Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So the verdict is in. Our little Isaac, after a test today at the allergist, has proven that he is, yes indeed, quite allergic to eggs.

Isaac was quite a trooper. We took his shirt off and he sat on my lap facing me. He then got three pricks in the back. He didn't cry, just sat there and played with me for the next four minutes. They said it would be twenty minutes, but when they checked on him at the four minute mark, they said that the allergy was already quite pronounced. Well, at least I didn't have to try to entertain him without him rubbing his itchy back on anything for sixteen more minutes.

When the doctor came in to do the heart, ears, mouth, etc. tests, Isaac stood in front of him. He let the doctor test away. He never really cried but his eyes were filled with tears and his lip pushed out in a pout the whole time. Despite that he wanted to stand and not sit on my lap and allowed the doctor to poke and prod willingly -- while stifling his cry the whole time. It was very sweet to see him trying to be tough.

The plan? Avoid all foods which even contain egg for two years. At that point, retest. If still allergic, two more years. Apparently the vast majority of children outgrow this allergy by the four year mark. They gave me some paperwork at the allergist regarding things I can use to substitute for eggs in cakes and such. And they also sad that we need to carry two epi-pens and some benadryl with us everywhere.

I need to do a lot of research on what he can and cannot eat and what I can use instead of eggs. You know, things like that. But thankfully, the FDA now requires that all products include on their food label the actual word "eggs" and not some derivation of it. This is helpful. I just looked on a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese label. Apparently it contains wheat and milk but not eggs. Cool!

So that's that . . . thanks to Andrea for watching my very clingy (to me) Elijah while Isaac and I were doing something "special"* together. We also had a nice lunch together before the appointment as well. Apparently this allergist traditionally runs late so they advised me to take the first appointment after lunch in hopes I wouldn't have to wait with a 20 month old for two hours like I did last time!

*P.S. "Special" is one of Isaac's new words in addition to "awesome" and "honey." ;)


Lisa Cronk said...

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network ( is a great resource!
: ) Lisa

AW said...

Oh, Wendi, I was so hoping this wasn't it. :-( Food allergies stink. I deal with gluten, dairy, and soy allergies. JK deals with gluten only, but I fear that someday he'll grow into the others like I have. The good thing is that Isaac is too young to really "miss" what he doesn't have. I almost wish I was allergic to egg, so I could help you through this.

Anonymous said...

Try a product called EggReplacer. It works great in place of eggs for baking.

Places like Whole Foods carry it, and you can probably find it online.

And if you want to simulate scrambled eggs, try Fantastic Foods Tofu Scrambler mixed with tofu. It's delish!

Susan said...


My 17 month old grandson has been diagnosed as being allergic to eggs, as well. They've also said that he will likely outgrow it by the age of 2. Apparently, this is quite common now. I'll try to pass on things that his parents have tried that have worked for them. Susan

ErieContrary said...

Ohhh...what a sweetie! By the way, I go to Allergy shows every year, and one of the booths that is always there is The Cherrybrook Kitchen. They make yummy products that are egg free, nut free, etc. And they always have samples out...and let me tell you...these are GOOD!!!!! I don't know how much they cost, but you should check them out sometime. It's just easier than having to find substitutes. The website is You might just like the chocolate chip cookies more than Isaac! :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Thank you for ALLL the healthy comments. Now just to find the time to figure all this out!