Friday, January 28, 2011

Big day!

Today is Elijah's second birthday party. Was it only one year ago that my buddy Kristi flew to Destin to celebrate birthday number one with us? So much has happened in one year. But today we are going to have Elijah's birthday party at the Community Center. Everyone is bringing a dish to share, and we've asked for either used gifts or a donation to BECAUSE OF ISAAC since our house is still recovering from two litle boys celebrating Christmas. It's an "indoor bbq for families. Thanks to help from quite a few different people, the party is still a go!

So last night JB got out some candles so Elijah could practice for his big moment. Thought you would enjoy this video.

I find myself quite emotional. The biological child we prayed for for so many years is two years (well, on Monday, but still.) Hard to believe.


Anonymous said...

the tears midst my laughter watching this were from the little hand on daddy's knee! tante Jan

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elijah!! Have a wonderful party and let your brother help with the birthday candles! :)

nicole said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!!

Love from your Auntie Nicole and Uncle Bay :-)