Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday was our first MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of the semester. I have to admit that last year, while I thoroughly enjoyed MOPs, I didn't find it very applicable with Isaac and Elijah being so young. But this year, now that I truly have two toddlers, I am finding the encouragement and fellowship irreplaceable. Our table leader, Nancy, is amazing, and I enjoy the other women immensely.

They originally had Isaac and Elijah in a different class, but now they are in a class together. I have to admit that this brings me great comfort. I really feel better knowing they have each other. In addition, I also successfully walked the kids to nursery yesterday. They ask that you do not bring your strollers into the children's building. So I take the stroller into the lobby and then usually, some wonderful person recognizes my plight and volunteers to help me get them to their class. But yesterday, I declined Nancy's invitation to help, and went after it myself! Success! I had to carry Elijah (he had no desire to follow me), but Isaac held my hand the entire time as we walked to the room, and they both ran in without looking back once we arrived.

Another admission. I am really not that into kids' clothes. My friends tell me this is because I have boys. You pull out a shirt, you pull out a pair of pants and wa-la! ... you have an outfit. (Although JB repeatedly reminds me that men do not wear "outfits.") (What do you call them then?)(The people who work at the men's shop I have been in call them "concepts.") (I think this sounds way worse than an "outfit.")

Anyways. Yesterday, I had a good time putting together two little outfits since it was pretty chilly and we needed to layer. While I felt successful times two at the clothing, I was not successful in obtaining a picture of the boys wearing them. Elijah was willing but Isaac thought I was clearly out of my mind.

The green shirt Elijah is wearing is from my Aunt Linda. The undershirt is from my friend Michelle. (A hand-me-down from her son.) His shoes are Isaac's old shoes. His pants were from my Mom's friend Wendy.

Isaac is wearing his bus shirt that Joni bought him. He has recently begun asking to wear the bus shirt as often as possible. In fact, he prefers to only wear shirts that have some sort of automobile or animal or Disney character on them. Anything else is quickly rejected. I got his shoes at a consignment shop as


Jennifer said...

I am currently expecting a son (I already have a 4 year daughter) and I have found that I am using a lot less closet space with this one. There really aren't many options for little boys!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very Handsome! It looks like you even got Elijah's hair combed. Good Job!

Joy Z said...

They look great in their outfits! Sorry JB, it is still outfits, even for the guys. You can refer to them however you like, but we ladies can still be perfectly acceptable in calling them "outfits". ;-)