Saturday, December 30, 2023

Cami & Peyton

The five girl cousins

There are eleven cousins on the Kitsteiner side. Five are girls. Six are boys. These are the five girls. Grace is a junior at UT in Knoxville. I’m so proud of the woman she’s becoming! Then you have my two. The youngest two belong to John’s brother Matt and his awesome wife Dani. Peyton and Cami are Sooo sweet. 

Grama Di and Papa got these girls these jackets for Christmas. I think they are so cute!

Lambs and family

2023-24 Lambs: #6

I’m not sure I will ever tire of seeing new lambs come into the world! It was a very wet and cold day, and I am very sick. Don’t feel good at all. We had to set up a paddock and it clocked me. But it was great to get to see these guys! 

The girls wanted them to be girl lambs because they were so cute. Girl lambs live. Boy lambs are eaten. 

John’s two brothers are in town: Matt and his family and Ray and his family. With Katie living over the mountain we have 4/6 of the Kits here!

Here’s a few pics I snapped of the family: