm you. Mom K. called to ask me what kind of donut holes my kids would like. Ummmm .... I have no idea. Can't tell you the last time I even saw a donut hole. Kind? No idea. Please just pick some out for me.

We live in a fantastic country. A country that allows us more freedom than we can ever imagine. If you haven't lived outside of the U.S.A., just take my word for this. It feels sooooo good to be home.

I love the U.S.A.!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Relatively Smooth

I write this from ...

... AMERICA!!!!!!

The kids and I successfully got seats on the rotator to Norfolk, Virginia yesterday. Friends from Turkey: Brandon and Logan (and their adorable little 9 month old Jackson) picked us up from the airport and let us stay at their home. We will be heading out soon to catch a civilian flight to South Florida!

Everything really went well. There were a few glitches (including the fact that the attendant couldn't get anyone to move so we could sit together on our flight.) I finally went back there myself to "evoke sympathy." I said, "I'm traveling alone, very pregnant, with three children under five years old. We have to sit together." I started asking people to make changes until we had three seats together and one aisle across.

We also found ourselves in an incredibly long line in customs in Norfolk where Sidge decided he "HAD to poop." Hmmmm .... no bathroom anywhere. Trapped in a hot hallway. Someone finally offered to let me switch to their line and get through faster only to find out that we had to wait for our luggage downstairs before we would be allowed through the magical door that had a bathroom on the other side.

I know however that people must be praying because the kids were amazing yesterday. I felt as good as  I have in a long time (and do today too.) We'll be back in the Sunshine State so soon!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Funnies

Sidge: "Mommy, they are not accusing me." (He meant including.)
Sidge: "Mommy, I need ear infections." (He meant ear drops.)


As a physician, JB is pretty adamant about giving body parts their "proper" name around our house. Therefore, a boys' personal parts are called what they really are. I'll spare you from writing the word in what follows. You can fill in the blank.
Sidge: (While sitting on toilet) "Mommy, Scrubs just licked my ____."
Me: "Scrubby shouldn't ever do that. If he does, you say 'No Scrubs' and push his head away."
JB: "Yeah. Do you know what could happen if you let him do that?"
Sidge: "No."
JB: "He could bite it."
Sidge: "And maybe he would bit it off."
JB: "Maybe."
Isaac: "Daddy, how would a boy go potty without his ___."
JB: "Let's talk about something else. Just don't let the dog do that anymore!"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some family Snaps

Really ... truly

This morning I decided to make hard-boiled eggs. I boiled the water to a full boil, then I reduced heat to simmer for seven minutes. I removed the pan from the heat. All to discover that I had never put the eggs into the water. Yummm for boiled eggless water!

It made me chuckle.

So did Abigail bringing me two tampons. JB has been preparing a "go bag" for a possible medical trip he is going to be making. Apparently tampons are something common to have in these bags to help with nose bleeds and the like. So while I was typing an email in JB's office, Abigail brought me the two tampons she found. Only my little string cheese lover thought they were cheese sticks. "Cheeseeee?" she asked and made the sign for please. No sweet girl. You cannot eat those.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"Hey guys -- hold up a purple potato to show the camera what you guys helped pick in the garden tonight."

No one listening.

Abigail trying to listen but getting confused.

Two kids listening.

Three kids listening but one dropping her potato.

Pretty close.

No smiles, but not bad.

Might be the closest we'll get.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Regular Contractions

It was right around 30 weeks pregnant with Abigail that I started having fairly regularly contractions. (You can read that post here.) They ended up shipping me off to Germany right around 31 weeks, and I remained there until Abigail made her debut at her scheduled C-section date: 39 weeks.

I am still taking some Zofran for nausea on an irregular basis, but basically, the intense morning sickness ended at 27 weeks. However, right around 31 weeks, I started having fairly regularly contractions. They have continued. I basically get them every day. They are worse when I get tired or when I am doing anything strenuous.

The contractions are not too intense. Normally, I can talk through them, but sometimes (like today), they can get intense enough that they sort of stop me in my tracks. JB is not too concerned about these contractions because with Abigail, they did not result in cervical change, and she stuck around until 39 weeks. We are figuring that the same thing is occurring with this little girl. (By the way, she is still nameless. We have a few names we like, but we honestly think it may come down to the "day of" before we make a final decision.)

I tell you what though. I'll take these contractions over nausea any day. I am very uncomfortable a lot of the time and moving slowly, but ohhhhh to not feel like I am going to throw up most of the day -- what an amazing blessing!!

Either way, the Seeligers headed home to the USA today, and the kids and I are making plans to head back to the States in just a few days. We will stay with my parents in South Florida until baby's scheduled C-section on September 5th. (Unless, of course, she decided to come earlier.) JB plans to join us in the USA a few days before the scheduled section. (And hopefully ... she'll wait until Daddy gets there to show up.)

Water balloons!

