Thursday, January 06, 2011


I was told "season" of children fly quickly. How long ago was it that I wrote about the fact that I couldn't leave my boys anywhere without tears ensuing? Sobs. Gasping for air? I looked back. It was September 9, 2010. You can read the post here. Many of you gave me some mom-advice for how to deal with this frustrating time in my life.

It has been a few short months. I took the boys to co-op today for one hour. And one hour later after obtaining my groceries I returned. Neither boy ran into my arms when they saw me. Isaac noticed me first. He was playing with an airplane. He brought it to the dining room table and said to me, "Of course you come back Mommy. You come back later? I want to play some more." Elijah was sitting on the couch watching Mickey. He looked up, acknowledged me, and then returned to his TV-watching. Egads!

So I left and returned home and writing this blog while they keep playing at Ms. Tina's house and eat lunch there.

Just a reminder how fast they grow up and while the hours and days seem to go by so slowly, the time is sprinting by.

Elijah will be TWO this month. Another egads!

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Stacy said...

Such a good reminder that everything is just a stage/season. Lauren is quite attached to her mommy these days and it can be very hard at times. I am not sure I would make it through without reminding myself it is just a stage :)

On another note, a HUGE congratulations! I was catching up on your blog earlier this week and was ecstatic about your news....which of course led to a discussion about bringing a third into our family!

So thrilled for you and looking forward to learning from a mom of three! Blessings on another miraculous pregnancy in God's perfect timing.