Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my JB

We had hoped to go to the Gulfarium sometime in January since it is half-price for locals. This is a big tourist attraction from April until August, when Destin is overrun by tourists. But now that it is the off-season, we hoped to finally take our own field trip. The weather, however, has not cooperated. It has repeatedly stepped in and dictated our ability to go. Until today that is. We had hoped for about a week now that we could go on the 24th, to celebrate JB's birthday. Last night we checked the weather and it called for rain all day. But when 9am rolled around and it wasn't raining and the forecast had been altered to bring in the rain a bit later, we decided to go. The boys are still very young and much more interested in walking around and climbing on things. But we did catch a couple of the shows. It was also nice since it was so empty. There were probably ten people there in total. I am still fighting with my migraines, but I figured why fight with them at home when I can fight with them doing some fun.

Despite the fact that it was JB's birthday, he gave me some time off this evening so I could attend a shower for another residency wife, Grace. Now we are closing up his birthday day with sushi (for John not me) and the movie Up which we have wanted to see for some time.

I wanted to conclude this blog with a picture, stolen yet again, from the famous Joia's blog. She took some pictures of the boys when she watched them yesterday. Look at this one below. I think I have to get this one framed. What a keeper!

I love my boys. And I love JB. Thank you for being my absolute best friend. You are an amazing husband and father. Hard to believe I have been your girlfriend and wife for sixteen years! And every year is just better than the last. I love sweetheart!

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Jess said...

Oh, I love the Gulfarium! It's good for little ones imo...not as overwhelming as some aquariums/zoos! Our kids were a little older than your boys last Sept, I think, but they loved the shows! And Ethan still sleeps with a stuffed sea lion from the gift shop there! :) Glad you had a good time!