Monday, January 17, 2011

Potty Training

We aren't training exactly. We are just offering the option in exchange for M&M's whenever either boys wants. (We are actually going to change the ante to Dibs -- those little ice cream pieces per Isaac's request.)

I have one boy who thinks potty training is great fun. He's doing both in the potty on a regular basis. A few times a day usually.

Funny that that boy is Elijah?

Isaac on the other hand will just say, in response to me asking if he wants to go, "Ummm ... maybe not Mommy." And then he goes on about his day.

I think it just fits Isaac's personality. He likes to do things his way at his time. He is laid back and casual about most of life.

And I think it fits Elijah's personality as well. He's a free spirit. He's passionate but only for brief moments. For the most part, he just thinks all of life is about food and being silly.

I was pretty sure that if we could get Isaac trained, Elijah would do it simply because he likes to do everything Isaac does. Well that's what happened. Except Isaac thinks this is all way "beneath him" and Elijah thinks, "Hey -- I do this and I get food -- why not?"

So it looks like we are getting one trained. Go figure that it's the younger brother first!


Angie said...

That's cracking me up! We trained Holly just before her second birthday and I was so proud! Hannah has been right on her heals, asking, pleading... pee pee!!! Now at just 18 months, she's peeing & pooing on the potty all the time and I'm thinking it'd be great if she did it well before two! Go Job Elijah!

Kiley said...

I am dealing with the exact same thing. My 3 year old little man does not at all want anything to do with the potty. Despite our attempts at offering such as trucks (the 99. cent matchbox ones) or M and M's or anything, he just doesn't have the time, so he says. In his words "I am busy mommy"

However, my 16 month old daughter is all over the idea of using the "potty" I had no reason to start her now. Both of my older girls taught themselves by the time they reached 2 1/2. I figured, when she is ready, it will happen. Apparently "ready" is now. I just wish my 3 year old felt the same way.


Lisa Cronk said...

Austin is 4 and Sarah turns 1 next week...and yet I still think Sarah may be first to poop on the potty. Austin is trained for #1, but I'm starting to think he may go to college without learning to go #2 in the potty. Ugh!
I'm impressed your boys are doing so well. Yay!
: ) Lisa