Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good in mundane

Sometimes, when your day is pretty ordinary, I find it can be difficult to see good. You think of the frustrating things that happened. Or the annoying. But good? In mundane? Harder to see I think.

Yesterday. Friday. I decided to make a point in my day to note the good things that happened despite the fact that my day was mundane. Some of these good things included:

  • Scrubs monster throw-up occurred in the kitchen. And not on a kitchen rug. But on the tile! Scrubs has a knack for placing himself over carpet or at the very least, a rug, when he feels the need to upchuck. Tile is a rarity, and a blessing!
  • Isaac and Elijah playing peek-a-boo in the curtains together. Laughing. Giggling. So what if it is was followed by huge tears when Elijah fell into the wall.
  • Shots that resulted in very little crying. Isaac cried for about 30 seconds. Elijah, honestly, grunted a bit and considered that adequate. They climbed back into their stroller as if nothing had happened within moments.
  • Nap overlap. I didn't even see it coming. I didn't think they would overlap. But a surprise siesta from Elijah gave me 45 minutes to bake some brownies.
  • Aaaah brownies. That deserves their own bullet.
  • I purchased the brownies because the boxes were buy one get one free at Publix. I bought one for our dinner last night and one to cook and send to my buddy Kelsey who is studying at the convent in Nashville.
  • New friends and old friends. Two wives from the residency program (one year behind JB) came over for dinner Friday evening. JB cooked Indian including naan from scratch. I know Kara pretty well, but I have only met Grace a few times. They have a lot in common right now as their husbands are both on the icky Pensacola rotation. And they are both expecting little ones. I had them over to let them go through my baby stuff. I was able to bless them with quite a few things "on loan." It was hard to see the stuff go. A bit emotional since we don't know if we will ever use them again. But it felt good to clean up nonetheless.

And the happy things continued today. John had to go to Westwood (the nursing home his clinic works with) this morning for an admission. When he got home, he let me take an hour nap, then he went and worked out, and when he got home, he gave me three hours all to myself.

First I went to Old Navy. I have decided that in this new phase of my life, I need some casual wear. Shirts that I can wear around the house that aren't frumpy or worn. So Old Navy seemed like a logical choice. It was an awesome choice! I managed to purchase: six shirts for me, one jacket for the boys, and two pair of pants for the boys for: $19.67. I kid you not! Nearly everything was between $1-$3. I heart old Navy!

Then I stopped at Target for a few things (all on gift certificates) and then I went to the workout facility on Base to run since it has been rainy all day long. What a wonderful break! And what a minimal amount of money I spent as well.

Anyways, off to go put away my new clothes. Hip hip hurrah for small blessings and trying to find the good in the mundane.


Rachel and Hans said...

It's supposed to rain this week here...maybe Kaia and I need to check out the Old Navy that is close by! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite time of the year for shopping. :D

Anonymous said...

I love naan! I made it once in a super hot oven, and should really try it again.

What you get done in three hours' free time is amazing.

Laura from HP

Gabbs said...

There was a mistake with your blog. It should have read that you bought 4 boxes of brownies. One to make at home, one to send to Kelsey, one to keep for later and one to make for your favorite 5' tall brunette sis in law!

Jess said...

I love ON. I can also sometimes find good deals at Gap when things are on sale, and the fact that their shopping carts are together online make it so easy! And free shipping for cardmembers. Lovely. Esp since we live an hour from anything. :)

They have a lot of clothes that are good for SAHM's! :) And their kids clothes, we buy everything from there for the kids. They're what I call "real people clothes" and yet pretty reasonably priced!