Sunday, January 30, 2011

Elijah's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday was Elijah's 2nd birthday party. Since you have to reserve the Community Center for a party, I did it many weeks ago -- right after Christmas I think. When the whole surgery thing happened, I really thought we'd just cancel it and let the whole idea of a party go this year. But then my friends started emailing me and telling me that they would help with anything that needed done, and we decided to move forward.

The Community Center charges you $30 to rent it out. If you want the jumpy houses, it is $80. Well worth it. The kids had a ball as you will see from pictures below.

Everyone brought a dish to share in staying with our "indoor bbq" theme. Linda took photos. People got there early to help us set up -- like Ryan! And people stayed late to help us clean up. (I use the word "us" in both senses lightly.) Tina O. took over the desserts and was just the "party guru" for the day. We were so blessed. I think nearly everyone was able to be there, and it was just a fun time for family and fun out of the cold, wet weather.

We also asked people to only bring a used gift if they wanted to bring one and to instead consider a gift to Because of Isaac. We are happy to report that Because of Isaac raised $385 at the party! How amazing is that. And Elijah (and Isaac) still got way more gifts than he needed. (Dad and Mom -- both boys love the Lightning Etch-a-sketch.)

Here are some pics of the day!

P.S. I posted all of the pics on FB if you are interested.

Elijah in the jumpy house.

He was so anxious to tear into a cupcake.

JB praying over food (and me staying in my assigned seat -- a requirement for the day.)

Our photographer Linda (with Shane) -- they were also the dog watchers this weekend.

Elijah was not in the best of the moods for his own party. At one point he told JB he just wanted to go home and take his nap. When Mr. Shane suggested they take a photo together he replied with now famous, "Not!" (He says this instead of "no" quite regularly.)

Here is Tina -- she was AMAZING! Thank you Tina for saving the day (among many people.) Her daughter Hannah babysits for us and little Caleb is about the same age as Isaac.

Isaac telling Elijah which presents will belong to him and which will belong to Elijah. (Isaac wanted this to be his party very badly.)

Opening some tools from Ms. Beth and Samuel.

On a side note, I managed the party-day pretty well. I was exhausted from my first outting, but really did lay low at the party and stay seated with my feet up (most of the time.) Overall, I am doing much better this weekend. The doctor started me some antibiotics, making the decision to just treat me for the secondary infection c-diff without testing me for it (since results could take so long to get back.) I noticed stomach and appetite improvement within about 16 hours. I did lose 5 pounds over the last week but really seem to be doing well. Keep the prayers coming.


Buttercup said...

What a fun time. Hope you continue to recover and feel better quickly.

Dana said...

Looks like an awesome birthday celebration! What a good idea "indoor bbq". May have to try that one year for my mid December-born little girl. Maybe next year for her 5th birthday! All the other kids have summer birthdays that are easy to come up with theme/party space ideas. Our December baby has had 3 winter themed parties and I can see that getting old after awhile! Thanks for the idea.