Friday, January 15, 2010


A whole lot of little things to share with you today.

Firstly, Wednesday night. That was a night out with the girls at French Quarter. It was mostly wifia with a few other friendly faces to make it an even better party. Jump over to Joia's blog for some photos of the night. (I know! I've never asked you to do that before, have I?)

Secondly, today I watched Andrea's little cutie pies for about two hours. What sweet kids. It actually, believe it or not, ends up being a break for me as Isaac and Elijah play much more when other kids are here and need me much less. The hardest part is keeping four drink cups separated and belonging to their rightful owner. Here's a few snaps of our afternoon.

Yesterday, I began a new semester of Bible Study at the Methodist church in Niceville. JB and I made the decision not to try and find a "new" church in the few remaining months we have here at Eglin. We just didn't feel comfortable popping the kids into various nurseries each week during flu season (when Isaac can't get the flu shot) while we searched for a church when we would only be a part of it for a few months. So instead, I am focusing on weekly Bible Study and looking forward to getting into a new church when we move in June. I really don't like not attending a church regularly; however, I know that this is best for our family at this time in keeping our little guys healthy. If we had a home church, where they were the same kids and in the same nursery every week, we would totally attend it. But with our church moving, we have decided just to lay low for a few months.

Anyways, Bible Study is fantastic! I want to get into a whole bunch more about this when I have more time. But I am super excited about the fellowship, worship, and study with some fantastic women. I am also really surprised at how many more faces I know this semester than I did last semester. It makes me sad to leave in June!

This morning, I took a field trip with both boys to: (1) get their shots (2) go to Publix. I want to share with all of you locals that the immunization clinic is now new and improved! I loved it. I can bring my stroller in. There are separate areas for signing in and getting shots. It's glorious. And Publix? Well Publix is always wonderful. There really is a smile in every aisle. Or is that another grocery store. I don't know, but shopping definitely is a pleasure there. So great!

All righty. Time to get the house picked up a bit. We are having a friend over for dinner this evening (Kara) so that she can go through my baby stuff and see what she would like to borrow.

Have a great LONG weekend everyone.


Susan - Alabama said...

You may want to look at this blog:
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Always have coupons.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Publix! It really is a pleasure. Whenever I'm "home" visiting I go as often as possible. It's pathetic to admit, but I like to buy Publix canned goods or ingredients to have on hand with me. Just looking at that name makes me smile!