Sunday, December 10, 2017

What are you expecting?

Our pastor has been doing a series entitled "What are you expecting?" Today he spoke from the passage with Abraham and Sarah and the promise of a son. Pastor Scott reminded me that they were promised a son twenty-five years before he actually came. Can you imagine?

This flashed me back to early on in our infertility struggle. I was in a bad place and suffering quite a bit. I came home, and my uber practical and logical husband had set up a visual illustration for me (since I am a visual learner of course.) He used pennies to symbolize how long some famous people in the Bible had been waiting for their promises. Take a look at this for some perspective:

There's piddly ol' me over there on the right having waited 18 months. (Of course, by the time we adopted Isaac we would be at the five year mark.) And there is Sarah. Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

What are you waiting for? Don't lose hope. God is present. He hears you. Keep praying. Keep trusting. Keep hoping. Keep ... waiting.

Saturday, December 09, 2017


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We Bought a Farm: I Love the food we are making!

Our friend Michelle K. recently bought two of our turkeys and some of our lamb. This week she sent us a comment on our Facebook page thanking us for our meat. I love that people recognize it is about TASTE and the treatment of the animals. Both are hugely important to us. We truly like to say that our animals will only have one bad second in their life. (P.S. as always, I greatly respect you if you choose to be a vegetarian, but being as we are raising meat on our farm, I won't get into a debate about it!)

Here's the note from Michelle:

I love cooking this time of year. Mostly because the hard work is done and all I have to do is get creative with the leftovers. Last night was left over Turkey PotPie. Tonight we was Lamb Pie with leftover potatoes and veggies. I’m also love that I’m cooking with meat from John Kitsteiner and Wendi Kitsteiner.

On Thanksgiving as I was preparing the bird Alli was watching and asking questions, “What’s that?” Why are you doing that?” And as she puzzled she came to the big question. “How did it die?”

Now I won’t argue with anyone who choses not to eat meat because it is always a question of humane treatment. But for me it was so amazing in that moment to know beyond a doubt that this animal was treated well it’s whole life. That it was raised in the fresh air with children running around and when the came time it was respected. It was wonderful to answer her honestly about how it lived and died. Thanks guys. What you are doing is so very important.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Baklava day!!!

Today, Duygu taught mom how to make Turkish baklava!!! It is so fun having Duygu here and getting all this fantastic culture and reminders of the life we lived in Turkey. My favorite place to get baklava there was in Tarsus. Yum!!!

It's also fun because Duygu doesn't cook much at home. She lives in Istanbul, and her mother does all the cooking. So while she has watched this cooked a lot, this was her first attempt herself! 

We are found to be freezing batches for guests. So if you come to the farm, maybe you'll get lucky and eat some baklava with us. 

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sometimes when it rains ...

... it pours.

I consider myself a healthy person. And I rarely get sick. But I have found myself clobbered this last month.

First I had what appeared to be the flu (although we passed on a test since it was going to cost about $160 to know for sure.) Then I had a four day period of hormonal migraines followed by a really tough cold.

But the cold finished, and I thought I could finally pick myself up. But then I had these really swollen lymph nodes that knocked me on my tail. And this morning, when I asked JB to check them out he said, "I am pretty sure you have abscess!" In my neck!

I tell you what, I am very cautious with things I call painful. I had a dry socket which was 10 out of 10 pain for me. I also hemorrhaged after Sidge's birth and had to have the doctor climb on top of me to stop the bleeding after just having a c-section. That was definitely 10 out of 10 as well. So I don't easily give away high numbers for pain.

I remember when I had my appendicitis, and they asked me for a number. I told them 5. Maybe 6. John said, "Wendi, you are in a lot of pain!" and I said, "I know. But I've felt a 10. This is not a 10."

If John gets a patient in who claims their pain is a "10" ... well they better not have gone through a drive-thru or be texting on their phone. The number 10 means you are begging God for help. You are writhing. You can't see straight. And you are trying to figure out ways to end the madness.

Anyways, this abscess. I will actually say I hit an 8 a few mornings ago. I couldn't function at all. It was horrible. It also explains why I have still wanted to rest a lot and been exhausted. I had an infection! Ugh!

So I skipped our homeschool Christmas party this evening and am laying low with my family. The pain is now very manageable, and I opted to start on a course of antibiotics instead of subjecting myself to the radiation and cost of a CT-scan. We therefore can't be positive that it is an abscess.

I'm really hoping after this run, things slow down. I don't find it a coincidence that this corresponds with a new Bible study I have been doing with some other moms online. I've been really reconnecting with God, and I believe in spiritual battles. Just hanging on and trusting!

Your prayers are appreciated!

P.S. The post below: "Hannah's Clothes" fell off my radar during all this. So I'll try to follow her with a camera another day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A day in Hannah's clothes changes

I have tried to do this a few times without success. So I am trying it again today. I decided to take a photo every single time Hannah changes clothes throughout the day. Here we go:

7:30am She gets out of bed (where she sleeps in just underwear) and puts on this pajama dress. I took this picture in the dark so that's as good as you are going to get.

7:45am She changes into this outfit. I think that is a headband going around her waist. She will not look at the camera because she is very upset by how the pants are fitting. They aren't hitting her leg the way she wants.

7:46am She decides to go find a different pair of pants. She comes up with this pair which make her equally unhappy because they are too baggy. I make her take this picture, and she is really upset with me about it.

7:47am She finds these grey pants which were the ones she wanted from the beginning. They hit her leg exactly like she likes. (I think the trick is that they have to be "legging" style and hit her leg right at the ankle.)

11:30am Hannah goes and changes into this outfit because she was "too hot."