Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is my word?

Joia recently did a post on her "word" for the year.

I loved the idea. I thought for awhile and decided to join her in the challenge. I want my word for the year to be:

FAITHFUL: steadfast in affection or allegiance

Here are the ways I hope to be faithful in the upcoming year:
  • in my Marriage. I don't mean in the normal sense. As I always tell JB, he need not worry about me ever being unfaithful. I'm too tired to go sneaking around and find time for anyone else. I don't have time enough as it is. But I want to be faithful to my husband in my love for him, the way I treat him, the way I value him, and the way I appreciate him.
  • in my Exercise. I want to be in good shape when the baby arrives and I want to have stayed under 200 pounds during this pregnancy. (Pregancy #1 = 203). I want to do another sprint triathlon within one year after the baby arrives.
  • in my Devotions & Bible Study. I have started a Beth Moore study and am starting another study with a few local gals. I want to stay dedicated to those, to seeing them through, and to developing a more consistent time in his presence.
  • in my Writing. It may be lofty but I want to, by year's end, have my book completed, at least in skeleton form. I would like to submit it to a Christian publisher by year's end.
  • in my Parenting. I want to stay true to my manta: "Patience and Consistency." I want to remember at all times that this is a brief season in the life of me and my boys/kids and I want to value it and look back knowing I did the best I could.

So there you have it. My word of the year. I'll check back in periodically to update you on my progress. In the meantime, anyone esle want to pick a word for the year?

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Joia said...

This is awesome, Wendi! What a year you have ahead! =0)