Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 in Review

Well folks. The year 2009 has come to a close. And with it, so many memories. What a year it has been. Here are just a few glimpses back into the last year of our life.


We spend our last few days together as a family of three as we anxiously await the arrival of Isaac's little brother.

On the last day of January, after waiting nearly ten minutes to breathe on his own, Elijah Luke opens his lungs. Our world will never be the same. Praise the Lord for miracles beyond what we could ever hope or believe.

My mom joins us for the weekend to welcome Elijah's arrival.

Mom K. joins us for two weeks. An amazing blessing as we could never have done what was about to come without her.

My great friend Bobbie joins us for delivery day and holds down the prayer fortress with my two Moms when things appear to be going so badly with Elijah's birth.

Isaac and Elijah meet for the first time. We prayed for one little boy. Somehow, someway, we have two. We are overwhelmed with joy.

I won't be coming home nearly as quickly as we hoped. An illus (check out all that air on my right side) takes over my body completely shutting down my bowels. Mastitis, C-diff, and endometritus follow. JB spends one of his vacation weeks in the hospital where he works while his Mom holds down the fort with Isaac and Scrubs at home.

I come home, filled with air, and our three boys are together for the first time. Upon my discharge, I actually weight 11 pounds more than when I entered the hospital to deliver Elijah.

Dave and Lesley come to visit!

Upon my Mother-in-law's need to return to her home, Joanie drives up to replace her as I am unable to lift anything (including Isaac) for six weeks.

Our little Isaac has his long-awaited surgery on his ear. The doctors do a FABULOUS job!


JB completes his first half-marathon!

Tara comes to visit, and we spend a day at Seaside.

My brother and his wife welcome their daughter Charleigh.

My Mom joins us for JB's two weeks of nights.


My Aunt Allyson and her daughter Katie vacation in Destin with some friends. We get to spend some time with them during their vacation.


Isaac turns one! We have a party at McDonald's. Isaac is really sick for the festivities but we still have a great time.

Grama K. (And Gabbi and her kids) join us for the birthday weekend.

Joanie returns for a visit.

We venture to Kentucky and then to New York City for our friend Ajit's wedding. Quite an adventure with our two little guys!

JB holds down the fort with Isaac while Elijah and I travel to Chicago to visit my ailing Grama H.

End of second year residency banquet. Can it be? Our husbands are now third and final year residents. JB is named Chief Resident.

Joan and Bri come to spend some time with us.


The three cousins are together for the first time to celebrate the 4th of July weekend.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Danielle visit. We love these guys!

Our family heads to Colorado as JB attends a conference in Snowmass. We spend the week with Kelsey and say good bye to her as she heads to a convent in Tennessee.


JB's brother Ray and his family come in for a visit.


I take a trip to Chicago ... my first time away from both my boys, for my dear Grandmother's funeral. Joia watches all four kids so that I can take this trip and JB has the boys for the weekend.


A trip to the Pumpkin patch ushers in Fall.

We head to Fort Lauderdale on Halloween so we opt. out of costumes and trick-or-treating. Scrubs however, is not so fortunate.


We spend a few days visiting our family in South Florida before we leave the boys and head off to Mexico for a week together.

Despite a tragedy while in Mexico, JB and I have a wonderful week together and really have the opportunity to reconnect after five years of infertility and a whirlwind year becoming the parents of two new little boys.

Keenan makes us a family of five (and a dog) for five days when Philip and Joia entrust him to us so they can make a trip to Nevada. We have a wonderful (and very busy) time!

The Kits (including Grant, Elizabeth and Ray and his fam) join us for Thanksgiving. What a wonderful celebration. Brandon and Brittny let us use their home making it a perfect holiday!

My grandparents finally get to meet both of our little boys as they (and my parents) join us for Christmas.

Well there you have it. 2009 in pictures. Here is a link to our 2008 in pictures -- the first year I did this. I hope to make it a "Defrosting Polar North" tradition. Hope you had a wonderful 2009 everyone!

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Loved the year in review!!Wow, what a very busy year full of all kinds of blessings!! May God Bless your precious family in the year 2010! N and T