Sunday, August 02, 2015

We are in Vermont!

On Friday evening, the boys and I drove down to Knoxville which is a little over an hour from here. We spent the night at a fairly dumpy hotel that allowed us to park our van there for a week and take a shuttle to and from the airport all for about $60!

We ate dinner at Chik-fil-A and then turned in early to get ready for our big trip:

On Saturday morning, we took the shuttle to the airport and boarded our flight to D.C. We actually got to see the Washington Monument from the window before heading downstairs and preparing to take our second flight. I took this picture of the boys and said, "Isn't it cool I dressed you alike?" They looked down at their clothes and said, "Oh you did! Isn't that cool?" They hadn't even noticed!

Two planes later we were making our descent into Burlington. Here are the boys getting excited about seeing their Joni:

 And then Sidge took the lead and busted through a group of people to get to Joni:

As soon as we finished the two hour drive to Roy and Joni's house on the lake, the boys excitedly opened their new water guns and took right off to play:

Sidge wanted to go out with Joni in the "Cailou" as he keeps calling it!

They even took the Kayak out to the raft so Sidge could see where he can go swimming:

Not a fan of cold water, Roy and Isaac chilled out on shore:

Sidge wanted to play more in the water so I went out with him. (He does not like to do ANYthing without a buddy. I'm not sure what he would do without Isaac):

We came inside and had some delicious lasagna and ice cream. There was just enough time to play a little with Andre Agassi and play a little ping-pong:

And then both boys collapsed in bed. It was a long day!

Sunday Sermon

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Great time with great friends

Oh what a fabulous time we had with our friends John and Becky and their two amazing little boys! Here are a few pictures of our time together:

Joshua and Abigail playing play dough.

The four kiddos ready to watch "How to Train your Dragon"

Sweet picture of Jonah and Hannah. 

Helping feed the pigs.

Hannah being ... herself.

We went to a local playground one morning and stopped at a museum playroom that my former teacher had introduced me to once before. The kids loved it!
A picture Becky took of the sheep, free-ranging in our yard.

Here is a family picture I stole off of Facebook. I am so blessed this wonderful family will only be four hours for us! I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of them around these parts!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Funnies

JB: "You are a monkey!"
Abigail: "Daddy, no. I'm a people."
JB: "You are?"
Abigail: "Well, actually I am a who-man."


Hannah brought me, as she does every morning, a fruit snack, and tried to convince me it was for breakfast. When I said she couldn't have it she replied, "Oh my gosh," and walked away.

Because of Isaac Fundraiser

We are so excited about a new fundraiser we have at Because of Isaac.
ALL you have to do is click on the link below and sign up to receive a Fish Flix newsletter. Fish Flix  is run by my friend Jake and his family, and it is a Christian distributor of Christian Movies. For every single person who signs up for their newsletter, Because of Isaac's couples will receive a $1 donation from Fish Flix . That's it!! There is no catch!
I am asking EVERYONE I know to please share this with their friends. Not only does BOI get a $1 donation, but you get a free $10 coupon to spend in their online store.
Let's see how much money we can bring in to BOI just by signing up for their newsletter!

We Bought a Farm: Visitors

This post will help us remember all the people who have visited our farm in Eastern Tennessee.

Our very first visitors to the farm EVER were my childhood friend Michelle and her family. They actually met us there while we were farm-shopping and because we thought there was a good chance we were going to buy this particular farm, we took them to see it!

November 2014
The next person to see the farm was my Mom! They came to see us in Central TN, and she and I took the girls and took a day trip over to the farm so I could show it to her.

December 2014
Next up was my brother and his family. On the tail end of their Christmas visit, we took a two-day jaunt over to the farm to show it to them. Oh what fun the kiddos had all playing outside together. Looking forward to MANY more wonderful farm trips.

January 2015
Next up was my cousin's wife, Briana -- one of our BOI couples and a dear friend. We really hope we can talk her and her husband into living out there on the farm with us someday. They totally share our vision!

February 2015
While I wasn't there for her visit, my sister-in-law Katie took a trip out with my mother-in-law on their way to North Carolina.

April 2015
My Dad visits the farm on our last trip there before final move in!

June 2015
Our niece and nephew: Grace and Nate joined us for a week on the farm. Their parents came and picked them up and spent a night as well. They were our first "real" visitors now that we actually live here!

June 2015
On their way to their home in New Jersey, my beautiful friend Claire, whom I met in the Azores, stopped by for a few hours to have lunch and see our farm. She is such a sweet and wonderful woman and she will definitely be a life-long friend. (Her family is pretty great too which includes her husband Frank and kiddos!)

June 2015
My brother and his two girls drive up and spend four days hanging out with us. The kids have a blast with their cousins!

June 2015
One of my Wifia friends from Eglin AFB, Sarah, came to visit with her two daughters: Morgan (pink dress) and Della (far right.) I haven't seen her since 2010. How wonderful it is to get back to the USA and to get to see all these great people.

June 2015
Veronica, who lived with us in Turkey and helped me when I had to storknest in Germany awaiting Abigail's birth, came out to visit us. It was so wonderful to see how she still just "fits' so well with our family. It had been three years, but it didn't feel like that at all. She will always be a special part of our family!

July 2015
My cousin Ryan, and his wife Briana, come to visit us on the farm. They definitely didn't really vacation ... we put them to week the whole week but completed a guinea hen home and a guest room while they are here.

July 2015
Our friends from Eglin AFB, Eric and Andrea, pop in for a morning while in town for a family reunion. So wonderful to connect with friends who were like family to us.

July 2015
The Connors family came to stay with us for four days on their way from moving from Arizona to North Carolina. We are hopeful that the 4 hour distance means we will get to see a lot of them!

We Bought a Farm: Losing a Goose

I think we are going to have to put a goose down, and it is tearing me up.

He can't walk. He did something to his leg. JB was hopeful that maybe he dislocated it. He tried to put it back in last night. But this morning he is even worse than he was last night.

I am so sad.

I knew this would happen. I tried to prepare myself for losing an animal, but I just knew it would be so painful when it actually happened.

I am relieved because the boys and I are leaving for Vermont today. We are going to spend a few glorious days with Joan and Roy. I am relieved because I won't be here when JB has to do it.

I have told him in no uncertain terms that I will never be a part of watching any of our animals have their "only bad day."

So sad right now.

And I have no idea how to tell the kids.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Homeschool freebie

These are going int the wall (if I can find one!) in our school room. Enjoy!

Book Review: The Beginner's Bible Wild About Creation Sticker and Activity Book

Oh how my little girl loved this sticker and activity book featuring the classic art from The Beginner's Bible.

Priced at a very appropriate $3.99, this 16-page book is a perfect little "stocking stuffer" or gift for the Easter basket. In its pages, the wonders and joys of nature come to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and stickers in The Beginner's Bible Wild About Creation Sticker and Activity Book.

This book could be used by children as young as 3 and old as 8 or 9, but I think it really targets children in the 4-6 category.

The pages are colorful, the activities clear and fun. You will love sending this to a special child in your life!

***Book Look Bloggers sent me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.