Saturday, January 02, 2010

Once upon a time there was a lemon

This is Isaac:

This is Elijah:

Isaac and Elijah's parents took them out to eat. They were very happy. Elijah was happy eating his goldfish. Isaac was happy playing with his cars:

But Isaac and Elijah's Daddy and Mommy had other plans. Instead of goldfish and cars, they decided that they would, instead, entertain themselves, as most parents do at some point in the lives of their children, by giving their boys ... lemons. Since Elijah eats everything, they decided to give it to the younger brother first. Enter if you will, Elijah's brain at the moment Daddy and Mommy handed him the aforementioned lemon.

"What is this? It is yellow and pretty and soft and squishy. I put everything I touch into my mouth. Why should this yellow and pretty and soft and squishy thing be any different?"

"Here goes nothing."

"What the heck was that?!"

"Ohhh. Ohhh. Remove the yellow thing from your mouth. Quickly. Hurry."

"Well I'll show you little squishy thing! How dare you do that to me?! What kind of pretty yellow thing are you anyways to do that to a little baby?"

"Set the yellow, squishy, pretty thing down on the table, Elijah. Despite all desire to put everything you come in contact with in your mouth, refrain. Inspect it. Think about it. Try to figure out what just happened. Breathe Elijah. Breathe. But refrain."

Now go with us into stage II of the parents' plan. Go with us into Isaac's brain. He has just watched little brother eat aforementioned pretty, squishy, yellow thing. But he is older. He is wiser. He is not afraid. In fact, one might even say, he is excited for his opportunity.

"Oh this is so exciting! Something new! How fun!"

"Wait a minute. What was that? Was that sour? I'm not sure."

"Let's give it another try."

"Hmmm . . . uhhh . . . yeah . . . sour . . . I think that is sour."

"Yeah. I'm definitely sure that is sour."

Believe it or not, Wendi, the mother of Isaac and Elijah, can vividly remember a night in Long John Silvers when, after innocently using the restroom, she return to find her glass of sprite replaced with a glass of lemon water by her young and giggling parents. She remembers how sour it tasted and how mean she thought it was. And yet, for some, strange reason, she thought it would still be fun, twenty-five years later, to do it to her boys.

And she was right.

It was fun.


Joia said...

This. Is. Hilarious. =)

Unknown said...

Agreed. Heeeelarious! Thanks for the laughs :-)

Carrie said...

lol - nice!

I remember giving my nephew his first pickle. He made that same sour face but kept on eating it and making the face over and over again, because, well, he liked it!

Elijah's inspection of it is priceless!

Kelli said...

Literally laughing out loud at those little faces! Too cute!

Momma, PhD said...

Too funny. Those pictures are priceless.

Allison and Jared said...


Anonymous said...

I think edited just a bit -this is a wonderful children's story book to publish!

We have pics of Cara who i kept happy in her high chair longer --eating lemons because she LOVED them and the sour taste! :) Eddie eating hot chili peppers he insisted on no matter what -is a different story -the only way to convince him he didn't want them is to let him about mean! bet he'll do it to his kids too!

your boyz r adoreable!

Lisa Cronk said...

Great photos! And the narration makes it even funnier.
: ) Lisa

Amy T. S. said...

That is so funny.

AW said...



Jennifer said...

Those are the funniest pictures! That is something all parents have to do at least once.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. My boys are definitely the odd ones out because they used to love lemons. I'd get some with my tea and have the waitress bring out extras for the boys to suck on. They don't like them as much as they used to. And now they make faces.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!! Priceless, my husband and I laughed and laughed!! Judy Woodford

Joy Z said...

Too funny! I love the pictures! We too have done this to each of our six children and it is still funny! Actually, I don't think Vincent has had one....hmmmm =)

yuan family said...

That is too funny...I love the pictures. I am going to have to remember that one!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOVE IT! My children never really made all those faces. The 3 of us LOVE to eat lemons. I love the play by play pics and captions!

Anonymous said...

So funny!! I love the captions!!