Saturday, January 08, 2011

1 hour of TV

With both boys now nearly two and the weather pretty yucky, I have edited my 30-minutes-of -TV-a-day rule to 1-hour-of-TV-a-day.

But it is hard.

Mostly hard because they ask to watch a movie ALL the time. It is their favorite thing to do. It is me who has to say, "No, let's play play-dough." or "Let's color." or "Let's play cars." If I ask them what they want to do the answer is always the same.

We checked out a new video from the library. Mickey's Christmas. They love it! And with the new movie has come a nenewed sense of begging.

Isaac will say, "Mommy, could I just watch ONE Mickey? With my saying no comes a cacophony of "Please. Just one movie Mommy. Just one Mickey Mommy. Want to watch a movie Mommy? Can we watch a movie together Mommy. Please Mommy."

I no I am saying "no" for his own good. But man it would be so much easier for all of us if I just said yes.

Elijah asks differently. He stands in front of the TV and says, "Mick!" Then he'll hold up his finger and say, "One. (Pause.) Mick." When I say no, his bottom lip sticks out so far, and he starts crying.

That stinks.

They are starting to really work me over! This Mom stuff is pretty complicated. So many layers. So many challenges. Even not letting them do something that would be easier for me in the long run is hard.

And only 27 weeks before we swtich from man-to-man defense to zone!


Joy Z said...

Keep saying no. If you let them too much, it won't be the useful tool that it is now. There have been many seasons when I've allowed too much tv/videos and then it just becomes noise in the background w/ kids running around getting into trouble. If they don't get to watch all the time, then it actually is a treat and they will sit and watch the whole thing.

McKenzie B. said...

Have your kids seen the snowman? Its short and I don't know why bud kids seem to love it. Both of my nephews at one time or another were obsessed with it. My 2 year old nephew is currently the obsessed one.

Emily said...

I'm glad to know my kids aren't the only ones who beg to watch movies. The intensity with which they love those silly films amazes and sometimes distresses me! It almost makes me wish I never let them watch in the first place, but I do feel many movies/TV shows have educational merit, in addition to preserving my sanity. Hang in there - your dedication to moderation is an encouragement to me!

Stacy said...

Right there with ya - Samuel asks ALL the time. Currently it's for Bob the Builder :) I heard from a friend recently that it's the hardest in this season of life when they are so young and we're trying to figure out what to do with them all day - when we can't be outside playing to pass the time.

I'll second the 'your dedication to moderation is an encouragement to me' comment!

Leslie Broussard said...

I have a six year old stepson who recently discovered the wonderment that is Mario Kart Wiiiiiii.

Truthfully, it breaks my heart every day when he asks to play it. I do not know how to help him understand that TV, video games, movies are not where we should focus our attention.

It feels horrible to just say "no, we have homework," all the time. I don't want him to resent schoolwork that gets in the way of video games...I want him to WANT to read a book or draw a picture instead...

Sorry that my comment isn't encouraging, but I just felt a bit of relief to know that lots of kids aren't born with hearts of gold for all the "right" things...