On Friday, we three ladies decided to have a little party for the kiddos. Carla made cupcakes. (Which Scrubby ate a dozen of while we were at dinner later that evening.) We had juice boxes with our lunch. (That always makes it more "partyish"). And I filled up water balloons. While all the boys played, little Abigail, as usual, stayed close to Mom. Here she is helping me (and my pregnant self). She is so my little shadow.

Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party

We kept things very simple this year. Actually, for Abigail's birthday, simple seems to be our theme. Here's a link to her birthday party last year. With the Seeligers staying here and getting ready to leave for America in about a week, we decided to just do a low-key tiny party at the house. Here was all we did for decorations:

Normally, I'd ask Carla the cake maker to bake a cake. But since she's packed out and her life is in PCS-mode, I went for it myself. Nothing great, but it did the trick!

Yes, my little girl had all boys had her party! (Even the not pictured baby was a boy!)

We forgot to practice the whole blowing out the candle (like we did with Sidge when he was turning two as you can see from this video) ... but Daddy made sure to help her! (I love that first picture. She really gets that people are singing to her.)

Sidge and Abigail helped me decorate cupcakes. They may not have looked all that pretty, but they were a hit.

And so was the ice cream (for Jackson who doesn't like strawberry icing and Isaac who is allergic to eggs).

Here's the little kids at the "kid table":

And the bigger guys commandeering the "big kid" table:

I have realized that a small, simple party, really allows you to enjoy your kiddos much more. We had a fantastic time. The party might have been thirty minutes long, but it was great fun! Here is a video of Abigail opening up her present: a baby doll.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

First sleepover

So last night we had a sleepover. The Seeligers will depart for America on Sunday and so the boys have been asking, and we decided to let them watch the movie Cars and fall asleep in the living room. I didn't snag a single picture from the evening, but I have had these pictures ready to post for some time. A few weeks back, Max and Jackson spent the night. They did great. Abigail came in for a morning photo, but she slept in her crib, otherwise, the boys bunked out on mattresses in our living room and had a grand time.

The Seeligers leave this weekend, we leave next weekend, and Carla and family will leave the weekend after we do. What a great time "vacationing" at our house this past week. The boys played past the point of exhaustion, and we had a wonderful time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Funnies

Last night we had the incredible pleasure to be treated to dinner at Jorge's house. Jorge is Nick and Kristy's landlord, and now, he will be the new doctor's landlord as Josh and Rebekah and their three boys will be moving into Nick and Kristy's house next week. Jorge lives in Angra (the "big" city on the island) in a beautiful house with an incredible view of the coast. Jorge is a professor at the small university here on Terceira island. We ate Portuguese-style lasagna (very different from anything I have had before and very good). We also had alcatra (a slow cooked meat that is very popular here on the island.) Simply delicious!

Like most Portuguese events, they start late. This means the kids are often overtired as things start after their bedtime. (Example: the local children's parade begins at 10pm!) (The Portuguese think that putting your kids to bed before it gets dark is way too early. But it gets dark here right now at 10pm!)

Anyways, during dinner, Sidge was being pretty whiney. I finally told him that if he continued to whine about everything, I would open the van, and he could sit in the van while we ate dinner. "You'll have to sit there by yourself," I told him.

He looked at me and said, "Well Mom. God is always with me so I am never alone."

Touché little boy. Touché.


The other day, one of the families that JB did residency with st Eglin, posted an emotional video of hyrum surprising his family with an early return from Afghanistan. I posted a link to the video on facebook as he is our facebook friend. Well the video has gone crazy online ... Even CNN is featuring it. Check it out here ...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A houseful

