Saturday, April 18, 2015

Because of Isaac Launches Tomorrow!!!

Our fourth Because of Isaac auction launches TOMORROW (Sunday) morning!! Please consider any last minute donations you may have to help raise funds for the adoptions costs of Chris and Renae. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your money goes directly toward the adoption costs of Chris and Renae. Please send any donations (picture and description) to: 

Once the auction is complete, we send you the address of the winner and you mail the item. That's it!! We keep it as simple as possible.

We also need your participation by bidding so click here to see the over 100 items we already have up for auction!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Funnies

JB: "Sidge give me that tape measurer. Tape measurer are not toys."
Sidge: "No, but they sure are fun to play with."


Abigail got five splinters in her foot that I was unable to remove. I sat her up on the counter in the bathroom and told her not to worry.
Me: "When Daddy gets home from work, he's going to get those splinters out of your foot."
Abigail: "We have the best Daddy ever."


Sidge: "Did you know that at one point here were only 22 California Condors left?"
Me: "Wow! And then they got them back?"
Sidge: "Yeah. Do you know where I learned that from?"
Me: "Your Homer program?"
Sidge: "Yep."
Me: "You learn everything from them."
Sidge: "Not exactly."
(Mr. Literal!)


In the bathtub, Abigail splashed a rag around and it flung at my face. I had water drops all over my glasses.
Me: "See what happens when you do that? I get water on my glasses."
Abigail: "Oh."
Me: "Do you see the water on my glasses?"
Abigail: "I don't see it actually. It may be camouflaged."


While preparing to make a trip from the farm back to the house, we asked Sidge who he wanted to drive with -- Papa or Daddy. Sidge sat for a moment, crinkled his face and said, "Who has the best food?"


In the van I discussed with the kids the Bible verse: "The last shall be first and the first shall be last."
Me: "Do you know what that means?
Sidge: "It means that the last shall be first and the first shall be last."


While discussing kindness, I asked the boys for a way we could be kind to another kid that might not be as popular or might be getting picked on a lot.
Me: "What if saw another kid who was always getting picked on. He was the slowest kid and always losing. How could you help?"
Sidge: "We could be .... really ... s-l-o-w!"


Here are a few of the funny things Abigail said to me this week. As her little vocabulary expands, the humor revs up!

  • When referring to hot air balloons: Can we go see the hot air baboons?
  • When talking about her teacher Ms. Hancock: My teacher's name is Ms. Handcuffs.
  • When asking again if she can get ears pierced: I really want to get my ears peeled.
  • While being kicked by Abigail: Hannah keeps kicking me. I just can't deal with it.
  • While trying to ask me how many miles it is to her speech class: How many aisles is it to speech?
  • When I told Abigail she asked a lot of questions: I know. Girls talk a lot.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Triathlon time!

I've been training to run another triathlon the past few months. My race is schedule for May 9th. It is a 5K run, 17 mile bike, and 1/2 mile swim.

But I got wind of another race THIS Sunday and have decided to participate. It is shorter than my May 9th race, and I feel like it will be good practice for the bigger event.

No big surprise, I am fighting feet injury. My body just doesn't handle a lot of running well. JB is telling me to watch it as it appears I have some achilles tendonitis setting in. So I'm cutting back on my running and really focusing on the biking and swimming for a bit.

I'm really excited to get to do TWO races. Once we get to the farm, training for the swim portion will be very difficult so this is definitely the last time I will get to do this for quite some time.

Can't wait!

We Bought a Farm: We Have Named our Farm!

It is impossible for me to share the "full version" of our family farm. 

One of those reasons is, the vision is still very big, and we don't know exactly which directions things will move. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of dreams, but we also know that God will direct our steps. We plan to wait on him to show us exactly where we should go.

The other is that a lot of the vision is in my husband's brain, and because he knows my brain holds explosion possibilities if too much information is presented to said brain, he limits how much I know. Or he tells me, and knowing I can't hold that information, I let it slide ride back out.

But one of the things we have definitely had a vision for is using this land to educate. We want other people to be able to share in this land both in enjoyment and learning.

An opportunity arose for JB to host a conference on the farm in September and after a lot of discussion between the two of us, we decided to go for it. On September 25 and 26, a very prominent permaculture speaker, Greg Judy, will be coming to our land to speak on "Risk Free Ranching -- Starting from Scratch." This course is truly designed for beginners. (JB tells me that even I could sit in on the course which is really saying something.)

I encourage you to visit this link to check out the course details and costs. Even if you don't want to attend, it will give you an idea of the types of things we plan to do on the land.

But even cooler is that embedded within this link is the new NAME of our farm. YES! WE HAVE NAMED THE FARM! I'll do a post on it at some later time, but for now, scan away to find the name for yourself.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Piece of Work

Oh this little munchkin of mine!

I finally snapped a photo that I felt accurately illustrates what we see everyday in our Tennessee home. I've just never felt like she comes through in pictures. This shot combines the mischievousness, sweetness, silliness, and exhaustion that is present in one little ball of Hannah Joy.

She is talking up a STORM -- repeating nearly every word we say. She's stringing words together rapidly as well. We had to take down the gate blocking the stairs because she was climbing it so easily. She loves her big siblings, and they are completely smitten with her in return. (Although they do call her the "human destructo.")

She is such a challenge to me every day, but she truly makes my heart burst with joy to be able to call her my daughter. JB and I often remind each other that she was frozen for eight years! She has a lot of pent up energy to make up for.

It is hard to believe that ten years of trying to have a baby resulted in one successful IVF.

And that one successful IVF is Hannah.