Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sidge is Seven

I'll use the phrase every parent uses on every birthday. "I can't believe he's seven already." I definitely feel this way. No doubt about it. I cannot even fathom that the biological child I never thought I would have and then thought I would lose on the day of his birth, is now a healthy, thriving seven year old!

Yes we named him Elijah, but he has now taken Sidge as, what we believe will be his permanent nickname. "I'm Elijah, but I go by Sidge," is his favorite phrase. (This stems from Isaac calling him "Sidge-uh" when they were little and he couldn't pronounce Elijah correctly.)

He is passionate. Strong. Eats a ton. He has a heart so soft it melts your own. He will tear up from happiness or sadness so easily, but then quickly move on to the next thing. He is incredibly intelligent, a lover of animals, and the bearer of questions deeper than anything I've ever contemplated. He is passionate about the farm. Passionate about Lego. Passionate about Star Wars. He has made us so happy with his incredibly sweet disposition, snuggly exterior, and beautiful heart. 

This also begins the five months of having two boys the same age in our house. Two seven years old until May 7!

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