Monday, January 17, 2011


Saw this picture on my friend Casey's blog. I can't explain it, but it gave me some very strange shivers over most of my body. She is home in Texas. She is shopping at Target and eating at Chik-Fil-A. Are there really this many choices for cleaning supplies? I've only been gone six months but when your grocery store only has eight aisles TOTAL, can I forget that quickly how it used to be?

I have been told that the six month mark can be the hardest in an overseas move. I think I am there. Just missing so much and yet not missing it all rolled into one. I don't want JB to deploy. We like the family time we get here. But yet I miss America. I miss the familiarity of the world I am used to. I am sure some of it is hormones. Some of it is realizing I won't be able to get to the USA for probably well over another year. Originally we were hoping to get home this spring but with the newcomer's arrival in July, everything has changed. For the better of course. But just different from our original plan.
Everyone asks what they can send me here. I have everything I need. What I miss is America. Does that make sense?


Jenny said...

My first year was REALLY rough! It does get easier. I've become "institutionalized" I say. I'm used to having not a lot of options, and you know what, it's kind of nice! I have heard (and experienced) it can be very overwhelming to go home and go to Target or even the grocery store because of all the choices. I had a near anxiety attack in the craft store this past August because they had 10 rows of scrapbook paper. So overwhelming when our little craft store on base has one rack. I hope you are able to get back for a visit after the baby comes. I think it has helped that we go once a year. Wait till you get to Ramstein though! It is worth the 2 hr. drive to visit "little America!"

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Jenny is right, Ramstein will be a welcome break from the 'Lik. Although I didn't realize it when we were there, it has some great features of "home."

Can I get you a cleaning supply while we are here? Diapers? Chocolate? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes sense...and I'm specially praying for you right now...Tante Jan