Friday, January 22, 2010

Scrubby's (not in) the howse

Whenever we are on our way home from something (ex. church), Isaac will sit in his carseat and say: "Bubby?" I will then tell him that yes, we are going to see Bubby. Then he will say "howse?" and I will say that, yes, Bubby is in the "howse." [Sometimes I break into a rap which goes something like: Bubbys in the howwwseee but that's not something I want the whole world to know.]

Yesterday, the boys' found their way into Bubby's little howse (aka his kennel). Turned my back for a second and there they were, partying in Scrubby's little howse. Scrubs was standing outside the kennel just looking at me like "what are they doing in my kennel? Can't I have even one thing that is just mine?" Scrubs hasn't been using the kennel much anymore as he's been behaving quite well in the kitchen when we leave and not needing discipline much either. But it is still his.

Anyways, I snapped a few pictures of the event before shoo-ing them out of the laundry room yet again.

They even brought "their" milk cup in. I say "their" because now that they are both on milk and both on the cup, even though I assign the ones with handles to Elijah, they are swapped continually all day long.

Isaac even said "Buh bye" and shut the gate on me.

But they did listen well when I told them it was time to give Scrubby back his "howse."

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grama di said...

awwwww I love my boys!