Saturday, November 09, 2013

First hair cut

We just have not been sure what in the world to do with Abigail's hair. If I don't put it in pigtails, it has quite a mullet-like appeal to it. But she's becoming opinionated about pigtails, and if she doesn't feel like having them in that today, out they come. 

One thing I love about the military life on little Bases is seeing the different business opportunities for spouses. Because getting a job in the local community is next-to-impossible, and because jobs on the Base are often few and far between, many spouses come up with their own creative ways to make money. I have bought sushi from a gal who is making it at home. Another gal on Base is making home-cooked meals two nights a week. There is another gal who bakes and then posts it on the yardsale page. The first person to answer her ad, gets the cookies and cupcakes of that day!

Brittany actually has a job on Base, but her career is that of a hair stylist. So on the weekends, she travels to people's houses and cuts their hair for very good prices. She did the boys hair last week, and this week she came and cut Grama's hair and ... she gave Abigail her first hair cut! It was just a good clean up, to get all the ends even, etc.

We tried having Abigail sit on a stool by herself, but a major freak-out was about to result despite the abundance of jelly beans and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad in front of her. So we opted for sitting on her favorite person's lap.

Our sweet girl is growing up! (And yes, she is wearing her brothers' old Mickey shirt in these pictures. I found a bunch of them going through their clothes, and she was thrilled to have them.)


Anonymous said...

Can we see the after shot?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I didn't actually take a pic but honestly it doesn't really look too different ... Just a lot less random scraggy random hairs.