Saturday, January 22, 2011

Favorite kid books

I think 6 years times 4 children gives me a bit of right to create a list of books my children love most. In order to be included on the list a book must be, basically, obsessed over, at least for a period of time. This means that the child picks it repeatedly, daily, as their choice of book.

Here is our current list. If you would like to add a book to the list, please do so in the comments. However, please include the proper name and the link on to the book in order to be inlcuded in the list.

Recommended from Readers
* Books are favorites of our children but not our favorite to read as grown-ups (we groan when they bring them to us again and again)
# Christian
+We prefer the smaller board book over the longer, bigger version
** Christian books
!!! Read over a million times (estimated)
@ Needs to be sung to gain full appreciation


Meghan said...

Easy Street

We've gone through 2 of these books with our boys and now our little girl loves it. We've got it memorized- even our kids.

Barnyard Dance and other Sarah Boynton books
This one is fun to sing and dance to.

Anonymous said...


and "Good Night Gorilla"

are our (toddler and parents) favorites by far!

Susan from Seattle

AW said...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - A gift to the boys at Christmas and we've read it at least once a day since then. I make the Grinch voice grumpy and JK thinks that's so fascinating. EK always gets a little scared. LOL!

Goodnight Moon is almost every night. They love pointing out the mouse. Brown Bear Brown Bear is a popular one.

Chrysanthemum - That's at least three times a week.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - JK loves this one and quotes it often when he's not having a good day. Maybe that's not a good recommendation???

The Mitten A hand me down over the holidays and a huge hit when it's cold out.

My Little Word Book - Both boys pore over this all the time and it's great for little ones learning to identify words. HIGHLY recommend this one.

AW said...

Oops...forgot the link to the last one:

Lisa Cronk said...

The Gruffalo

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose (by Dr. Seuss)


Three Billy Goats Gruff

Baby Beluga (gotta sing it!)

Baby Danced the Polka (sing it!)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (and related stories too...Moose a Muffin, Cat a Cupcake, etc.)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Rainbow Fish

Strega Nona

Ain't Gonna Paint No More (also great sung)

Oh there are so many kids LOVE books, so we have TONS!

: ) lisa

Drew and Emily said...

We love 'How many Kisses'

Dana said...

Oh "Go Dog, Go" was my now 14 year old son's favorite book for YEARS! To this day some friends of ours who have no kids of their own still quote the book to my boy when they see him. We had to buy that book multiple times due to it being destroyed or left behind on a vacation. It will be the first thing I buy for my grandchild if my son decides to have a family one day!

Anonymous said...

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen/Helen Oxenbury. Casey & I STILL have it memorized and he's 19!

Janelle Keller said...

By: Don Freeman
I must have read this book a million times when I was little. I always LOVED how they were in the store AFTER it was closed! (kind of a pre-'Toy Story' theme).