Monday, January 18, 2010

Last day of 3 day weekend

We had JB home again today. Well, technically speaking. Unfortunately, he didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night on his jeopardy call so the first half of the day was spent sleeping. We opted out of offers from both Joia and Andrea to help with our boys so we could make an attempt to try again on Sunday's thwarted plans. John just felt that he had gotten to see his little men very little and wanted to do something as a family instead.

So we decided to take the boys to Tijuana Flats which I had been to but JB never had. A lot of my friends have told me (Sarah especially) that it was a good place to go with kiddos since it is so bright and colorful and family friendly. It totally was. The boys loved it. We loved it. And it was great to be out as a family together.

Afterwards, we did a quick Sams and Publix run for a few things we needed. Here's another thing I love about Publix. The other day when I went in, I bought a card for JB's birthday. But somehow, it didn't make it home with me. I don't know where it ended up. I went to the customer service representative in the store this evening and told him about the card. I asked him it they possibly found a card that had failed to make it to my cart. However, I also told him that I wasn't positive the error wasn't mine. I could have lost the card on the way to the car or on the way into my house. It didn't matter though. The guy said that if that happens, they restock the item and trust the customer. They let me pick up the same card for free! Pretty awesome! Of course JB was with us this time so it was a bit awkward that he could see his own birthday card. But still! How amazing is that service? I heart Publix. I really do. I really, really do.

Another great thing currently going on in our lives. Our dog is growing up. He is now, officially, staying in the kitchen and not in his kennel when we are out of the house. He has gone as many as 3-4 hours without any issues at all. This, to me, is amazing. I truly never thought Scrubs would be able to be out of his kennel without supervision, like, ever. But he's been doing flawlessly. Hopefully he keeps it up! I don't even move anything -- not the trash, not the stuff on the counters. I do make sure there aren't any of the boys' toys or any obvious food out, but otherwise, I just shut the door and go! Last week I even accidentally left the gate to the kitchen open and there wasn't a thing in the whole house out of order. Well, he did have a few of the boys' slippers piled up in the living room. But he hadn't eaten them or chewed them or anything. Whatta pup.

As for the boys, I need to do a whole post on all the things they are in to. Isaac is infatuated with his colors (he knows pink, blue, yellow, green, red, and is learning orange) and also shapes (he has triangle, square, circle, oval, and diamond down pat.) He loves to tell us what color something is or what shape it is. Nearly continually. Elijah is just as funny as ever. His curiosity and goofiness just leave us in stitches so often. Even though that part of his personality exhausts me, I just love that about him, and wouldn't change it for anything! He is doing the sign "all done" and starting to say uh-oh and da-da. He is such a fun, silly, snuggly kid.

That's that for us. Off to a new week!

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Joy Z said...

I heart Publix too! Happy Sigh...Absolutely the BEST customer service, EVER! Did you know there is a website called ihearpublix?