Friday, January 21, 2011

America vs. Turkey

I continue to collect my likes and dislikes for my new life halfway across the world. Here are some of them currently running through my mind.

In Turkey I enjoy:
  • The general trust for people. Example, Kindness and helpfulness of people. Generally speaking, people will always stop to answer a question, explain, or show you something. When we were on our trip into the snow a few weekends ago, we saw a few hitchhikers and both JB and I agreed. Had we an extra seat, we would have considered it! Can't say that in the U-S of A. (Unless you are my friend Kelsey and that would require a post in-and-of-itself.)
  • How cheap things are.
  • That children are always free to any event or occasion.
  • That children are always welcome.

Things I am just not in love with or miss from home:

  • Lack of safety precautions. If I see a playground in Turkey, I quickly do a scan to assure that the boys will be safe there. You can't assume that anything is completely safe. Rails may not be screwed in tightly. Loose bricks may be present. You have to assume that things are not safe at all times.
  • A variety of people. Turkish people look like, well, Turkish people. While the Base is culturally diversive, Turkey is not. They know, instantly, that I don't belong. As Linda (who can blend with most cultures) said once when we went out, "Wow Wendi. I didn't realize how much you stand out until I walked along side you." Yeah, I don't blend.
  • Driving. It's nice not to have any rules. But scary too. There really is no speed limit on the highway. I mean there is one, but no one inforces it. You never worried about being pulled over. Many of my friends refuse to leave Base behind the wheel. I don't blame them.
  • American food. I never thought I would say this, but I just really miss fast food options. I miss saying, "Let's get ___ tonight.)" Fill in the blank with Chik'Fil-A, Japanese, Thai, Indian, seafood. Whatever. I know I will be overwhelmed with the choices when I return to the U.S. but for now, I just really miss those options.

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