Saturday, January 09, 2010

Coldness (& more)

  • I have decided the best thing about the cold weather. It makes being a poop-picker-upper in the backyard much more pleasant. Sorry if that is too much information, but it is true. Frozen poop is actually quite nice. Much easier to pick up than poop when the weather is hot.
  • What isn't quite nice is JB's flowers out front. Frozen solid. He thinks they all died. Unfortunately he has planted flowers here that are supposed to not ever have a freeze, and, well, we had a freeze. More than one of them actually.
  • Elijah is off the bottle! It happened more accidentally. I was just giving him a cup to practice, and he stopped wanting the bottle. We also plan to switch to whole milk when our current supply of formula is depleted. Wow! Hard to believe my 20 months of bottles and formula is about to come to an end.
  • Isaac is talking soooo much. Honestly, there is no way now that we could count his words because everyday he comes up with a few more. He has also been stringing two word phrases together quite a bit. "No way" and "Bless you" (after a new sneeze) are new favorites and this morning he came up with "Mommy's seat" for the seat that I am sitting on right now by the computer! Yesterday he learned to say "Earth" and he is also doing fantastic on his shapes. He has "oval" and "diamond" down pat but a circle is still a ball. He knows the words "red", "green", "blue", and "yellow" but the matching of them with the correct color still seems a bit random.
  • I am currently MAD at American Airlines. When we took that trip to Colorado in November, they gave us two vouchers for free tickest. However, what they gave us turns out to be a receipt for the voucher, not the voucher itself. But this is, mind you, all they gave us. American Airlines says that the voucher is not electronic and if we lost it, we are out of luck! But we didn't lose it. We have what they gave us which is not the right thing. Grrrr . . .
  • Scrubs and Elijah are starting to play rings together. Scrubs will hold his ring, Elijah will grab the other end, and Scrubs will ever-so-gently start tugging. Scrubs has been more infatuated then usual with his toys ... bringing them out all the time. And I think that's because Elijah wants to play with him and the toys together.
  • I am now headed out to a shower for a friend here! I am excited to have an afternoon out with the girls. What a great husband I have to let me spend time away from all my boys.
  • I wanted to end this post by asking you all to pray for my friend Leina. Her father passed away suddenly this past week. Leina is a childhood friend and someone I have stayed in touch with over the years. Your prayers for her and her family would be most appreciated.

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