Monday, January 03, 2011


I'm mad.

Our bike was stolen.

We have two bikes. One pulls a bike trailer for the kids. The other is a solo ride.

Things like that just don't happen on Base. Or at least I didn't think so. No one locks up their bikes. No one! We left it parked at the Clinic for a couple of days due to some transportation issues, and today when I went to go and get it, it was gone. I was told by a friend whose husband works in security forces that sometimes someone will throw it over a fence when there is no patrol and sell it off Base. We had a helmet too. Both are gone.

Stealing bugs me. Especially here. We feel so safe here. I am praying that this is just a misunderstanding and maybe it will show up. But I sort of know better. We are going to report it to security forces this evening.



Brittny said...

I am so sorry!!! I hate stealing too. Chip, our old neighbor, had his tools stolen off his carport before they moved. And they were closer to the door, not out in the driveway. I had my shoes stolen out of the library when I was in college. I took them off at my cubby to curl up to study and someone took them and left a note. I had to walk back to my dorm barefoot. Maybe I had socks on. Can't remember. The note sounded personal, but I think they had the wrong person. That's what I get for always looking like someone everyone knows! I hope it turns up.

jenicini said...

That completely sucks! My hubby is an MP so unfortunately I have heard all too many stories about theft. :( You would think that people would be respectful since we are all in the same boat. Hope it shows up.

Joy Z said...

Stinky! Maybe the security people took it because it was left too long? Just a hopeful wish. =)

One of our kiddos bikes disappeared recently as well. Not sure if it was stolen or if perhaps they left it too close to the curb and the trash man thought it was trash? I have yet to ask him because if he did, I would hate for him to feel bad. Plus, it was getting old and we were going to get a new one for Christmas anyways, but still, it makes me wonder.

Anonymous said...

Ugh that is not fair!
When I was in Romania, I was told of a story that a missionary couple had their little blue car stolen. They went to report it to the police. One of the policeman told them they seemed like a nice couple and should 'stop looking for their car.'
The mafia is very prevalent over there and they knew what that meant. The mafia stole their car and there was nothing they could do about it!
Hope this story makes you feel a little better. :)
Lauren T

Anonymous said...

It is a disheartening thing to have something stolen. You feel so let down by people. I remember when we were first married we had left a bike in the back yard. We came home & pulled in the driveway just as a young man was riding OUR bike out of the driveway! Bob stopped the car, jumped out and told the guy to get off the bike and leave. The guy attempted to take off with it anyway. Bob tackled him to the ground & held him down while our neighbor phoned the police. It was all very exciting :D

TAV said...

UGH! Bummer. I think this, in conjunction with your Turkey "change" story, brought back memories of India, where we constantly felt that people were trying to rip us off and "play us." I felt so violated when my bike seat was stolen intern year when my bike was parked outside the hospital.