Friday, November 25, 2005

This Blog has a Cool Title

Jason, this title is for you. Also, I just wanted to let people know that when I get back to Minnesota, I will have some fantastic pictures for you and they will include Jason, for sure.

We arrived at Chicago on Wednesday evening after a NINE hour drive. (It usually takes six). We met Josh, Sarah and Tyler, Bob and Mary, and Justin at Culvers for custard and then stayed up way too late talking to Josh and Sarah at home.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday at Kings' Community Church. There was plenty of space to eat, play games, watch movies on the big screen TV, and just have a great time together. I'll let the pictures tell the story later.

John is going to see Harry Potter this afternoon with Justin and Sarah and I are about to go hit the sales at the Christian Bookstore.

I took some fantastic pictures (if I do say so myself) and plan to put them on as soon as possible.

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