Thursday, January 07, 2010


JB should be home in a few minutes. Dinner is done -- for the boys that is. JB and I will eat together after they go to bed. Baths are done. Diapers are on. PJs are on. Dog is fed. When JB gets home tonight, he'll get a few minutes with the boys before we put them to bed.

Surprisingly, things are quiet right now. Post baths, the boys are playing nicely together in their room. I can hear them on the monitor.

And then, tomorrow, is his last day of this rotation. It's been a rough one. A tough one. One of the hardest since residency began. We both think so. Hard for him. Hard for me. Thank goodness for Joni.

But today. Today was a good day. My first day back in the groove of single mommydom went fantastically. I got a run in. I got break-time. What more can I ask?

I have decided that, for now, I will let Elijah sleep when Elijah needs to sleep. I sooo appreciate everyone's advice, but it just appears to me that the boy needs about 3-4 hours of sleep during the day and letting him get it when he seems to need it will result in a happier Elijah and some more one-on-one time with the boys. Yes, it may mean I will lose my one period of alone time for me, but I am just going to take that day by day.

And today went, beautifully. Check it out for yourself! A quick overview:

7am Both boys wake up (change, bottles, play etc.)
8am Breakfast
9am Elijah goes down for a nap
11am With Elijah up for a nap we go to the park, for a run (at long last!), and play in the driveway! The weather is great
12:30pm A late lunch
1:00pm Isaac goes down for a nap
2:00pm Elijah does down for his second nap
4:00pm Elijah gets up (A two hour break! Enough time for a nap for me AND a shower!)
4:30pm Isaac gets up
5:15pm Dinner
5:45pm Baths

. . . and now we are just waiting for Daddy.

P.S. Oh, and the big news. It is supposed to rain all night. It is also supposed to get into the low 30's. There is a possibility of, believe it or not, snow!!! Of course it won't stick but wouldn't that be something! I move to Florida and ... it snows! Ha!


mom h said...

Wendi, it snowed the winter I was pregnant with you!! Could not believe it. I guess every 30 years isn't bad!! Glad you had a good day. Kiss my boys!

Blah, Blah, Blah! said...

I think this is so friend lives in an area that usually does not receive snow. Yesterday, however, all reports looked like the snow was on its way and would, without a doubt, be in their area in the morning. Well, her son came home all excited. He said that his teacher told the class that if they would all go home and flush an ice cube down the toilet, it would be snowing when they woke up for school. I can just imagine how powerful those first graders felt today!!

Gabbs said...

The forecast for Orlando is calling for snow and/or sleet. How crazy is that?

Did it ever actually snow?