Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Elijah

He's still too young to be "naughty" ... and that's what makes our little Elijah-boy's curiosity so frustrating and adorable all rolled up into one. I have decided that I need to start taking pictures of his adventures so that I remember to laugh and not cry. Yesterday, we had two opportunities to snap a photo of our man "doing his thang!"

After dinner, JB and I put the boys out in the living room while we did the dishes. We shut the gate to the kitchen. We were talking and distracted, and before we knew it, we found Elijah in the hallway, playing with one of the mini blinds. I cannot tell you how many times these have been torn off by our little Elijah-boy.

When we walked over, Isaac was saying, "No-no-no" and Elijah was just grunting and grinning and so excited with his capturing of the blind. This is a very typical relationship between the two of them.

Just an hour later, I was taking a shower and JB was straightening up our bedroom. As I got out of the shower, we heard Eljiah yelling. Then came Isaac into our room saying, "Uh-oh. Uh-oh." JB went out into the dining room to find that Elijah had knocked over one of the big dining room chairs and cornered himself in behind it. He couldn't figure out how to get out. His punishment was waiting for JB to move the chair while he got a picture! ;) A sidenote: Isaac never once knocked over one of these chairs. I think this is number, about 37 for Elijah.


Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love boys. Mine didn't get into too much trouble when they were little. They were never climbers because they were too short, but they did find things to get into at eye level. Once they got into my cupboard and got out the flour - flour everywhere. Another time the dumped out a whole box of goldfish. And like Elijah with the fruity Cheerios they sat down and started munching. We were getting ready to head out for the morning and I welcomed something that kept them busy even if it left a big mess for me to clean up. :D


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the destruction of blinds. Know it well. A word of advice, because this is coming: washable crayons and markers, and hide all pens and highlighters-today.
Laura HP