Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I will delight . . .

. . . in the curiosities of childhood.
  • Found Elijah's milk cup in the bathtub.
  • Found one of Elijah's shoes in the diaper pail.
  • Still can't find Isaac's milk cup from yesterday. Where could a milk cup be? And what will be in it when I finally find it?
  • Said "oh shoot" when I realized I had pulled up Isaac's pants without buttoning his onesie first and grimaced as Isaac repeated it.
  • Picked up Isaac's cement mixing truck only to discover he had loaded it with banana. (I think he learned this from Keenan but Keenan used grapes -- much cleaner!)
  • Removed one plastic wrapper from Elijah's clutches. Don't know where it came from.
  • Successfully removed Elijah from the tiny space between the washing machine and dryer that he managed to squeeze himself into while I was putting the clothes in the washer.
  • Managed to change Elijah's diaper while he was standing on his head, literally. The kid is refusing to lay still while I change him. I have tried swatting him, begging him, feeding him, giving him a toy ... any other ideas?
  • Separated seven squirmishes before they escalated too high including one that included Isaac sitting on Elijah's head.
  • Successfully caught Elijah while we were playing outside with two sticks he was prepared to chow down on before he got them in his mouth. (Okay, so one of them was halfway in his mouth. But I got there fast at least.)
  • While putting on Isaac's shoes, could not find the other one only to discover that little Elijah was eating it in the corner.
  • Managed to doze for a few minutes while Elijah took a very short second nap. I am managing about 30 minutes of "me" time in the afternoon. Elijah's nap is very short, but it is existent. I have decided to just ride the waves on this one and not make any of my own.
  • Removed a one inch screw from Elijah's mouth after breakfast. It came off the closet door in their bedroom. JB has fixed it once. Need to figure out a Plan B strategy. Thanked the Lord I saw that first.
In other news, we went to the allergist with Isaac this morning. Andrea babysat for Elijah which was incredibly helpful since we waited over one hour to get into the room and were there fore nearly 2.5 hours. In the end, the doctor (who was a great guy by the way) said he wanted to do an allergy test on Isaac. We had to request to do it at the next appointment since JB needed to get back to work and I needed to pick up Elijah.

The good news? He will probably outgrow an egg allergy. Eighty percent of kids do.

The bad news? They said that the way you outgrow is to eliminate all eggs from your diet for 2-4 years. All eggs. Eggs in everything. I don't know how this is going to work out, but I've decided not to worry about it until it is time to worry.

P.S. Here are a few videos that some of you may be interested in featuring:

Keenan, Moriah, Isaac, Elijah, and Scrubs taking on the bubbles

Tug between Elijah and Scrubs (pulling 1% as hard as he pulls when I tug!)


Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

I am interested in any tips on keeping them still during diaper changes! You must be exhausted and I have a feeling these are small snippets from all you've done today!

Danielle said...

Scrubs is the best dog of all time, I love the video of them playing.

Anonymous said...

Answer to question of what you will find when you find milk cup: yogurt.

Answer re: diaper change: I diapered both of mine while they were standing up, once they could stand (on floor, not on bed or changing table). Much quicker and less frustrating.

Laura from HP

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

We found the cup! Put inside one of their toys!

As far as diaper changes: Laura, how do you do it standing up? I just can't seem to get the proportions right.

AW said...

LOL! Love this post. There have been many a morning where these type of things happen as I'm rushing out the door to work and I can't see the joy in it. But three years ago, my entire soul ached for a child, even if it meant heartbreak and more hard work than I bargained for. So there I was...sighing, frustrated, not seeing the Joy the Lord gave me. I love that you don't make my same mistake.

I am much better now that #2 is here. There is something about getting that "second chance" for babyhood that has slowed my heart down a lot. I see much more joy in these boys now than I did with just one.

Anonymous said...

Diaper changes with baby standing up:
Can fasten loosely then do fine tuning if needed once you have both tabs done. It really works!

Jody C said...

Diaper changing: I have found giving them a wipe and telling them to "wash their hands or wash a toy" helps. It usually works for a minute but hey it works long enough for a diaper change!

Anonymous said...

So, how desperate are you to keep them laying down while changing the diaper? How much screaming are you willing to endure? Keep all of this in mind while you read what I've done. It's effective though. I used to lay them on the floor and sit down by their feet. I'd lay their arms out so they were in a T position and then place my legs over their arms so my legs would be in a V position. It would keep them pinned down long enough for me to get them changed. I've changed them standing up too, but that just doesn't work when they're poopy. This method of pinning them down also works for sucking out their nose with a bulb syringe, spraying saline solution up their nose, and with the child in an inverted T it works great for putting in eye drops when they have pink eye. Of course there's screaming and crying because who likes to be pinned to the floor. But sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Anonymous said...

you made my day -i needed a good laugh!

Marlise said...

It isn't as hard of a diet as you think. Rae my oldest couldn't have them either. She was 6 months old when dx and 2 yr when she ate them. It take time to read labels. Let me know if you have questions