Friday, December 09, 2016

Friday Funnies

Abigail: "Aunti Bri, so you know the story of Mary and Baby Jesus?"
Bri: "Yes."
Abigail: (Holding up Baby Jesus figurine) "Did he face this way or this way?"

Hannah's Happenings

December 2016
Getting warmed up to go see the piggies on the farm

September 20, 2016
 Swimming at our friend Michelle's house

July 12, 2016
Hannah is always inventing something new that she is that day!

July 15, 2016
Helping us move pallets. Well, getting int he way mostly.

July 15, 2016
Every time I ask her to smile, this is what I get.

July 4, 2016
Yes she put her bike on the table!

July 3, 2016
At long last, Hannah has found something she likes to do (other than just wander around and get into things.) She still won't read many books (although when she does she likes Fancy Nancy) but she is doing puzzles! So wonderful to have something she loves!

July 3, 2016
Hannah came down the stairs like this and when we all acted scared, she said, "I'm sorry I scared you. It was just me."

June 26, 2016
Quick bike ride before bed.

 June 25, 2016
Stay calm ... and fingerpaint

June 6, 2016
The kids did an art project, and Hannah wanted to join them!

May 15, 2016
Going shopping with Daddy.

May 2, 2016

May 1, 2016

April 22, 2016

April 17, 2016
Randomly wearing her sister's church name tag on her forehead and spitting out two Connect Four pieces she had in her mouth.

April 2016
Hannah is off to work (this is a game she loves to play with me!)

April 2016
Hannah returns from work

April 12, 2016
Daddy was taking her out to run errands. Hard to believe but she put this ensemble together totally by herself. Ha!

April 12, 2016
Morning play time!

 April 11, 2016
Cake at the park. This was moments before she tried to put a piece in her mouth that had been in the grass and ended up with a mouthful of ... grass!

 April 5, 2016
Wearing her brothers shoes randomly.

February 20, 2016

February 9, 2016
Hannah has been VERY into reading ... and VERY into "Fancy Nancy." She always picks out girly books to read -- princesses and pink books (and sometimes Mickey Mouse)

February 8, 2016
Showing off her new rings (a present from Grama Di)

January 11, 2015
She created her own dance to the ABC Mouse intro tune. (Her brothers have been teaching her how to play!)

January 9, 2015
Those are mittens on her feet.

January 4, 2016
Don't ask.

January 3, 2016
Yes that is her having climbed up on the dryer to find her own bows for her hair. (Which she removes promptly after putting them in so I am not sure the point is.)

January 2, 2015
Unloading this dishwasher in her choice of attire.

December 25, 2015
With a bunch of her Christmas presents on at one time!

December 21, 2015

December 18, 2015
In preparation for Star Wars, she is wearing her Princess Leia headband from Ms. Patty!

December 16, 2015

December 15, 2016

December 14, 2016
Taking a break after all that getting dressed nonsense!

December 12, 2015
What you do with your stickers from Trader Joe's!

December 11, 2015
Decorating Christmas tree in safari hat and flowery tutu

December 10, 2015
Out of the bath tub clothes including skirt under her dress and two different shoes

December 9, 2015
For some reason she likes to show her belly lately whenever I try to take her picture

October, 2015
Hannah wearing my socks -- which she put on all by herself.

I have decided, as best I can, to include a photo of what Hannah is wearing on any given day. I can't possibly take a picture of everything since she changes clothes dozens of times a day, but I want to remember these pieces she puts together. (Why she lifts her shirt every time I ask her to take a photo is still confusing me.) These may also just include silly predicaments I find her in.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving, my crew and I really look forward to a great family time choosing and decorating our Christmas tree together. Festive music playing, hot cocoa, seasonal decorations around the house and the warmth of a fireplace entice us to get in the Christmas spirit!

Hay ride to the tree plantation

Choosing our Christmas tree... It's hard to decide!

We found the one!

Hubby doing all the hard work! Someone has to take pictures, right? ;)

Tree is all wrapped up and ready to be taken home!

Decorating our tree together

All done!

We love this family tradition: our Acts of Service Christmas count down. Christ came to serve others, not to be served. Each day, our kids are challenged to bless others in some way. We want to instill in them a mindset of giving and serving not only on Christmas, but all year-round, so we use every opportunity to teach them.

If you would like to try this idea, follow this link for a free printable on the number tags.
Then, add in the back of each number simple acts of kindness like these ones: Hold the door for somebody. Write a letter to a deployed soldier. Sit with a new friend at school, etc. Ask your kids for ideas, too!

Family stockings

Christmas cards are starting to arrive!

Can't have Christmas without our Nativity set. Best wedding present ever!

I'd love to see your Christmas decorations this year. Would you share some pictures in the comments below?

17 more days until Christmas! Can't.Wait!