Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bad news and good news

First the bad news. Nap time 101 was a, well, a bust frankly. After reading everyone's advice Joni and I decided to attempt a nap switcheroo. No morning nap for Elijah in hopes that the afternoon nap would be mighty long and a mighty fine one. We even managed to get them both outside in the very frigid temperatures prior to lunch so we could work through Elijah's crabbiness. Elijah thought that plan was pretty stinky. He was pretty crabby, and by the time we put them to bed at noon, well, he was miserable.

But hey, we made it right. Time for very long naps? Not. Elijah slept just over one hour! One. We let him cry for over fifteen minutes but it was no use. He was wide awake.

So, tomorrow . . . I will try something else. I'm just not sure what that is yet.

Now, onto the good news. We were able to get outside, and Joni got some beautiful pictures. And, even better, Isaac and Scrubs managed an amazing trick without either of them getting even slightly injured.

Check it out:

No, the picture above is not a trick in the literal sense of the word. It was an accident really. It is exactly what you see. Joni was focused completely on Scrubs, following him with her lens. I saw Isaac but he never walks in this direction so I let the Frisbee fly. But then Isaac saw Joni and changed directions. I shouldn't have thrown the Frisbee. I should have waited. But I did. And Scrubs jumped right over (and slightly in front) of Isaac. Needless to say I learned a very valuable lesson and will be much more careful that we are not throwing the Frisbee anywhere near the boys. Despite my error however, Scrubs caught the Frisbee and didn't even brush against Isaac. Woah.

But, great shot Joni! And another great shot is included below:

She also managed some adorable pictures of the boys kissing on the driveway:

Right now, we are hanging out in the house. The Base is on lock down after a crime was committed on Base. I don't know all the details, but I know JB called and told us to remain inside the house. So that is where we are. Inside the house and trying to enjoy our last day with Joni before she leaves in the morning.

Nap 101 will return tomorrow with more details!


Drew and Emily said...

We are constantly fighting to get our oldest to sleep well and sleep long. When he went from two naps to one it was very gradual. We slowly pushed the morning nap later and later until it became the afternoon nap, while pushing the afternoon nap and cutting it short to save bedtime. Kole is the spokesboy for sleep begots sleep. The earlier he goes to bed the later he sleeps etc.

Good luck, I completely understand the need for some alone time every afternoon. I just got both my boys sleeping for at least 2 hours at the same time every afternoon

Beth said...

I would say that you can only adjust sleep times by a very short amount each day--even 15 minutes is a victory. Also, don't give up on an idea after one day, because Elijah may be trying to adjust. We all struggle to change our routines--kids just show it more. When we had trouble with naps and sleep I read a great book called Sleepless in America by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I didn't agree with everything she said, but a lot of it worked for us. Good luck!

Rachael said...

Instead of switching him to just one nap, could you extend the amount of awake time he has between the two naps-try putting him down at 2 instead of 1?