Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Isaac funny

I have only one "issue" that I usually have to deal with Isaac about. That, is his frustration with Elijah. I don't blame him entirely. Elijah follows him everywhere. He wants to play with everything Isaac has. And as a result, Isaac has resorted to yelling and pushing on occasion to try to get some space from Elijah.

After trying many different things to fix this, including time-outs (which Isaac thought were great fun) I have started requiring Isaac to say he is sorry to Elijah. I say to him, "Isaac, say you are sorry to Elijah." He then pats Elijah's stomach and says "Sowwy."

After that I say, "When we say no to Elijah, we need to say it nicely please."

Last night I realized that after I say this, Isaac has started saying "it nicely" while he rubs his own belly for please. I guess he is saying "it-nicely-please."

My sweet boys.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

It must be a younger Irish Twin thing! B has always been the same way with his barely older sister. She still has to ask for her own space! :) So nice when they can use their "big girl/boy words" and talk things out and express their needs, desires and feelings with one another! You have that (and many other joys) to look forward to! :) Love ya

AW said...

Hahaha! It's like us when we tell JK to say please the proper way:

JK: Please? (wanting a cookie)

We want him to say, "I want a cookie please..."

Me: Say the whole thing.

JK: The whole thing please.

LOL...silly boys. Aren't they great? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a boy momma.