Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sixteen year old poster

I've been cleaning house. Cleaning out trunks. Cleaning out storage bins and closets. I am already not a hoarder. But I still have a ton of stuff. I have decided that some of the stuff just needs to go. It is time.

An example is the sign pictured above. This poster was signed by every student and staff (or most anyway) of my old high school: Fort Lauderdale Christian School. During a pep rally
in 1994, the school surprised me when the cheerleaders brought out this poster. It was a congratulations for being the first girl at the school to sign with a Division I university. I was headed to Western Kentucky University.

I loved this poster. Thus the reason that during other clean-sweeps, the poster was not thrown away. I clean-sweep, probably once a year. So this dear poster survived fifteen of these sweeps. But not this time. How long can you keep something like this? It was taller than me. It was wrinkled and folded in an awkward pile.

So I have decided to start taking photos of some of these memories and then, let them go. This was my first one. My first memory item to take a snapshot of and then say good bye to it. This one was hard. What a great memory.

Basketball (and volleyball) were my life from the time I was entering middle school until I left college. I have recently realized that I haven't really talked much about my basketball days. I plan to do a post on that in the near future. So stay tuned.

But for now, I have just a digital memory of one of my fondest memories! That's second best to keeping it I think.


The Mac's House said...

What a great memory.

This is just what I have been getting ready to do, the good old fashioned clean sweep. I find as we have now settled into a house it turns out that we are keeping more and more, how ironic is that. The more we moved the less we kept.

Someone had once told me that when your child enters school and brings home all those precious pictures to post on the fridge, change them out every week so they can see just how much their accomplishments mean to you as much to them, but first take a picture of it so that you can have it archived away.

What a great idea I thought. I have a steamer trunk that is 23 years old of stuff like that I need to do before any of them are ruined.

I've also thought about scanning all those precious pictures that were taken prior to "digital cameras" so that I will also have a hard "reserve" copy of them. I put some on a DVD for my mother one Christmas after her house burnt down which left her with no family photos at all. Isn't this digital age wonderful! :)

Joia said...

How cool, Wendi! What a special memory! I have a Very hard time getting rid of stuff like that, so kudos to you! Pictures are a Great idea, though! Maybe I'll just take a picture of our basement, and then throw it all away! lol =)

Leina said...

I was there...I sure don't remember that!?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Leina, click on the picture and look under the first letter "N" ... that's your signature I believe with the little "Jo". Am I right?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Mac, I am actually on your same track. Planning on doing some scanning soon! (Whenever I get a free minute)!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I was at this Pep Rally but I sure don't remember this. I do remember, at one game, your brother had a poster of some sort and was keeping track of all your points. I think your Dad made him stop because it was too distracting. :)

Jenny Wilson

Anonymous said...

I remember that. I was so happy for you all the hard work you put in for so many yrs paid off. And I beleive the poster jenny was talking about was the one they used and put up in the gym of all the records you set. you were such a stud.

Tony B.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I remember another kid doing that once Jenny. They had a "Wendi-meter." I asked my Dad to tell them to take it down because I thought it wasn't kind to my teammates. I had the best teammates in the world.