Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wifia at Wendi's

On Tuesday before Joan left, we had the wifia gals over to my house for an "open-house" style luncheon. Because we are so many in number now, having people come in shifts allowed for an easier day. Joan took a bunch of photos, but I am just including a few of the day.

Chloe showing off her baby blues.

Keenan wanted to bring some cars from Isaac's room into the living room. You can see from the photo how important it was for him to only make one trip.

Joan has been growing. Check this photo out! We are almost the same height.

Joia approves of the food I think. Who wouldn't? Joni made a fantastic chicken salad, I made fruit salad, other gals brought sides, and Joia brought peanut butter cookies which I ate way too many of!

Three of my greatest friends: Andrea, Joia, and Jodi.

Our wifia gang (minus Tiffany): Jodi, Joia, and Sarah in the back. Andrea and me in the front. I actually did my hair this morning as you can see from the photo but totally forgot that I had done it and left it up in the ponytail for the entire day (minus this photo.) Oh well, at least I made some effort.

Joia and me. See, I told you I forgot and left my hair up!

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ErieContrary said...

Just getting caught up on my blog reading. Your hair looks gorgeous all curly like that! :)