Monday, January 17, 2011


All right folks, I have been meaning to write this post for a time. But quite honestly, I really have not believed that this was truly going to happen. But now, it appears it is! Veronica is moving in with us.

Let me back up a little bit to set the framework for the story of Veronica.

In 1996, JB moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky where I was attending college. We, soon after, found a church we loved: Calvary Chapel Bowling Green. The pastor was Mike Wilson (now a State Senator in Kentucky). We became very close with he and his wife, Deanna. We were even honored to be named the godparents of their children: Sam, Grace, and Jessie. These kids love acting! (Side note of trivia: Grace was featured in a Justin Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl" video last year. Check it out by clicking here. Jessie Wilson was in a video with Kellie Pickler called "I wonder." You can view that by clicking here.) Sam is also a member of the Lindsey Wilson football team in Kentucky.

Okay, that was a sidetrack. Deanna's brother was Ron. Here is a picture of Ron and his lovely family right about the time we met them in Kentucky:

Veronica with Hunter, Cole (in backpack), Ron, Veronica, and English (front)

We actually attended the Dove Awards with this fabulous couple and were bonded from that point forward. Here is a picture of Ebby and her four kiddos in the first apartment JB and I had in Kentucky (Kelley Road):

Ron happened to graduate from college at WKU about the same time that JB did. Here is their family at a graduation party for Ronnie (and JB):

That's Veronica, second oldest, in the front in the braces, braids, and plaid shirt. :)

Okay so just as JB finds out we are going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Ron & Ebby are ready to make some big life-changes as well. They are ready to start over somewhere fresh and decide to move to Minnesota with us!

Here is a picture of their fam during our first winter in Minnesota:

Even better? We moved into a house together in Minnesota. I was nervous about JB's busy medical school schedule and we found this house just a few blocks from the Clinic so I could get some support from their family during the long year (and winter!). JB and I lived in an apartment underneath the house. Their big family lived upstairs. When JB and I decided to buy a condo after our first year, my friend Tara and another gal Tia moved into the house in our place.

Okay so let's fast-forward a lot. JB finishes medical school. We move to Eglin. The kids keep growing up. And what great kids they are too! English just got off the Air Force and is married with two dogs. She actually attended St. Charles, the school I taught at, with me in Minnesota. Hunter is a natural-born Minnesota. Veronica was always such a "cool" kid. An artist, a sweet-spirit, just an easy-going gal. Anyways ... Ron & Ebby stay in Minnesota. Ron gets a great job working for our old church: Christ Community in Rochester. And then last fall, Veronica graduates from high school!

All grown up, Veronica sends us an email, ironically, on the DAY we find out that we are unexpectedly expecting baby #3. She is quite serious in asking us if we would like a nanny. She is done with high school, is not ready to go to college yet, and wants to see the world a bit. She doesn't have a ton of money to go off traversing the world on her own -- but she can work for room and board and see a bit of the world if she comes to Turkey.

We thought and prayed about it for a few days. We talked to some people around Base. We found out that her stay was quite possible Base-regulation-wise. We also decided that while it would mean adding another person to our family home which isn't instantly seemless, the trade-off is worth it. We invite Veronica to come. She begins work on her passport, and hurrah! She is on her way.

As usual, I won't give exact dates but she will be here in just around 6 weeks. What an exciting time for Veronica and our family during a very hectic season of our lives. I'm sure you all will be hearing much more about this wonderful gal in the months to come. She will be here for at least a year and will be spending the two months with me in Germany as I stork-nest. (I have no idea how I would have managed this without her.)

Veronica contacting us on the EXACT day we found out we were pregnant. Me being scheduled to call Mayo to discuss transferring our embryos on the EXACT day we found out we were pregnant. I do not think these things were accidents. The Lord blessed us with this third child. But he also knew that the details of living in Turkey and having to deliver in Germany were less than ideal. He knew how to work it out. I will have four kiddos under four (counting Scrubs). Three human kids under three. Could I do it myself? Yes. But without family here, it would be quite difficult. God is handling it.

He really is cool isn't He?


Anonymous said...

The Ray Family loves you very much. Take care of my baby.

Ebby Ray

ReBenMyers said...

I am so glad you are being blessed with wonderful help. And help you didn't have to search for and settle for, but kindred help. That is truly all God. As you know I had 3 under 3 and the help from family and friends is such a blessing. It is truly so kind of Him.

denise said...

what an awesome blessing to have this help.. and help that you KNOW!!! Use it for all it's worth :)

Samanthafahrney said...

such wonderful news. A blessing indeed!