So our good friends: Nick and Kristy Seeliger (and their three boys) are scheduled to fly back to the States this weekend. That means it is PCS season for them (permanent change of station.) However, in this case, it's a little different as they are "separating" from the military forever. In other words, they are permanently changing employers! Nick will be taking on a job as a professor/doctor at Tulane in New Orleans, Louisiana.
They had to be out of their house but still had a lot of little things to do: cleaning, spraying, meeting with the landlord etc. Since they live right around the corner from us, they asked if they could stay with us during this week instead of trying to stay at a hotel on Base (TLF or temporary lodging facility). We of course, agreed.
In addition, the new doctor and his wife: Josh and Rebekah (friends of our's from Eglin AFB who have 3 boys of their own) are preparing to move into Nick's job and his house! They will be taking over the beautiful home on the water that Nick and Kristy just moved out of. JB and I have Power of Attorney so we are trying to help facilitate all the details surrounding that.
That means we have 5 little boys at our house and 1 little girl. Nick and Kristy also have 2 dogs. All said and done there are 4 grown-ups, 6 kids, and 3 dogs living at the Casa de Kitsteiner for this week.
In addition, our other good friends: Mike & Carla (and their two boys) are in the process of getting their house ready for their own PCS. They live around the corner from us too. They have already packed out which means their house is basically empty save a few air mattresses and some basic kitchen supplies (and of course the ever-faithful extra boxes that kids can play in.) That means that during the day, they get away from the boredom of their four empty walls by coming to the Casa de Kitsteiner too. That's 8 kids folks!
We've been having a fantastic (albeit a wee bit crazy) time over here. I've kept my activities away from the house to a minimum and have just been hanging with two of my best girlfriends and their families. It's actually been a sort of week-long-summer-vacation for all of us ... a time to just hang out and spend some time together before life takes us all in different directions. The weather has been amazing. Seventies, sunny, with a slight breeze rolling in off the water.
As for me, the kids and I will say good bye to Nick and Kristy and then prepare to head back to America ourselves. Unfortunately, I will be making the trip sans JB. Originally, he was going to accompany me back to the USA, but due to some unforeseen circumstances with work (he is "on call" to make a last minute trip to another continent to serve as a medical doctor for two weeks), I will be going by myself.
I'll write more about that later. But I will note that the Lord has already opened doors and confirmed that I can do this and will do this despite being 34 weeks pregnant with three young children when the flying time rolls around! One of these is realizing that a friend from Turkey (Yay Logan!) lives only 30 minutes from Norfolk (where we hope to be flying into) and can help me get from the military airport to the civilian airport and put us up for the night. (Just a little fingerprint of God!)
Here's a few pictures from our home to your's!

The seven kiddos (baby Liam was taking a nap) eating dinner. They are all such great buds.
The grown-ups. From left: Kristy, Carla (hubby Mike was studying at home), JB, and Nick.

Carla holding Nick and Kristy's baby Liam (a real cutie!)

Me hanging out the laundry. Didn't mean to cover up the pregnant belly, but I did.


My kids don’t need to see a Super Mama.
They need to see a Mama who needs a Super God. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abigail Turns Two

She's hitting that age where she is adding things to her "repertoire" every day.

Fun "Abigailisms" include:
  • Walking around with an old disposable camera at her eye and saying "cheese" to people.
  • Pulling her hands away from her face and saying some version of "boo".
  • Calling herself baby (continually). If she wants something she says: baby's.
  • Raises her hand when asked "Who wants ___?"
  • Riding her bike. (She rides Sidge's old three-wheeler and pushes with her feet just like the boys used to do.)
  • Covering her eyes with her hands when I tell her it's time to put on her pig tails.
  • Requesting the glass to be shut so that she can splash to her heart's content in the bathtub.
  • Pulling up Mommy's shirt when asked, "Where is the baby?"
  • Brushing her teeth. (She goes sprinting to the bathroom whenever this is going to occur.)
  • Sitting on her potty. (She's gone twice, but it is still very random.)
  • Trying to put her own shoes on (and if they are slip on enough, often being successful.)
  • Requesting to wear certain things -- especially dresses.
  • Putting her baby dolls to "bed" in blankets over and over and over again. (Here's a video of her doing just that.)
  • Will stand up and lift her shirt to "pee" with her brothers.
  • Wants to hug people (in her circle) before they leave a visit.
  • Still stays close to Mommy when out and about but has started to wander a bit farther away.
  • Yelling or saying "Lidge or Lijah" for her brother Elijah. Elijah will often say, "Abigail is the only that can call me Elijah. Otherwise my name is Sidge."
  • Putting on her dress high heels and walking around the house.
  • Hanging out with Mommy -- seems to prefer being with the grown-ups over the kids (who are mostly boys) any days.
Words to describe our little girl include:
  • Determined
  • Sporty (Likes to roll a ball, ride a bike, and generally, keep up with the boys around her.)
  • Opinionated
  • Particular (knows what she wants and stays true to it)
  • Girly (loves to put on her high heel dress up shoes, bracelets, etc.)
  • Affectionate (loves hugs and kisses and snuggling and sitting by you)
Words: She's short in the words category, but we aren't worrying too much right now. She has a ton of signs, adds them almost daily, and is using words and new words now and then. She also hears incredibly well and follows commands incredibly well. So we'll give it another six months before we start thinking about "intervention" into our not-so-talkative little lady.
  • Ball
  • Boat
  • Baby
  • Daddy (also uses "Dad")
  • Mommy (also uses "Mom")
  • Cheese
  • Li-Jah (Elijah)
  • Bu-bu (Isaac)
  • Bu-bu (Scrubby)
  • Ba-ba (Pacifier)
  • Doggie (own variation)
  • Granola bar (own variation)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Uh oh
  • Bow
  • Toe
  • Boo
  • Please
  • Claps (for a certain song she likes to watch)
  • Milk
  • Thank you
  • Snack
  • Eat
  • Shoes
  • Bath
  • Help
  • All Done
  • More
I love her hugs, her humor, her personality, and her being my daughter. Her father is absolutely smitten with her. We are so blessed to have this third miracle in our lives. She's going to be a great big sister too!